Timcast IRL – Charlie Kirk And Vaush Join To Discuss And Debate

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35 responses to “Timcast IRL – Charlie Kirk And Vaush Join To Discuss And Debate”

  1. @tylerscofield9799 Avatar

    Socialize the risk
    Privatize the reward

  2. @jasonbrewer6714 Avatar

    People are leaving the military due to toxic leadership

  3. @PlantdaddyTKB Avatar

    Like all of vaush's takes: This aged poorly

  4. @JayBlooBird Avatar

    Silly drug dealers! Just sell socks 4head.

  5. @_MrWavy_ Avatar

    I hate tims dirty little walmart beanie he wears every single day of his life. Get a normal hat u bozo

  6. @Life-Row-Toll Avatar

    MAJOR UPDATE: Lydia, formerly of TimcastIRL, has been and still remains 6'2''. Having undergone many methods and treatments, which have sadly failed — thus far–, Lydia still remains strong and determined. Prayers are welcomed.

  7. @1Mutton1 Avatar

    Vaugsh is so hard to listen to because hes so disingenuous. He will take a counter view on a comment just because he likes to have a different definition of a term (eg reparations) or deflect the answer or topic sligtly to something he wants to talk about for academic analysis reasons. Then hell flat out say he doesnt know anough about that, a topic he should know about, in order to avoid responding to something he idieolocally disagrees with.

    He's just a great big ball of contradictions and confusion.

  8. @ricksanson5459 Avatar

    When I get more financially stable I'm definitely gonna become a member. Been watching you for almost a decade now, keep up the great work. This was a very great conversation and I'm going to take away a lot from this.

  9. @jaythomas7573 Avatar

    What fucking difference does it matter what grade they’re in

  10. @allovertheplace7973 Avatar

    Listening to Vaush talk about Tim Pool and David Pakman shows you how disingenuous he is. Homie is a snake.

  11. @allovertheplace7973 Avatar

    Vaush is getting crushed in the first few minutes. Posting with knowledge of the vaccines being unsafe two years later is oh so funny.

  12. @skyteus Avatar

    00:0028:46: Covid-19 Mandate
    28:46 – Critical Race Theory

  13. @ParistonHxH Avatar

    Wait holy shit, Charlie wont shut the fuck up lmao. 10 minutes in and Charlie could look so much better if he just shuts the fuck up, even Tim is recognizing that Charlie is crippling the discussion. It's like Charlie doesn't want Vaush to talk.

  14. @ParistonHxH Avatar

    It's funny how wrong a lot of these COVID takes turned out to be now that it's 2024.

  15. @jonesjohnson5310 Avatar

    Vaush is a known pedophile

  16. @UnbearableYT Avatar

    This is probably Vaush's best debate

  17. @xfgfddfgfd7737 Avatar

    this will not age well!!! Never forget who wanted you to force get this poison

  18. @sebastianszymanski8330 Avatar

    I understand where Charlie coming from but I don’t agree with his horniness for patriotism when saying America a home.

  19. @Boethius411 Avatar

    Why TF did the conservatives let Vaush get away with that “conservatives and motivated more by fear” bulls**t that has been debunked a million times? It’s ridiculous especially when the guy’s justification for emergency mandates was, “people are panicking.” I can’t help it, I find the dude insufferably sanctimonious and insulting.

  20. @briancomstock7741 Avatar

    I don't trust Reuters on anything.

  21. @briancomstock7741 Avatar

    This aged poorly for Vaush.

  22. @holyphainesthai286 Avatar

    Normally I'm not a big fan of either of these guys, but I gotta say I am quite charmed by both of them. Great convo, and a remeet would be amazing.

  23. @pheebs818 Avatar

    This didn't age well 😂😂

  24. @Ti-07 Avatar

    Vaush making Charlie say things that make him look like a hardcore Marxist

  25. @blakepierman1491 Avatar

    Gosh is Vaush a total Douche Bag!!! Such a Pompous Ass!

  26. @SketchyJesus Avatar

    Vaush is literally the opposite of anything Libertarian. Also, he tells Kirk not to interrupt yet continuously interrupts. Vaush is one of the worst people on the internet.

    With that said, he was surprisingly less turd-ish than usual. I’m also only 35 minutes into it.

  27. @TuxGaming-tp7ri Avatar

    Debate in retrospect , Vaush lost: 26:00 Vaush takes a huge L on the covid vaccine and in this debate in general. Not necessary and it's now been proven to cause harm. 30:25 Critical race theory IS taught in schools. "White Supremacy is never used in Academia" was a gaslight as we have paper after paper after paper coming out of colleges with that being used. 36:57 "Poverty and race are really intertwined in this country" obviously ignoring Appalachia and the rural poor, majority white in this country. 40:00 Vaush in his smarmy academic attitude denigrating Thomas Sowell, someone with more credentials and who ACTUALLY LIVED THROUGH redlining in the black community speaks volumes about liberal academia and their inflated egos. Charlie is asking a lot of questions in this debate because he genuinely wants to know how a liberal thinks, Charlie is attempting a conversation not a debate. Vaush doesn't care. He's smug in his "knowledge" and is only looking to talk at Tim and Charlie, not converse.

  28. @radarrange7792 Avatar

    This wasn’t really a debate. It was a surprisingly rational and more or less respectful discussion. There were a few light jabs here and there, most of which went unnoticed. I don’t know about anyone else, but I love just listening to Vaush talk. He has an amazing and calm speaking voice regardless of the topic. Tim popping in here and there somewhat grated my nerves with his irritating, one octave lower than Shapiro’s whine of voice and exaggerated speed talk.

  29. @MalkuthEmperor Avatar

    Did Tim just go from " pizza chefs are getting 35 bucks an hour, and so the cost of pizzas will go up " to " all of a sudain the contractractor cant afford to take his family out for dinner " 😂
    What a wierd sippery slope.

    Altho apart froma few moments like that, i still think its a fairly good episode.
    Infact, one of the only ones i would say makes sence and is not a rightwing circlejerk.
    Its all fine to be right wing, dont get me wrong, but when there are entire segments in which its all talking points and no data, then its like, whats going on here.

    Anyway, have a good day

  30. @Wyklepheph Avatar

    Vaush looks like a stereotypical incel that you wouldn’t want near your family lmao

  31. @ocarinaplaya Avatar

    This didn't age well for Vaush.

  32. @lychg8 Avatar

    Vaush's "vaccine is safe and effective" comment aged like fine milk.

  33. @jason6141 Avatar

    Bro Vaush is like SUPER wrong on everything, but if you press me on it I can't defend it 🙁

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