THEY'VE GOT THE #1 SINGLE?! | The Ben Shapiro & Tom MacDonald Interview (How It Started)

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46 responses to “THEY'VE GOT THE #1 SINGLE?! | The Ben Shapiro & Tom MacDonald Interview (How It Started)”

  1. @KnoxHill Avatar

    No self-promo from me today! Wanted to get this out to help the final push of the song stay at #1 before Friday close. Go buy & support the track – let’s troll the music labels together 😂🤟

  2. @neophytealpha Avatar

    Yep, Ben threw it out as a joke, and Tom got to thinking and approached Ben to actually do it. So kinda a mutual approaching each other.

  3. @sueannag4881 Avatar

    Hes going to make a song with Roseanne Barr next.

  4. @sueannag4881 Avatar

    Ben talks faster than he rapped

  5. @spottv7261 Avatar

    I was wondering if Knox would react to the song. Didn’t think it was good musically, but I can definitely understand how MacDonald would appeal to the right wing.

    Collaborating with a major right wing political figure is genius and apparently the numbers don’t lie.

    Because while I didn’t like the rapper’s style or flow (content and message aside)…I also don’t like mumble rap btw…he’s catering to an audience that has very few rap artists trying to reach them.

    Respect the hustle on the merits of hustle. Of course their political messages are straight garbage and the song itself to me…sucks.

  6. @Abdb2023 Avatar

    Ben and his team at daily Wire are clearly marketing genius.

  7. @here4thecookies676 Avatar

    Isn’t Ben Shapiro the same guy who said rap isn’t actually music or some stupid shit like that?

  8. @BattleChemist Avatar

    It was the birth of a Legend.

  9. @alysawalker112 Avatar

    Love your vids. You have to react to epic the musical. It not rap but it is a work of art.

  10. @juliemcneeley8491 Avatar

    Loved this reaction and how Ben surprises you by being the instigator to making this happen. Always one of my faves knox.

  11. @oldtiredm53 Avatar

    This was super interesting! Thank you.

  12. @mariaawaria500 Avatar

    at this point you’re not even riding, you’re straight up doing tricks on it 😂

  13. @jimbrown424 Avatar

    I think Ben reminds me of Em in the caterpillar video, just standing there in the hoodie not moving. Lol

  14. @laquentinpotts9272 Avatar

    As much I want mainstream music to have a meaning again, but to me, I don’t take Tom Macdonald’s content seriously. I rather have any of rappers from the past who talks real issues than Tom any day.

  15. @thekickingwolf5115 Avatar

    Bro! You’re on Shapiros thumbnail reacting to your reaction to his song!

  16. @76Lifesone Avatar

    🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂……. Some of you people. This is why some of us will never take you 🤡 serious.

  17. @phoenixfire124 Avatar

    Ben Shapiro reacted to your video. He reacted to a bunch of reaction videos to Facts. It was pretty fun to watch.

  18. @wildhorse6343 Avatar

    100 Knox. You have to keep tabs on both sides!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. @Maybeabandaid9 Avatar

    @06:05 – Big facts, I appreciate your bringing this topic up.
    Most people today have a big case of "main character syndrome" to me, and in fact they use the little "hot takes"/ headlines written by others to explain their own world view(again based off of someone elses opinions) to themselves.
    The world literally has never been fair, life has sucked and will continue to suck for almost 100% of the population of the planet, and the only way you are getting off the ground is to get back up with your own two feet.

  20. @Maybeabandaid9 Avatar

    The meme about Ben rapping slower than he speaks is actually factual.

  21. @shevyg.9477 Avatar
  22. @debbieharkness7661 Avatar

    Have you done any HiRez reactions he has an AI -Ben Shapiro and several others!,

  23. @TVk-nc7ie Avatar

    I gave a one man standing ovation for Toms response to collab with a massive smile on my face, just before you clapped too Knox.

  24. @misticadavis Avatar

    Knox you are in Ben's reaction to the reactions to the song. Yours and everyone else's reactions are hilarious.

  25. @ryannelson3220 Avatar

    i escape the real world, but listening to music, its how i cope with my issues

  26. @Bonitaslifestyle Avatar

    Can you imagine the music industry running around freaking out!!! "Who are we firing, how did this happen????? "😂😂

  27. @vincentwerts4724 Avatar

    Watch it turns out Bret Cooper is Ben's ghostwriter.

  28. @dustincaso6781 Avatar

    I watched that episode when it came out and every now and then since I’ve been wondering if it would ever happen. Man what a treat, worth every second of the wait! Lol

  29. @TruthDojaShow Avatar

    I never saw this interview, but I too thought it would have been Tom pushing the pitch, but somehow that makes it even funnier that it's done so well

  30. @janetlawson4482 Avatar

    Ok, now I am sharing a video, Ben Shapiro reacting to reactions to FACTS, yours is definitely one of them!

  31. @user-exol1584 Avatar

    Ben said that his version of his verse in the song was much harsh then what was in the end, and Tom milded it down

  32. @ItsDaPlumber Avatar

    I want Ben and tom to create another song where ben raps as fast as he talks.

  33. @mistyvanpelt2408 Avatar

    This is a good reaction but yall need to watch Jordan Petersons reaction to this song on YouTube. Its a 52 minute reaction and break down so make sure you have time to watch it entirely. ❤

  34. @user-iq5oj5pt7o Avatar

    I always agreed with Tom about how amazing you are on breaking down bars. Now I just watched Jordan Peterson do almost an hour breakdown of this song. YOU GOT TO SEE IT! I know you can't do an hour reaction, but you need to watch it! Unreal!!

  35. @xCaleb_ Avatar

    He reacted to reactions and u were in it congrats!

  36. @megclif Avatar

    Anyone who listens to Ben on a regular basis knows he has a great sense of humor – much of it in the self-deprecation mode – plus he doesn't give a rats lol !!

  37. @Sultan18951948 Avatar

    Disagree about getting news sources. Once you know who the fake news is, there's not point in paying them any attention. Find podcasts who tell the truth. Bongino, Warroom, Charlie Kirk, Gorka, even Megan Kelly is pretty straight up. Mainstream is trash lies and spin.

  38. @user-rw7mu9ek9w Avatar

    “Numbers don’t lie” should 100 percent be the next song that Ben Shapiro puts out, but this time, Tom Macdonald features on his track! And it could be like a classical violin beat or something neoclassical. I have heard there’s a subset of classical music that had these really chaotic beats.

  39. @user-rw7mu9ek9w Avatar

    What pro/semi pro sport did you used to play, Knox Hill?

  40. @jasonlengyel1104 Avatar

    And then they totally did it.

  41. @Kat-zk6qy Avatar

    It would have been awesome if Ben could've added a violin to the song.

  42. @ericbehanna1702 Avatar

    Hey just saw a video of Ben reacting to your reaction you at at about the 7 min mark of the video.😂😂

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