The EU Wants to SANCTION Tucker Carlson

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The European Union is considering sanctions against Tucker Carlson for his not-yet-aired interview with Vladimir Putin. However …

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  1. @KyanGamble Avatar

    I hope he gets sanctioned, everyone in the EU knows how russia and propaganda works, Putin should not have had an opportunity like this to spread misinformation, im very disappointed

  2. @LordShaguar528 Avatar

    Tucker has got bawls of steel

  3. @MESSY-AF Avatar

    maybe because the war actually is happening in europe and EU knows what is ACTUALLY happening?? You're so wrong about this.

  4. @Stardusted1 Avatar

    Tucker was right to do what he did, but he’s going to pay for it big time. Like Snowden. Like Assange. Like Navalny. Just watch what lies ahead. I pray for him every day.

  5. @lautaro2855 Avatar

    I find it funny to think that North Americans think they live in a country with "freedom" when they have Orwell's Big Brother over their heads, it's funny that they think they live in "democracy" when 2 corporations own their entire country, which what they look at, what they eat, the health, of the politicians… Literally all of their precedents are nothing more than employees who do what they are told and will never do anything against those interests, their congress and each person there has a price tag so that they do what their owners want… Journalists who really speak the truth are targets to be silenced by the CIA or directly declared "enemies of freedom and democracy"… Their country is close to being a dystopia and they don't even realize it. If u are a complete ignorant, then ur safe

  6. @Lightfoot-pe5gj Avatar

    Cadance you are indeed one of a kind. I wish Tucker well on his journey wherever it takes him because he is trying to do the right thing.

  7. @edminster1 Avatar

    can dace D fit in her mouth for once… so much bs here

  8. @jackielivsey Avatar

    I’m European and if they want to sanction him he must be doing something right

  9. @torringtonstonekeeper Avatar

    Eye witness news said food prices went up because farms in Ukraine cant send food. Totally bullshit, why do Democrats believe this stuff?

  10. @user-gb1pj5ns2x Avatar

    Thank you Candace, for you, for your sensible thinking and views. Oh, how I hope there are many more able persons as you & Tucker, military men as Colonel Douglas McGregor too bring us truth. God bless you.

  11. @richardc4372 Avatar

    Go Candence Live FOREVER

  12. @Justice.and.Punishment Avatar

    так в чем проблема?? переезжайте все жить в россию

  13. @Junak007pl Avatar

    Maybe you can tell me – is Evan Gershkovich a spy? Was he arrested for right reasons?

  14. @YoungStar020 Avatar

    Finally we agree Candace!!!

  15. @model-nk5jj Avatar


  16. @johnkvockasr.2847 Avatar

    Excellent Candace! You are Correct! Keep your presentations coming!🇺🇸

  17. @ghostpsgaming5871 Avatar

    I am in awe of Tucker Carlton’s growth and improvement in his journalism. He has definitely come a long way and I respect him more than I ever did for this.

  18. @tw4734 Avatar

    2024 for is the YEAR of truth telling. #TrumpforPres

  19. @irinagreene5494 Avatar

    Thank you, Candace! My father was Russian and Mom is from Donetsk Ukraine. I speak both languages. I am American now, but my American friends and coworkers do not understand my love for Russia. I had been telling them that there are two sides of the story, but they think I am mean or a traitor. I love Russian culture: Russian Ballet, Russian Literature, Russian Art. I do not understand how one sided everything is. No one wants to hear the Russian side of the story. People are so focused on Putin, but Russia is more than Putin…when America does sanctions to Russia it hurts Russian people not Putin. No one thinks about Russian people everyone is obsessed with Putin.

  20. @erikaptlife5716 Avatar

    Clearly u never have been living in russian occupied countries to spread this bs.

  21. @eulaliasembrano1754 Avatar

    Eu Hypocrites People!They Want To Put Down Trump And USA!

  22. @eulaliasembrano1754 Avatar

    Scared Of Trump Also!Evil People,Eu Thats What You Are!

  23. @eulaliasembrano1754 Avatar

    Eu Are Scared Because Tucket Exposed Tbeir Wrongdoings,You Know That They Are Corrupt !

  24. @jonyrob9777 Avatar

    Where fighting for freedom for them to line there pockets as always pull your head out!!

  25. @TheKisj Avatar

    I am fucking ashamed to call myself human at this point, and also blatantly seeing how open the corruption is in Western countries

  26. @BruceLee-sw4ms Avatar

    So much for freedom of speech

  27. @ciscomik64 Avatar

    lol i love west freedom ,, they like freedom when it cover their interest 100% ,,

  28. @user-np8sc7yk4y Avatar

    Tucker Carlson is without a doubt the greatest journalist of my lifetime, and iam 40 years old.

