TONES AND I – DANCE MONKEY (Donald Trump Cover)

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47 responses to “TONES AND I – DANCE MONKEY (Donald Trump Cover)”

  1. @YeshuaElijah Avatar

    🇮🇱🇺🇸 🙏 Forgive me, Pappy. I said some harsh words. 😟

    I just miss you, and Her.

    Forgive me, please. 🙏

  2. @YeshuaElijah Avatar

    👰‍♀ 🤵 🕺 💃 🎶 🎵 🎶 🎵 ⚕️ BAM!°° STAFF DOWN BABYYYYY!!! 👻 🌊 🚣‍♀️ 🏝


  3. @solar1Aus Avatar

    I totally love it ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉

  4. @buddhathashoota4350 Avatar

    The ‘monkey’ is perfect

  5. @jamesk7410 Avatar

    I have listened to this a bunch and I was like hmm maybe do trump as Roger Troutman on California love 2pac ❤

  6. @benfolds17 Avatar

    See…Trump said monkey, it totally proves he's racist 😂

  7. @nicc2366 Avatar

    I don't even know how I got here, but it is quite concerning at this point 💀💀💀

  8. @user-tx3fi5un1n Avatar

    “This is art, Mr White”

  9. @marijankelemin1357 Avatar

    I Like it, i had watch this Video several Times. 🙂

  10. @arcticbadger1 Avatar
  11. @richgraves1458 Avatar

    Uude it’s is a masterpeice

  12. @bouafia5420 Avatar

    Germany 🇩🇿💚❤️

  13. @arnediekmann4614 Avatar
  14. @user-im3qj7hr9d Avatar

    This is much much better than the original love this song love president trump ❤

  15. @bouafia5420 Avatar

    You have a current voice

  16. @David-up7rv Avatar


  17. @evrythings Avatar

    Trump is a president that america will.never have again if his not elected in 2024
    Others are fake and no real power

  18. @maria-nu7lw Avatar

    Those girls look happy to see him, he look great on sunglasses😅, a Real man👏👏🙂🙂 0:07😂,What time😅😅

  19. @thorbock1941 Avatar

    AI is up and this guy better not stop doing this

  20. @jayjankelewicz5140 Avatar

    You are a genius to produce these videos. Hope the world is aware of your talent.

  21. @joshbroyles8057 Avatar

    I think you should try and make one of these with Joe Biden, if that is possible

  22. @amir.solitare Avatar
  23. @amir.solitare Avatar

    The best prisdent American from Algeria was honorable men bring peace gentlemen 😎👍

  24. @anithajosephparanthaman4833 Avatar

    God’s message :
    Mark 4:14
    The sower does God’s message
    Raising Jesus from the dead required more power than creating the universe , parting the Red Sea , or anything else God has ever done . If you could put God’s power on some kind of meter that would show how much power is released , I guarantee the power indicators would have all pegged out over the max when Christ arose from the dead . Why ? Satan and all his demons did everything they possibly could to prevent the resurrection – but failed !
    Pg 26
    Sir Andrew Wommack
    From the Book
    You’ve Already Got It !
    { So Quit Trying To Get It }

  25. @Gleichtritt Avatar

    Just listened to the original. Have to say Trumps voice is MUCH nicer to listen to :D. The original I didn't like.

  26. @esdras_leite.22 Avatar

    I'm Brazilian and I voted for Bolsonaro, if I were American I would definitely vote for Trump 🇺🇲😎

  27. @unterdeneichen1913 Avatar

    Wer sich in narzisstisch verlogenen Strukturen der Wahrheit zu sehr nähert wird gnadenlos bekämpft werden! Daran erkennt man Wahrheit, folgt den Verfolgten!

  28. @timdavis7845 Avatar

    So cool! Thank you for sharing this with us 👍

  29. @patriciasullivan4128 Avatar

    The Maestro has mad creative skills! Love these videos 💖🇺🇸

  30. @eb1042 Avatar

    CAN'T believe this channel creator RUINED an AWESOME song…Does Tones know???

  31. @user-tw6os3wq6u Avatar

    Malditos locas satanicos

  32. @peaceandlovetoyou Avatar

    This is so brilliant. I cant stop watching🎉🎉 btw how do you change his voice to sound melodic? God bless you🎉

  33. @starobservers9862 Avatar

    First president to run office from jail? LMFAO! Nope dum dum. He can't go to jail dum lib demon Crat communist skum! Leave Trump alone! He is a boss! Did you see that epic mugshot? You hate him but he didn't do anything wrong. This is the the crap Democrats attempt in a way to control and cancel as they are socialist communist the absolute worse type.

  34. @sleepdeprivedpuggy Avatar

    We need Trump back at the office as soon as possible.

  35. @user-zc6wk6bn3t Avatar

    Зачем он захотел стать президентом? Ведь он первоклассный строитель .

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