Russell Brand’s Lessons Of BECOMING A PURPLE BELT | The Joe Rogan Experience

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40 responses to “Russell Brand’s Lessons Of BECOMING A PURPLE BELT | The Joe Rogan Experience”

  1. @jreUni Avatar

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    Russell Brand’s Lessons Of BECOMING A PURPLE BELT | The Joe Rogan Experience #1949

    Russell Brand is a comedian, actor, author, activist and host of the podcast “Stay Free With Russell Brand”

    Source: The Joe Rogan Experience @

    Host: Joe Rogan @joerogan

    Guest: Russell Brand

    Producer: Jamie Vernon @jamievernon

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  2. @dmdm5339 Avatar

    Russell brand is NOT a purple belt he got his the same way ashton Kutcher got his train for a few months pay a fair few dollar and get presented with a belt , hes not a purple nowhere near !

  3. @MrGatya2 Avatar

    started jiu jitsu 2 weeks ago at 34. Loving it so far and Joe Rogan is right about the full blast thing. Its so great to come home from BJJ and know my "rage tank" is empty. Unlike in previous striking sports where I was always left wondering if I could have done more.

  4. @DadBroCo Avatar

    Joe… he was talking homie..

  5. @stephenvilliers5458 Avatar

    Did 2 years as a white belt ….to gain my blue I was told to compete ……didn’t do it I was 55 and felt scared saw the pan PACs in Melbourne and thought I’m better off in the gym …..safer ……but wouldn’t mind rolling with this purple belt ……in the gym ……

  6. @ciscogaspar07 Avatar

    I just turned 100 and I’ve been doin jiu jitsu for almost 3 hrs now. It changed my life

  7. @JamesKonzek-xr5zy Avatar

    Russell Brand is a MAGA Dynamo! Look at him go! Look at him go!

  8. @riddlescom Avatar

    Everyone who does jitsu is injured.. some .. kids they can't move their arms firemen lost their jobs over injury etc Brazilian jujitsu will cripple you. From hyper extensions of arms knees . so I'll pass. Ive been in an arm bar from a guy. Now no more baseball.. torn ligaments.

  9. @Erykkan Avatar

    I got my first stripe month ago and it feels like a black belt…

  10. @cohenyoel83 Avatar

    Tell me that it’s hard to start at 40… ffs

  11. @seanvassar1117 Avatar

    Joe: Did you read Sam Harris? 😂

  12. @0713mas Avatar

    Cracks me up that 20+ years ago they used to say the only difference between a really good blue belt and a blackbelt is the bluebelt has to think about their setups and its second nature for the blackbelt.
    Now it's apparently purplebelt.
    Stuck on the bottom in "suckville" is a horrible feeling for the first few months to years.

  13. @christopheredig2332 Avatar

    Joe Rogan not really a comedian not really a fighter, master of poor Americans rejects

  14. @sean.the.survivor8730 Avatar

    I just started 3 days ago and I'm 37.

  15. @dangrille5846 Avatar

    Russell is talking about his bathrobe belt

  16. @laurawaldon4396 Avatar

    I started BJJ two months ago at 57. I love it, but walking in to something so new and different is really a confidence booster.

  17. @harrisumar3099 Avatar

    EB is a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and talkin about it on Joe Rogan Experience

    Fun fact: I am turning 21 next Friday and I am a 4 stripe white belt I hope to get my blue belt soon 🤘🏼🤘🏼

  18. @taxu79 Avatar

    BJJ is a joke. In real fight, where it is 2v1 or many vs many, totally useless.

  19. @JB-he6ek Avatar

    I turn 48 next week. I got my purple belt 2 yrs ago. Still roĺling still hsnging in there!

  20. @Cindy_istopforheartrocks Avatar

    I'm 65 next month. Started at age 58. Got my Brown Belt last month and feel like, "what the?" I'm just starting to figure this out! Hoping by the time I'm a black belt, I'll know what I'm doing. Mmmhmm I know only one thing for sure, I'm not quitting.

  21. @MitchHayes-re2vd Avatar

    A decent highschool wrestler will tap 90% of purple belts. That's based on things I've witnessed personally. Either way getting that belt is an accomplishment so congratulations

  22. @circuitrex Avatar

    He's not a real purple belt..

  23. @lucaroy4069 Avatar

    As a BJJ purple belt, I FELT what Russel said about feeling the confidence at purple. There are so many amazing practitioners around me and for the first time, I became a purple belt, and I could see BJJ for what it is. By doing that, I’ve realized what type of animals and special BJJ practitioners out there. It’s a challenging belt but so enlightening.

  24. @user-dv3im7ph6o Avatar

    Just got my purple belt two months ago. Love BJJ. Joe hit the nail on the head!!!!!

  25. @badz4855 Avatar

    I love Russel but let’s be real, he’s not a real purple belt lol.

  26. @stutter4064 Avatar

    Tried it for 3 weeks. Rolled with a purple belt and he couldn't pass my guard so he stood up and yelled at me for grabbing his gi. Haven't been back since lmao

  27. @lancesouthwick6585 Avatar

    Reading the comments in this video also show how much of a community BJJ is/can be.

  28. @saschachatman9971 Avatar

    I got my purple belt last year and I am 45! I compete and love it! 🙏🏽

  29. @balloonmastershow Avatar

    50 year old 3 stripe white!

  30. @jakeheke Avatar

    Joe making an even bigger cnt of himself by having the biggest cnt on earth come on his channel.

  31. @adamstannard7934 Avatar

    Am 2 years in and still on my white with 4 stripes! Chasing my blue belt but Flying in Flying out work gets in the way, smash the hours when I can. I'll get there, and keep going

  32. @noidreculse8906 Avatar

    No RB 🤮 total fraud, horrible “actor” and a letch

  33. @Wisebutterfish Avatar

    Russell brand has gone through drug addiction?!? Idk

  34. @SuperEagle112 Avatar

    I just started at 39. I’m injured all the time but I’m losing weight and getting stronger and learning to frame well. I absolutely love it!

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