Thoughts On My Debate Vs Charlie Kirk

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I thought this went very well overall. If you didn’t catch it live, it’s available on Tim Pool’s channel below: …

49 responses to “Thoughts On My Debate Vs Charlie Kirk”

  1. @jasonbrewer6714 Avatar

    Soldiers arent leaving due to wokeness. Sure some call it that, but the reality is toxic leadership.

  2. @horusthehorse Avatar

    Robert Evans has slowly transformed into a spineless, self-impressed, conceited hypocrite. Mildly interesting to see that attitude has been there all along.

  3. @Shamrock299 Avatar

    Vaush lost you sycophants

  4. @WilsonWood123 Avatar

    I respect you a ton for having that debate

  5. @travissharon1536 Avatar

    What a dweeby self righteous thing to do with editing Kirk's face and not yours.

  6. @Jaguar-lr7jq Avatar

    Vaush you are a hypocrite, you are rich but you never help to poor

  7. @13e11even11 Avatar

    Who won is not even funny. He beat you like a harp seal. He took his foot of the gas because you failed to be a challenge. He let you speak because he saw nothing of concern in what you had to say and saw no reason to take you seriously, but hey dream on Agua-man

  8. @ephanhymerable Avatar

    Leftist will say vaush, conservatives will say Charlie.

  9. @williamlaprarie3007 Avatar

    Tim pool is a fact checker …..your a gfifter. That should have been fact checked out of existence.

  10. @ollaughingbeta2233 Avatar

    At the start of the video you said watch the debate so I hopped off and watch the debate, very nice and well done debate

  11. @gamgam7979 Avatar

    Can't believe vaush Platforms Donald J. Trump every time he speaks about him

  12. @toneskiadam4068 Avatar

    You lost how many times were you wrong and they called you out

  13. @504hotboi5 Avatar

    The way Kirk said "I think gratitude is a moral necessity" was creepy AF..

  14. @richmello2710 Avatar
  15. @Law-Enduring-Citizen Avatar

    It was an example of a expansive debate. Kirk started off a bit hostile, but it went well.

  16. @jackmuldoon7756 Avatar

    Thank God for that 100% vaccine. Good thing we mandated it.

  17. @matthewarant377 Avatar

    I watched the debate and I found your take on it so completely strange and so revealing of your personality.

    I don't think anyone won or lost. I think you both came into this with completely different mindsets and his was not to win.

    Also all of your analysis in tone is completely off. As someone who grew up in an abusive household and is extremely perceptive of tone, he was completely genuine. Also he agreed with you on many points not because he wasn't willing to defend them but because he genuinely agreed with you?

    Idk the details of your life but I would look into therapy. I'm not saying you should because something is wrong with you or you're broken. I just think you would learn so much about yourself. Saying this as someone who goes to therapy regularly.

    You seem to feel as though others are attacking you when they are not at all. You may find you have some very deeply seeded beliefs that hold you back. And I think you would find a lot more peace in interpreting things more accurately.

    I know I'm extrapolating a lot here. I'm just blown away by your interpretation of events. Very strange.

    That being said I think you have a brilliant mind and many good ideas. So in no way take this as a smearing of you. I just genuinely think there is something going on you're not aware of that therapy would uncover.

  18. @QuiteDan Avatar

    Vaush, at any point did Charlie attempt to eat you, or see if you were small enough to fit in his mouth?

  19. @vvieites001 Avatar

    Great point about the vaccine. If it’s forced then it is an infringement on bodily autonomy. However, the question is what does it mean to be “forced” to get the vaccine? If there are no criminal penalties for not being vaxxed and you have to sign a consent form before getting it (no one is strapping you down and pricking you with it, then you are not being forced. There are plenty of unvaxxed people walking around. My brother is one, and since he works remotely it isn’t an issue for his job status. We have options. It doesn’t mean your life won’t be made harder if you don’t get the vaccine—some people may not want to associate with you, you may not be able to work certain jobs, go to certain restaurants. But that’s life. As long as the government isn’t mandating that you get a vaccine under the threat of criminal penalties, then it’s fine by me. Medical Consent is important so that should always come first, but you need to recognize that you may not be able to live your life as freely if you choose not to be vaccinated than if you do. Getting the vaccine, then, ultimately affords us all more freedoms, not less.

  20. @vvieites001 Avatar

    It’s good that you debated him, and you did a fine job. Everytime the left runs away from these guys it makes a martyr of them. They have a persecution complex and their shit ideas should be challenged and shown to be flawed when they are

  21. @SithBy11 Avatar

    Debating can be a fun experience and sometimes very illuminating, sometimes it forces people who’ve never had their ideas really challenged to get shown as the asshat they are. That being said It also allows people to peddle bad information and the only thing that generally matters to the crowd is how convincing of an argument was made rather than contending with the information on hand.

  22. @LordMoe74 Avatar

    Great debate. Not sure you won the vaccine debate, tho, with all things considered currently. But you held your own on every topic. You have a new subscriber.

  23. @PPKNexus Avatar

    Am I the only one who caught the fart at 51:47?

  24. @themanflake Avatar

    I don’t think anyone won the debate, because it was more of a discussion and not a debate. It was a really good discussion with really good topics though.

  25. @S0N1CSP33D Avatar

    I watched the debate and it has confirmed my theory that holding ur composure is the single most important debate tactic bc u will always come across as more intelligent if u don't lose ur shit or start flying off on a tangent. Vaush did this perfectly and managed to even make those guys behave themselves. Everyone was actually engaging in honest discussion and not trying to 1up each other. It was honestly refreshing and I wish professional politicians had that level of nuance.

  26. @alecmajarucon2815 Avatar

    I say he lost since he has to think about it.

