Trump DEADLINE FROM HELL is Finally Here

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February 15 is turning out to be a big red letter day for Trump and his criminal cases against him in NY and Georgia. Michael …

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  1. @curtiscarlson8958 Avatar

    Love the explanations, i believe the better we understand the law the better citizens we can be. Doing a Great Job!!!!

  2. @lindakaymills8746 Avatar

    Late to the party but I have good news! By now, you all know the CCA 3-judge panel unanimously shot down the absolute immunity case – NO absolute immunity! That's a huge WIN and cause for celebration. I'll get right on that!
    As for this video (don't know how I missed it!), Popok, as usual, brought his "A" game! Day in and day out, Popok, your Hot Takes knock it out of the park, in keeping with the theme. I learn so much from each and every podcast. I know it's your years of practicing the law that enables you to retain all the names, dates, cases, etc., organize your thoughts, then deliver the news to us lucky Legal AF's without missing a beat (9/10!). And I love your sense of humor. For instance, at 4:25, "…then Aileen Cannon, whatever she's doing twiddling her thumbs as a federal judge in the Mar-a-Lago case, and that case is not even getting out of the starting blocks. I don’t think Aileen Cannon has her shoes tied on yet to run that race, so forget all that." 😂 I love how your mind works. Thank you for being so brilliant and generous, philanthropic even, in the giving of your time and your devotion to bringing us MM's the breaking news hot off the press. Oh, there just aren't enough words for me to express my gratitude to you and all the MTN family for helping me maintain my sanity over the past 8 months, after I discovered the diamond podcast MTN in early June.
    Thank goodness we finally heard from the CCA on the issue of absolute immunity. NO absolute immunity for mr-no-name. Ben was smiling from ear-to-ear as he delivered the most excellent news. What a relief!
    All of you are working so hard. You need to rest, says she stating the obvious.

  3. @KilbornDJ Avatar

    Now that the DC Court of Appeals has ruled that he does NOT have absolute immunity…
    When will we see things progressing ?! Appeals court placed a 7 day timeframe to appeal to SCOTUS…it gets sent back down…
    Assuming 2 to 3 months…it's Feb…Can we maybe see May-June or July ??

  4. @guillermoelnino Avatar

    Another TDS sufferer detected

  5. @dougbozec3963 Avatar

    For all you conspiracy theorist wrap your brain around this anagram in trump = mr putin

  6. @nickcliff Avatar

    I live in the uk and trump not just a danger to America but to there allies like the uk and other nations

  7. @mattdaleiden-rediger8914 Avatar

    United States of America is a republic for the people by the people. You need to read the US Constitution of the united States of America. You all yell hoot holler America is a democracy IT IS NOT. It never was the document from the founding fathers of the united states' of America put it in the constitution. It is the republic of the united States of America for the people by the people. You need to get historically educated. This is just sad.

  8. @mattdaleiden-rediger8914 Avatar

    You are all deceived. Know not what is actually going on. All presidents going back need to be tried at trial If they broke laws. However you persecute 1 president for bad. All 3 special counsel had nothing on trump yet you keep attacking him.

    If you hold Trump accountable hold every federal offical accountable. House senate prior presidents can not single anyone out. If you take him out for evil remove all other evils. Those who inside trade. What in the tarnation. Trump former administration mike gill just got assassinated they claim it's mental health call it what it really is murder. You are all without honor unlawful. Stop attacking this man. Look up all federal officials found to have committed insider trading. Devil sicks after those with pure intent. No prior evil law breaking deceitful politician has been attacked to the extent that trump has been. This is despicable. Your blind to not do your own research and instead stick in your echo chamber. Believe lies.

  9. @sdgakatbk Avatar

    Mike, you and Ben, and Karen, and the rest of the MeidasTouch crew are all decent and your reporting is very appreviated. But the bottom line is justice is being subverted for the orange menace. And don't think with their desires and agenda that they won't initiate a pogrom against those they target if they get back in.

  10. @mitchhills4747 Avatar

    Michael: Is it possible for the financial issues to impact more on Trump than the criminal trials, the way this is all going? He still has to pay money into court for the defamation case and the ruling from Judge Engoron should be in soon, which may be huge. If Trump had to declare bankruptcy, might this impact on his ability to campaign etc…..?

  11. @mitchhills4747 Avatar

    The Fani Willis issue is a storm in a teacup and whilst she should have been more careful this didn't create any conflict at all. However, all these cases stacking-up but NOT being heard IS a problem and it's been caused mainly by Trump's filing of the stupid immunity appeal! That is what has caused the problem really, because the SC don't seem able to rule on what is a very simple matter. The way things are going, the only way to keep Trump out of office would be to simply VOTE BLUE!

