Social Security & Retirement Explained by Patrick Bet-David

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  1. @dw7070 Avatar

    Damn it man I’ve been working for 42/43 years in skilled trades and it’s starting to kick my ass ,butt it’s good $$$$$$ I can’t work doing what I’m doing I’m hurting 👏👏👏👏it’s unbelievable WOW🙏🏼🇺🇸👮‍♀️🇺🇸🙏🏼🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. @tonyhabermel3339 Avatar

    You do understand that workers AND employers actually pay into Social Security and Medicare every payday, also Medicare expenses come out of your social security check. These are not entitlements. Stop including this in with Medicaid and welfare/food stamps.

  3. @rebeccamamabear4043 Avatar

    Social security is a scam, i feel like. I mean, they force you to get a social security number when your born, you become a debt slave from the time your born. 😢 i look at my daughter, whose 13, i look at my neices and nephews who are kids… and im nervous for their futures. Ive talked to my nephew, who just turned 16 this year and started working, ive had talks with him about saving his money… these kids need some serious guidance on the economy.

  4. @khadijasajid457 Avatar

    Earning money regularly should be a habit. A devalued dollar can indicate an economic decline, leading me to contemplate the most effective methods to protect my savings from inflation. I've heard people describe inflation as a threat to wealth, which has made me concerned about my $200,000 in savings.

  5. @morrisjones9537 Avatar

    I have been preaching this message to anyone who will listen for the last 10 years. Social Security is literally the largest Con/Ponzi scam that has ever been perpetrated against the American people.

  6. @nedda102 Avatar
  7. @shelbyadkison6861 Avatar

    So tell me this its not free money if o paid 20% of my income into social security shouldnt i get the money at a old agepluss all my employers had to match my 20% where the real problem is the goverment hasbwen stealing money and paying people dissability that are.perfectly able to work people that are mental problems that have never paid into social security its just likejimmy hoffa stealing m9ney from union workers pension funds the goverment done same now they want to raise the age so in hope you die first then all the money you paid in goes where to people collecting that never paid listwn stop giving ukraian billoons of dollars and put the billions into social security do a vidro on how many forien countries the goverment pays and how muchthey pay if that stoped we have much more to pay our debt off i paod onto social securoty for 20 years and still havw 15 yrs before can draw so what i get is my money not a intitlement

  8. @realdariavalley Avatar

    Now it’s about $193,000,000,000,000 during Biden’s administration

  9. @MeanGeneious Avatar

    I don't see the contributions of the population. Each person is paying in to those entitlements.

  10. @anccert Avatar

    Social Security, the greatest Ponzi scheme the government ever created.

  11. @Net092 Avatar

    You no how to solve it is tell the government to make sure people can actually retire we have really got to figure something out businesses need to help there employees retire

  12. @davidmuklebust8201 Avatar

    When Congress put the SS funds into the GENERAL fund it would still be viable today.

  13. @DaneRates Avatar

    You made the statement if you live to long. That kind of thinking promotes Anomosaty and selective human sacrifice. Humans beings are not as moral or intelligent as you video content suggests. Also life expectancies has been increasing since the middle ages which was known when this program was created. The government officials were well educated and had college degrees?

  14. @bruceellenburg429 Avatar

    I'm 66, drawing social security and working with no plans to retire. I'm paying into the system and drawing from it at the same time.

  15. @larryraffburn-eg8wg Avatar

    Fifteen years ago the truth was that there is a $2,000,000,000 surplus every year. The real problem is they are tapping into the SS funds legally.
    Well they can’t spend our money fast enough, they’re doing everything they can looking for new ways to get rid of $$$ it! Social Security is funded by the working people. Revoke the law that allows them to use Social Security funds!

  16. @MrPhilSpinelli Avatar

    you pay a large portion of your paycheck to this. if you waited until 80 plus years old to collect, that would be pretty messed up

  17. @user-dw1km4dt2m Avatar

    Question? The stats you are providing is that the cash only payments or does it also include the medical prgraoms, and the money spent on medical??

  18. @anthonyromero2605 Avatar

    Stop spending money to kill people end war now !!!

  19. @paulvelarde7512 Avatar


  20. @boobtubecustomercare2757 Avatar

    Social Security is broke because congress spent it long ago.

  21. @drshlotzkin Avatar

    SS one of the largest scams the Chews forces on us. Then they use that as collateral to pay themselves using you as a slave.

  22. @drshlotzkin Avatar

    SS is you being used as cattle for the Chews.

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