  27. @matt-bb2kv Avatar

    Howdy, happy your here, btw I hate conservatives, stfu

  28. @patricklemay8304 Avatar

    you were 💯 wrong look at all the facts coming out now the cdc never had it right nor did so called dr Fauci

  29. @nio804 Avatar

    Watching your debates with people have been immensely valuable to me. The rhetoric and style of delivery you use makes your reasoning extremely clear, and even when you say something I don't agree with (which most of the time is just because I don't know enough about the issue to agree or disagree), it helps me understand my own views and biases.

  30. @am_meep Avatar

    Your debates are what saved me from being a neo-nazi. Don't let anyone try to stop you, you're doing good work.

  31. @scrungozeclown836 Avatar

    We live in a dirty home. Some are content with the dirt, but in general, if we clean the home, everybody will feel better. Some relish in the filth, but if we clean the house, more people will enjoy living in a clean house than those who suffer from not living in a dirty one. This is what America is. It's a (debatably) good home, but it's still so dirty. I love my home, but to let it stagnate and develop germs and to let the food mold is foolish, and sweeping out trash (such as systemic racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.) is the only way to move forward

  32. @treeztop Avatar

    That reparations take is terrible. We deserve reparations for JIM CROW AS WELL. So we don’t need these family records, though those could be easily obtained.

  33. @zaphodbebop105 Avatar

    Wasn’t even close. Vaush destroyed Little Charlie.

  34. @lionelfox1341 Avatar

    Conservatives need to be more liberal, liberals need to be more conservative. There are two doors, there is also a big bag of untold riches, if we want said bag, we need to open both doors, the one on the (political), right, and the one on the (political) left. Conservatism often mean "to keep", and liberalism often means "to change". Our world is like a TV, if we stay on one channel, we would only enjoy it's content, it would be boring (conservatives), if we consistently change (liberals) the channels, we will never fully enjoy what we're watching, only snippets of content. The future will always be (red) and (blue), but by listening, we can reach the common goal (purple).

  35. @uwuwuuwuwuwu5083 Avatar

    Did this not happen wayy after January 6? Why Vaush did not mention that EVEN ONCE in the whole show? Wtf?

  36. @Seansadventure Avatar

    I’ve never heard of or seen this small face meme, but i actually thought when watching the debate “why is this guy’s mouth so small?”

  37. @KorribanDallas Avatar

    Came here because Vaush seemed sharp, reasonable, and down to earth after watching the debate. This video was like a shit smear on the image of him I had built during the debate. The victory lap video is pretty disappointing. Sad because some of his takes were persuasive, up until this. I'm no fan of Charlie Kirk either, but I was really looking to find a fresh voice to listen to and this egotistical bullshit ain't it.

  38. @antuantheswan2189 Avatar

    Strange that you’re surprised a fact check went in your favor. It felt like everyone involved had one key agreement from the start…truth. This was the first I’m hearing your name, tbh, and I thought you were incredibly fair, composed, and a great representative of what you believe in. I’ll tune in.

  39. @ryanharkness1753 Avatar

    Too bad time hasn't played in you favor.

  40. @loominardy Avatar

    As someone from the right, I believe there were a few points/counterpoints that Charlie Kirk never got a chance to bring up regarding vaccine mandates:

    1. The benefits of a vaccine are primarily personal. Vaush said he doesn’t want to live in a world “ridden with plague” as suggested that someone not getting vaccinated is making the pandemic worse. This is a silly point because even Vaush knows that the vaccines are effective in preventing symptoms and death. Vaush’s argument here undermines his other point about the efficacy of the vaccine.

    2. There are plenty of reasons why one may not want to get a vaccine. Some people experience weird side effects(which may be worse than covid itself) and some people have already contracted covid(natural antibodies also are more effective and last longer). Whatever the reason may be no one should be forced to get the jab especially for some people where the downsides may outweigh the benefits.

    3. Charlie Kirk never addressed the nationalization of the pharmaceutical industry probably because it was irrelevant but I’ll do it anyways. I would start off my arguing that a profit incentive is a good thing. Without a profit incentive, there is significantly less motivation to develop and innovative. Additionally, in a market a profit incentive allows for more competition, and as we all know competition makes things better. Competition makes quality go up and price go down. In a nationalized industry, there would be no competition. Imagine if the vaccines were nationalized and the vaccine was just crap. Would we have other choices? The private sector makes it easier for entrepreneurs to develop these life saving medicines. The profit incentive means they have to provide something that the market(the people) want. And who cares if big-pharma’s CEO makes millions? If their company is making us all better off with their product and they haven’t done anything scummy such as lobbying then there’s no problem. I’d also like to mention that virtually every industry that is nationalized is slow and/or ineffective(examples include USPS, public transportation, healthcare in some European countries and more).

    I don’t really know much about Critical Race Theory but I’ve looked into it but I still don’t have a firm stance on it yet. My general stance is that we should teach history but not teach the victim mentality.

  41. @peterparkour6089 Avatar

    This is such a good debate but holy fuck Charlie Kirk is incredibly creepy

  42. @hodad924 Avatar

    Gratitude aka bow down to the authoritarian lol Kirk is so nakedly fascist

  43. @daviddesorbo2130 Avatar

    Conservative just subbed, keep up the good debates.

  44. @Neeina Avatar

    The tim pool fade on the camera is so aggravating

  45. @wolfrayne8355 Avatar

    I became a follower because of this debate and how well you carried yourself and how intelligently you debated your points. Thank you, Vaush, for standing up for the skeptics.

  46. @jahcode6132 Avatar

    It says something that Vaush looks good against the biggest names on the right while those big names on the right look good against RadLib College Freshman.

  47. @AndrewWesthoff Avatar

    Imagine if presidents could debate like these guys.

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