  12. @debiallen4053 Avatar


  13. @robertdysonn Avatar

    These judges are a disgrace, the American election should be top priority to them, and when it takes an appellate court, a goddamn month to decide that a presidents, not a king that’s just a total disservice to this entire nation whether you’d be Trump supporter or not. You guys have giving men these judges praise along the way, and that’s why I’ve disputed it, there’s no reason at all these kinds of things should take forever and the Supreme Court’s not in any rush either and it’s absolutely pathetic. Our case in Georgia has been praised as one of the most important but I feel like she’s been failing the American public for months and months now because as you said, she still hasn’t even set her initial court date let alone dealing with all the motions and other BS that are involved to postpone that date.

  14. @monie1527 Avatar

    Daily reminder, republicans. Every donation you make to your GQP is a DIRECT PAYMENT to E. Jean Carroll. Have a nice day! 🤣🤣🥰🥰

  15. @DarrenEden-ub4vj Avatar

    Tell me I am wrong. But if Trump had won the immunity case. It will mean the current President. President Joe Biden could then persecute and even have Trump killed and Biden would be immune all legal problems. I am saying he would do it. But I am saying Trump is making it easy for him if he wanted to do it.

  16. @drakkenmensch Avatar

    Al Capone was sent to jail over his cooking his books and cheating on taxes. Trump LOVES comparing himself to Al Capone, doesn't he?

  17. @alandean6930 Avatar

    Does Stinky have to attend this trial? If so his lawyers will come up with some excuse why he can't attend and try to delay things.

  18. @user-hl3he6oj1l Avatar

    Why for Months•. Really with this much doubt why does it still be possible

  19. @michaelevans4668 Avatar

    Just want to thank you for explaining the law in a way that doesn’t talk down to those of us with little knowledge of how the law works. I learned more from your hot takes than I thought possible.

  20. @Mark-xl8gg Avatar

    The worlds most obtuse justice system, if you have money and influence, for Pete’s sake get on with it , the whole world is hanging

  21. @alangoh6077 Avatar

    Finally KARMA has caught-up with the Disgraced Grifter Trump..LOCK HIM UP.

  22. @bigbill2me Avatar

    MTN is saving our Planet and country who knows maybe we could have peace for Palestine. So mote it be

  23. @bigbill2me Avatar

    Too many neighbors HONKED when you broadcast. I live in a sea of Trumper’s you might too! Those Windows behind you look so obvious.

  24. @bigbill2me Avatar

    We have the DEVIL in our midst THINK!

  25. @bigbill2me Avatar

    Stop broadcasting from stationary locations PLEASE

  26. @carolsonntag2018 Avatar

    Why can’t Mershaun set the trial date now?

  27. @bigbill2me Avatar

    Jack Smith can’t fall on the grenade the forest is full of angry bears.

  28. @bigbill2me Avatar

    Sorry I say what enters my mind

  29. @bigbill2me Avatar

    You’re honeymoon brother is another worry, I hope she’s not a plant. Putin is

  30. @bigbill2me Avatar

    Trump and Cannon and Roger Stones General Mike Flynn’s Christian ARMY is got you all dialed in. Be careful my heroes. The NAZI PUTIN Devil from the first WW is alive and well. Did Roger Stone get state secrets too?

  31. @cinderspaced4257 Avatar

    We all knew this is what was going to happen. No surprises here.

  32. @oscarbirch5526 Avatar

    I am really interested know who and why anyone in their right mind would vote for such a man. The more I hear, the more I believe he is just odious!!

  33. @kossend1 Avatar

    13:05 You say it was a Class E Felony. I'd suggest there was nothing classy about it.

  34. @scorpio-girl687 Avatar

    So ….. all the cases are on hold, while this asshO[e runs free and clear ???

    What kind of goddammit justice system do we have and who the hell is running the show? Those damn Federalists that are hiding in the shadows.

  35. @nupe8888 Avatar

    Great reporting as usual Popok. Also, that's a NICE black hoodie! What brand is it?

  36. @tonymckeage1028 Avatar

    Great Video Michael, the Alvin Bragg case another about morality or immorality, people have have a simple understanding about right and wrong, and trump is wrong, I think it's a story of 3 strikes and you are out! Eugene Carroll (#1) NYC fraud case (#2) and Stormy Daniels (#3) his faith with the american public is stuffed

  37. @thesoundsmith Avatar

    Let's hope the American PEOPLE wake up, because in the trial/no-trial contest, Trump has WON! He has managed to delay, delay, delay the important cases. Those voters that need a conviction to believe will still be undecided.

  38. @DakilangAtsoy Avatar

    Trump obviously is a master of money laundering. I wonder where is the 2b that Kushner got from the Saudis as investment now? That money could end up as a loss being claimed on taxes and thereby the tax payers paying for them again.

  39. @sk8queen Avatar

    **SIGH **😢😞🤯

  40. @drumcorps76 Avatar

    Good job Michael as always!

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