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33 responses to “Things Get WILD on the Whatever Podcast”

  1. @kingsransomtv5323 Avatar

    It's sick the way pro life nuts like Charlie Kirk want a child to be born for the sake of it being born just to uphold this facade of moral superiority. Because Charlie and the ppl like him don't give a damn about the shitty quality of life many of these kids are statistically likely to have when born to young poor single mothers for example. Then there's the women who for one reason or another are telling us they aren't ready/dont want to be a mother. These are the types of women most likely to mistreat a child they never wanted. But Charlie would insist that these children be born anyways with adoption being his solution despite the horror stories of ppl that have been thru the broken adoption system. And these pro-life nuts are the same people that don't want their tax dollars going to welfare and other social service programs that many of the women they would prevent from having an abortion would use to help take care of these kids the women aren't in the position to raise. Just to turn around and be the same ppl that want these kids to be locked up when they get older and start commiting the crimes they're statistically more likely to be involved in. If you don't believe in abortion and it's not for you then don't get one. But to constantly try to impose your sense of morality onto others is wrong and when a woman says she not ready/doesn't want to be a mother we should believe her and respect her decision.

  2. @larrygroff1391 Avatar

    God bless this man, and may God help his beliefs get spread through this world that is continually growing more evil. We stand before the judge and give an account for our lives.

  3. @ZenonU Avatar

    The woman in the low-cut white T-shirt thinks because she’s an intelligent person with a semi-wide vocabulary, she has an opinion that supersedes everyone else 😂

  4. @craigcunningham2542 Avatar

    Libs are always bringing up the 2 percent. Talk about the 98 percent!!

  5. @justinmoulin9039 Avatar

    Is it possible that this should solely be a women's issue and a man should not have a say so?

  6. @Uhhlehssa Avatar

    If the woman is committing a crime, she should be punished. Yes, if a woman has an abortion and it is outlawed, she should be punished. Also, yes, she is well aware that she is killing her child.

  7. @valeriarudomanova3057 Avatar

    Fetus is not a baby. Baby according to the medical definition is between the birth and toddler periods.

  8. @elit3j0sh12 Avatar

    Blood Transfusions can't be connected to abortions in this in any way because you have no responsibility for another human being outside of you; a baby is your personal child inside of you and have full dictation over it by law so you assume full responsibility of it including keeping it alive this is where i disagree with Charlie Kirk on this subject

  9. @elit3j0sh12 Avatar

    PTAD Post Traumatic Abortion Disorder LOOK IT UP

  10. @michaelhughes657 Avatar

    They have all had 1 or 2 abortions unfortunately, they just want to be able to not be responsible and sleep around until they find the perfect idiot who will be the follower they want

  11. @josephdans7120 Avatar

    Charlie is articulate and calm…he was great!

  12. @amyerwin7958 Avatar

    Charlie I had PPD. It is not temporary and short-lived. It’s the worst feeling in the world. If you’ve never had it, shut up.
    And… if you’ve never dealt with a 12 year old pregnant after being raped by their father, again, shut up.

  13. @user-rz2ns7dm2b Avatar

    I love to see a respectful conversation like this. This is very important work that you're doing. Thank you

  14. @cathernnichols549 Avatar

    When she started talking about “what about the women who wish they would’ve had an abortion?”. It is really sickening to hear someone even suggest such a sentiment. So we are talking about a woman who looks at her BORN child of whatever age and thinks “man I wish I would’ve aborted you”. A literal human life right there in front of you. To wish you would’ve terminated that child’s life who has a personality and is an individual at that point. I really can hardly even grasp such a concept. That person would more than likely be a full blown narcissist.

  15. @SailorSabol Avatar

    Some women genuinely don’t know, but most in some level do, even if they are willfully ignorant. Outside of abuse, trafficking, or clear lack of ability to make rational decisions, once abortion becomes illegal we should certainly jail the women

  16. @badbolt1a854 Avatar

    Hold up a second @6:10 did someone snicker as Charlie was educating the girls on how abortion works? Cause I re watched it 3 times to make sure I heard it right. Regardless of your view on abortion. I find it super messed up to “snicker at that”

  17. @angelicac.8377 Avatar

    Abortion literally cannot happen if a woman is not pregnant. Abortion is dependent upon a child being present in the womb. A woman Has to be pregnant for an abortion to occur.

    There is no such thing as a “safe abortion”-because abortion is the intentional action of murdering a human in the womb. Abortion has a 100% success rate. Abortion cannot be safe if the result is always 100% death. It is not a cancer, so please don’t treat it as such.

  18. @gcsparts Avatar

    When the foetus is alive at a certain age after conception that's a living being.. And would prostitutes want to do with a family life

  19. @LovelyDrop Avatar

    I think abortions should be banned in general, however if a 11 year old girl gets assaulted by a 64 year old serial klller she should have the choice to carry her r ists baby or not….. and if you tell any father of a victim of this crime that his kid should have to carry the r pists baby for 9 months and raise a raype baby then you’re fkced up, the mental trauma both the 11 year old child and the baby would feel when growing up would be inhumane especially if the baby is 3 weeks developed and isn’t even the size of an egg yet.
    ‘Two wrongs don’t make a right’
    Sometimes they do

  20. @LiveAventura Avatar

    A fetus is what a baby looks like at that stage of development… so wait a baby is completely different from an adult. Does that mean it’s not human ? 🙃

  21. @mindcast_talk Avatar

    Comparing a 1-month-old to a fetus,,, does it make a 2-year-old girl not human compared to a 30-year-old woman????

  22. @johanw014 Avatar

    You can have sex, wear a rubber 🤦‍♂️ otherwise it’s your responsibility

  23. @Kali08012 Avatar

    “Obviously you would take a fetus with a heart that’s brain isn’t fully developed and compare it to a 1 month old” well….. technically no one’s brain is fully developed until 25 years of age. So, with that logic we can abort up to 25 🤔

  24. @kaylafyi Avatar

    We fucked up by oetting women vote. Oh and considering how knowledgeable they are youd think theyd know what a bra is your nipples could cut glass…

  25. @Gamboa.kayla22 Avatar

    If a pregnant woman is murdered isn’t it most often ruled as double homicide? The definition of homicide is “the killing of one PERSON by another”. So if the baby is considered a living Person in this scenario wouldn’t they also be considered a living Person during an abortion?

  26. @Yawnsinbed Avatar

    When you think speaking fasting is equivalent to being smart cause you’re asking rapid fire questions and then you don’t allow a proper answer

  27. @JVTRUTH Avatar

    Should a conjoined twin be abke to elect to seperate from their twin even though the dr say the other twin will die in the operation?

  28. @JVTRUTH Avatar

    I was talking to my sister, that in the past contemplated abortion but but didn't go through with it. She said that the abortion clinic kept calling for five months straight bugging her to go through with it. She said it was harassing.

  29. @reincarnatedtobuildaharem Avatar

    21:44 yup. And that's called being empathetic. And y'all saying otherwise are going to hell

  30. @reincarnatedtobuildaharem Avatar

    12:23 that's literally what y'all are preaching and what he and every pro-life people are trying to stop. You demon

  31. @reincarnatedtobuildaharem Avatar

    Abortion IS the pinnacle of selfishness. Concious killing of a defenseless small child for your own personal gain and or convenience. Y'all are going to hell

  32. @leamsyariam8198 Avatar

    They clearly don’t have children..
    & if you do and your okay with killing your “fetus”. That just shows what kinda mother you are. Finances is an excuse. Kids motivate you to want to do better. Also postpartum is temporary and although it could be a physical issue it’s mainly a mental issue that you can overcome.

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