  29. @aperture1743 Avatar

    Western world is number 1 terrorist of this world

  30. @StellaRToxic Avatar

    wonderful ladie ! MARRY ME PLS😍😍😍

  31. @lorapeterson2626 Avatar

    I watch that interview. Wow just wow.

  32. @judyb.beardslee8715 Avatar

    Praying for you, Ms. Candace, and Mr. Tucker for your honesty and courage. God bless, keep and guide you all ‼️🙏💞☮️

  33. @The_Legend117 Avatar


  34. @KLT47B Avatar

    I believe no westerner knows what happened to Ukraine and invoking what happened in 2014 as western interference is arrogant and narrow sighted. It is just like saying NATO should have not expanded beyond western Germany. Really? How did you come down to that conclusion? Did you ask the 250 million people living in Eastern Europe what they want and what they wish for? Because as a Romanian, I am telling you, it is only the left leaning politicians who have anything to do with Russia. It is only those who benefitted from communist welfare who want to deal with Russia. All the tax paying citizens of Eastern Europe want nothing to do with Russia. We have family FAMILY which was killed by Russians.
    As for Tucker Carlson, I believe what EU is doing is despicable. Every human has a right to free speech. And in that regard I fully agree.

  35. @badger3870 Avatar

    keep up the great work

  36. @kenreuter5512 Avatar

    You are my only true woman of the year Candace❤

  37. @Rainbow82469 Avatar

    the UN, EU are as dangerous as ISIS, the Taliban….Russia, Communism looking less extreme compared with the former….

  38. @ics.infoadrian Avatar

    Karma.. Merica has strayed from its roots

  39. @kgothatsoricardo9067 Avatar

    Im greatly in shock how americans are uninformed about this matter before tht interview. Is it possible that they re controlling even the algorithms of what you watch on your plartforms or you were just too ignorant of the truth? Just an ordinary american will struggle to name atleast 10 african countries in 60 sec! Is it the propaganda that made or shaped our American brothers like that, mainstream media and government propaganda? Is this the reason why an everage American think of Africa they think of uncivilized continent whout cities, people riding elephant for a living ! Not talking of thinking all africans struggle to have a daily meal! African pple knew what this war was about all along, this are people who are not ignorant of geopolitics they even know the different between biden and Trump, that another one is protected by western mainstream media propagand and the real president was destroyed by it, it is as clear as crystal to an everage African. Dont be destructed by all these entertainment industries and intertainers and all the technology you posses like metaverse etc because it makes people to be ignorant of the real world, dont allow them to controll you with algorithms. We are not living in some virtual world we are in a real world were real people dies , in ukraine, Africa, middle East and all their blood is red like everyone. Let many tuckers arise, meaning independent reporters who are not bound by any media laws to protects governments propaganda. It might be possible that even to say America is a superpower its a cooked propanda that people accepted for decades and decades , again it might be possible that amercan dollar was bulid on propaganda made the world that it is best thing for world trade than gold standard. So i believe US knows that the awakening of the entire world about such things its the end of wersten empire, look im just an everage uneducated African with no degree nothing. Just by my God given common sense i try to figure out why are so afraid of FREEDOM OF SPEECH thats only if i cant say TRUTH advice for everyone reading this, go and reprogram yourself everything they taught us is not true maybe 20% is accurate but 80% is not. Imagine what 80% of lies and propaganda can do to the world, very destructive. God bless journalist who are about to walk o carlson tuckers footsteps, even though they would love to do example of him thats how evil this people are, no normal human being can posses such evil heart. Im done but dont forget to reprogram your minds, ales you have already took neuralink that will be your loss cos will be in government pleasure to hack you in order to neutralize your awakening 😅😅. God bless you

  40. @general8658 Avatar

    The EU IS A NONELECTED criminal organisation.

  41. @abdouannouza8043 Avatar

    Zelensky is nothing but a crack head imposter Ukrainian voted for him because they wanted peace this proxy war is about money laundering Ukrainian is such a curpted country lot of people dont know sbout the coup orchestrated by Victoria Nuland and deepstate in 2014 that resulted in toppling a demoratefd elected president after two years of fighting Ukrainian was losing the war then they had the Minsk accord which was a bluff and lie sponsored by france and Germany eight years the shelling didn't stop on the two republics that seperated from Ukrainian while in mran time Ukrainian was building its army by Nato to retake those republics that will never work avdiivka is about to fall agter is Odessa there will be no peace agreement only unconditional surrender of Ukrainian and detoxification of the Bandera Nazis in Ukrainian

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