The Candace Owens Show: Katie Hopkins

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What does it take for someone to get banned from social media? Today, it amounts simply to speaking the truth. British media …

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  1. @MsLindamee Avatar

    2 of my most favourite people. Overdue for another talk. These 2 girls talk more sense than most of our politicians and senators. You can tell these 2 really love each others company.

  2. @seeunextteusday Avatar

    Katie, more than a handfull is a waste.xx..

  3. @slinkymalinki1001 Avatar

    I love Katie, although don't always agree with her. Yes being fat, lazy and many other traits are undesirable., but being vegan isn't something that's wrong. If you love animals that what you do. I have been vegan for many years and it doesn't stop me from seeing the absurdity of woke culture.

  4. @Alfadog177 Avatar

    Katie Hopkins for Prime Minister she has more balls than most blokes.

  5. @AppreciatrLife Avatar

    By far, one of the best interviews I have ever watched.
    Two incredible women making you feel like you are right at the table with them.
    I respect and adore Katie so much more hearing her life’s story.
    Thank you Candace.

  6. @dellhenson-baines241 Avatar

    This was absolutely brilliant 😂 what a fantastic interview. You two talk so much sense and well done for standing up.

  7. @patthewoodboy Avatar

    I used to work for Epileptics … a seizure is not something you want to see

  8. @patthewoodboy Avatar

    chose your heros carefully , Georg Floyd was a thug.

  9. @patthewoodboy Avatar

    "ally with the thing you think will protect you" .. Owen Jones is a gay english guy who openly supports Islam , he is a turkey voting for thanks giving

  10. @halitsoylu5014 Avatar

    England is a country that have a huge history of colonialism , taking from other countries ( even here USA ) and this woman is talking about taking over ??? That’s laughable and this is a very English mind set which is if they do it it’s ok ( which is their whole history)but if others then it’s a problem and dangerous for the future dangerous for the world 😅 it’s just shameful and sick

  11. @tiggiegillespie4356 Avatar

    Absolutely love these two ladies, my respect is even more so. ❤

  12. @sandymackay4017 Avatar

    Katie. Your boobs are just fine.

  13. @terrietoher4567 Avatar

    I think katie would make a great ruler! Im down 💯 for a matriarchy ruling on this planet right now men have had it long enough its time for women to rise.

  14. @eileenfrank5664 Avatar

    My two favourite straight talking strong women. My role models. 😊

  15. @coffeecoffee1572 Avatar

    I find Katie Hopkins extremely entertaining and she has a lot of good things to say, but I don't agree that all fat people are lazy. I understand what she did losing and gaining weight but I was overweight for a while after my kids but not because I was lazy. I was just eating too much but I was still doing things all day, not exercising But not lazy. I finally changed my diet and stopped eating more than I needed to. I didn't start doing 5 million more things a day and working out like crazy, I was just as active. I just stopped eating too much and that was the game changer.

  16. @LeahB451 Avatar

    I only recently discovered Katy on TikTok and she IS FUNNY. What a joy to listen and to watch this interview! Thank you Candace Owens. 🙏🙏💕 PS I think she is going to come for you…😊

  17. @lucyloo9742 Avatar

    She is what everyone needs … a truth for every topic 😅

  18. @whoisp Avatar

    Great interview, Great ladies ❤

  19. @chinchixblin Avatar

    Can I give two likes?
    Absolutely love both of You!!

  20. @agustinhernandez7289 Avatar

    … I lost it at the end. I teared up first and then laughed at the special set of skills. I say that to my son and wife, at random moments of love…

  21. @agustinhernandez7289 Avatar

    … One of the wittiest and most serious discourses I’ve ever come across… pleaseEeEeE inspire women how to truly think and analyse our behaviours and existence …

  22. @agustinhernandez7289 Avatar

    … you are both out of my league… I’m happily married with a woman that reflects your strengths. Yet she’s the most wonderful soul in my life… yes I’m saying it, you are both very feminine and dare I say sexy, thus you are both the most powerful of female strengths. I hope I’m making sense…

  23. @dennis-xq5nt Avatar

    OMG ! Katie Hopkins has a hole in her head ! It's so deliciously hilarious. Love you Katie, so glad you're still with us. Another great interview Candice, thanks much.

  24. @bernadettetaylor881 Avatar

    I love Katie. Hopkins! My kind of person. I wish she was a friend of mine. ❤️🙋🏻‍♀️🐝

  25. @terencemalley Avatar

    Very entertaining and insightful discussion among two women who clearly enjoy each other's company. Britain's loss is America's gain.

  26. @johnneutralobserver5944 Avatar

    Two incredibly brave women – intellectually, culturally & courageously identical twins. We in the West are facing enemies intent upon destroying our society, either by Islamic power grab or Social-Marxist fascism! These ladies are lighthouse beacons in our darkest hours.

  27. @dinodescover Avatar

    I have a lot of respect for you Katie and candace you both intelligent woman who talk the truth great video 😊

  28. @johnhighland2260 Avatar

    Years ago there was 3 sizes S,M,and L now xL xxL,xxxL etc😮

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