Should You Save Kissing for Marriage?

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Should You Save Kissing for Marriage? #Shorts #CandaceOwens #DatingAdvice #RelationshipAdvice #Advice #Dating …

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  1. @shawnburrup2938 Avatar

    This woman gives me hope for future women

  2. @jackieo8693 Avatar

    The older I get, the more I think you should save kissing for marriage. You have to use your head when picking a spouse and you can't when you are too emotionally involved.

  3. @Hinata-lf7og Avatar

    You look like a Barbie 😗❤

  4. @carissaisseldaffon2091 Avatar

    She's soooo pretty!!!!!!! 😍😍😍

  5. @cmntkxp Avatar

    I saved for 24 years.

  6. @user-jl2nc8by7p Avatar

    The first time I kissed my wife was at our wedding!

  7. @JoaquinDeQuesada Avatar

    This church kentucky girl giving advice to keep everyone in the 18th century. Love it

  8. @TheJaycam1027 Avatar

    These days kissing is last. You'll rawdog me and swallow but you won't kiss me.

  9. @thickfitsteph4408 Avatar

    You look so young and beautiful Candace ❤️

  10. @conniesuttonalford3541 Avatar

    ❤ u Candace. Honesty is the best policy, you are soooo refreshing.!

  11. @mariemonn8912 Avatar

    I would disagree at 62.. You know, if you’re serious about the person then get to know them and if that’s the person you learned has all the gifts to bring in a relationship to get you through the good times and the hard times …I believe even KISSES are worth waiting for.. I’ve learned my lessons hard..and heal yourself first, so you know the quality you will bring in and what you need in the other so you have the discernment to choose. Once you get those sensations of sexual pleasure, it can block and excuse all behaviors that are a yellow light ..a warning sign you ignore and when the red lights come up, you go right through them. Emotionally heal, emotionally mature your childhood wounds, or you don’t set yourself up for a broken relationship. We’re not only out here breaking each other’s hearts are breaking children’s hearts. It’s just not worth the suffering in pain anymore to follow those cravings and looking for love in all the wrong places learn to love God and yourself first.

  12. @Celine4life Avatar

    Unless you’re Muslim like me you have to follow your religion and respect others ❤❤

  13. @sweetseve1150 Avatar

    The first kiss took awhile for me, but I can understand waiting too. Thr mind get foggy as the physical contact is made. So be sure you're in love logically before the kiss, I think.

  14. @theaccountwashackedbycriminals Avatar

    I think it's great too you really did the right thing.. Great!

  15. @beccaahogaan Avatar

    I need a storytime of you & your husband's love story!!

  16. @officialpeternielsen Avatar

    I did that with my fiancé at the time to wait until we were married. Wedding called off 3 months before wedding and would never even consider waiting again. Completely embarrassed as a man now

  17. @LenaBelleMusic Avatar

    My pro tip is if you want to kiss, just stay outside in public locations so that clothes cannot come off. Haha

  18. @kahola329 Avatar

    I think it is very wise to save your first kiss for your wedding day!😁 When you kiss all throughout your dating relationship, you’re weakening yourself and your significant other to the desire to be more intimate. God calls people to save themselves and their bodies for the marriage bed. It is a blessing to kiss your spouse, but only until after you have stood before God and the altar to say your wedding vows. Look up Song of Songs 8:4. This is a great verse that applies to Everyone!❤

  19. @juli6205 Avatar

    Love her head shape

  20. @littlelagoons Avatar

    The Bible has no issue with kissing before marriage, period!

  21. @neverstopimproving89 Avatar

    I definitely understand waiting to have seggs, but kissing? I'm not sure if I'd continue seeing a girl if after a month she still wouldn't kiss me. Would make me think she was just stringing me along.

  22. @DanishF Avatar

    "You may NOW kiss the bride"

  23. @theabispin8032 Avatar

    I really love this ponytail on her

  24. @sarahvministry Avatar

    It's a slippery slope. Kiss leads to other things. I would suggest avoiding it.

  25. @toma3447 Avatar

    A kiss can tell you a lot about a person.

  26. @thesunsflower Avatar
  27. @Goldies86 Avatar

    My husband and I didn't kiss until the moment we got engaged, and we saved sex for marriage. Almost 12 years later, we have zero regrets taking our time and the passion is all the hotter. 🔥 Something happens when you take things slow with the physical side of a relationship and just focus more on the emotional/mental/spiritual aspect. Honestly the sex is just a bonus for us; we enjoy each other in so many other ways.

  28. @evansglobal1 Avatar

    First of all, kissing is not a sin according to Scriptures. There is actually no where in the Bible that says if you kiss before or after marriage, it's a sin. Actually in Scriptures, kissing is not a sexual act but it's way of greeting and a sign of affection and genuine love, not lust or eroticism (Romans 16:16). The word ‘kiss’ appears over 40 in the scriptures and none of them were sensual, lustful or erotic. So by the Scriptures, I don't see any problem with people kissing each other whether they are in a romantic relationship or not.

    Now I know what you may be thinking: “does it mean to say that it's not a sin to careers and ignite lust?” The Bible calls all sexual acts before marriage sinful but never calls kissing sinful because by nature it is not sexual at all. The Scripture has a language for what you are thinking, and it's called ‘carousing', ‘revelings’ or ‘party-spirit’, according to Galatians 5:19-21. Kissing was never mentioned as one of the works of the flesh so I don't understand why many Christians think it's a sin to kiss. The works of the flesh are playing stated in scriptures and kissing, cuddling or hugging aren't any of them.

    Thanks for understanding. Remain blessed in Jesus' name, amen.

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