Russell Brand Doing Tucker Carlson’s PR

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48 responses to “Russell Brand Doing Tucker Carlson’s PR”

  1. @ninajefferson4018 Avatar

    It isn't possible to overdose
    by slightly inhaling or touching
    fentanyl. You need alot to
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  2. @riddlese Avatar

    That's some pretty gross editing right there…Sam Seder and his ilk are about as low as it gets. Why not have Carlson on your show to defend himself…oh that's right, because no one with any real reputation would be caught dead on this show. Sam you're trash bud

  3. @jpjones5880 Avatar

    The cope in these comments! Keep believing the mainstream media folks! it's good for you!😂

  4. @jasonchrist2172 Avatar

    Yellow journalism is to real journalism what WWE is to UFC-painfully orchestrated. All the old world orders have "Obtuse" in common.
    They now call it "Feeding the machine".

    I say, they're all the reason the West was politically correct in the first place.

  5. @GeleNikolov Avatar

    The king grifters together

  6. @danawakes2001 Avatar

    This is the type of clips we need more of. Well done MR

  7. @justsaybobby Avatar

    Exactly. Don’t believe the Back Pedaling Tour he’s on right now. Try to win over and pander to as many people as he can. Gtfoh.

  8. @lizardbytheriver1567 Avatar

    Tucker Carlson is horrible towards Homeless People and Drug-Addicted People. Tucker Carlson is a menace.

    We should have compassion towards the Homeless People and the Drug-Addicted People. But Tucker Carlson has never shown that compassion. He has warped the public perception of those people, and has poisoned political discourse about those people.

    Tucker Carlson has made a whole career of "punching down". Russell Brand ignores this, while trying to help Tucker Carlson's image.

  9. @johnstelzner8760 Avatar

    6 million subscribers there it is one born every minute!

  10. @janetclaire5691 Avatar

    Russell Brand, Tucker Carlson, Donald Trump and Marjorie Taylor Green all have the same fans.

  11. @southpawtx Avatar

    Russell quote : " I FEEL like I'm being attacked." OK first and foremost the keyword here is FEEL. if he really was sincere he would not have used the word FEEL in this manner. He would have omitted the word completely and just said "I AM being attacked." Paying attention to how someone words things does.make a huge difference.

  12. @res33441 Avatar

    left wing – time to smear and shut down russell brand

  13. @jamesryan4325 Avatar

    This is such rubbish ad hominem. Russ is the man.

  14. @peterwilson7532 Avatar

    Turns out Brand is probably a rapey monster as of this day forward. Creep.

  15. @fletchlives1812 Avatar

    Isn’t it great what you can make when you edit different parts of interviews together 😂. Try watching the whole Brand Tucker interview at Tuckers house you morons.

  16. @joeroberts2156 Avatar

    😂to quote the Hitch "If you gave Tucker Carlson an enema you could bury him in a matchbox."

  17. @cherbear113 Avatar

    Your editor deserves a raise. 🙄

  18. @user-vw4rm2gi3w Avatar

    Yeah, Russell Brand is a HUGE phony

  19. @user-fv5ms4sz8e Avatar

    These two are parroting each other, because both have huge amounts of subscribers following them. Everyone is trying to kiss Tucker's tail end, because they see him as an avenue to bolster their own viewership and they did this by selling out Ukraine. Tucker decided he would defeat Joe, by going against his aid to Ukraine. Regardless of the genocide going on over there and the geopolitical catastrophe it would be for Putin to seize that territory, Tucker heartlessly worked to undermine the goodwill of America and turn it into a corruption issue. And the disgusting self serving career whores came in and did the same, by parroting Tucker's lies.

  20. @publicutility Avatar
  21. @robinmc142 Avatar

    He's just saying 'I have empathy for these people but here's unfortunately how I think it needs to be fixed as a systemic issue' and I don't agree with his approach, he just has a different approach.

  22. @jiveairplane Avatar

    Gosh the people that comment on and watch this video are so brainwashed and lack any brain cell that can put together a thought they didn’t hear from some psycho progressive

  23. @DurinRhohan Avatar

    Political pawns,, Sounds like he is talking about himself. as for years on Fox he lied and did as he was told to say. even though under oath he admitted he knew it was a lie. Which helped in the attempted coup and almost ended America, So it it proven he will say or do anything for money, likes , self promotion. so why listen to anything he says

  24. @H_A_L_7 Avatar

    2 hypocrites having an interaction?

  25. @elephantintheroom5678 Avatar

    Just another hypocritical grifter on Putin's secret payroll. Today I saw he ran a YouTube survey asking if Trump or Biden should be indicted; his radicalised followers unanimously voted that Biden should be indicted, NOT Trump who incited an insurrection.

  26. @cdean2789 Avatar

    Brand is out of touch.

  27. @Ekdog Avatar

    Russell Brand has urged young people not to vote. Nuff said.

  28. @mcjackspaz Avatar

    YES this clip. When I was watching the interview, I was so surprised how Russel was just letting Tucker lie about his “real values” vs all the shit he’s said on his show

  29. @joshuam3081 Avatar

    I love Russell as a human being but all his talk of escaping the echo chamber has me scratching my head as I watch him create a new echo chamber of "classical liberals" who are just conservatives that give a shit about the poor a sliver more than a full blown conservative Republican.

  30. @pugachevskobra5636 Avatar

    In retrospect it’s not remotely surprising that Brand turned into a megaphone for right wingers; being that rich, entitled and well connected makes you a sociopath. It never fails.

  31. @timothyjackson4653 Avatar

    He spoke of love, and truth is a condition for love to manifest.

  32. @chad3558 Avatar

    Dang, tucker spittin facts

  33. @shellyseymore6249 Avatar

    It's disgusting enough that he's now sold out and become one of the most vile right-wing grifters, it's that he actually often looks directly into the camera, with a straight face, states that his political position and his morals and beliefs haven't changed AT ALL.

    That's even worse than just pretending that "I left the crazy left" ..
    because not only has he betrayed all his fans and supporters, who have defended him from the very people he now panders to, bought his books, watched all his videos, and listened to his previous political and lifestyle rhetoric, and followed his advice…

    But he's also trying to fuc*ing gaslight those loyal people (myself included) into believing that his content and narrative, including the way he now gives conservatives with messed up, dishonest content a platform to spew what they want, with little to no pushback, then topped off with a statement telling his audience how GREAT they are, HASN'T CHANGED A BIT, and that he's never labeled himself on the left or right, (WHICH IS A BLATANT LIE!)
    He's actually prepared to convince us that we're delusional, rather than admit he's now done a complete 180°.

    He's an absolute scumbag.

  34. @redpilledcovfefe Avatar


  35. @cessna1022 Avatar

    Majority report is fake news, stop trying to discredit Russell brand just because he isn’t heavily biased/ bought like you guys or tyt

  36. @colbyfrost5110 Avatar

    Wonder how many of y’all are actually cnn reports 😂

  37. @colinr1424 Avatar

    He wasn't but now is sober. As a person that personally understands, one that abuses substances abuses others in the midst of their self-abuse. No one that surrenders in that fruitless fight believes the fight to have been reasonable and justified, I deeply assure you…

  38. @UberTankred Avatar

    It's so sad to see the hate of Democrats.

  39. @arcticauroras9627 Avatar

    Makes it to other side of board could queen it

  40. @arcticauroras9627 Avatar

    Pawns are in every chess game

  41. @TomT-ru8wz Avatar

    Nice selective editing, imagine lacking the self awareness to see you are worse than all these people you criticize.

    No name Schmucks

  42. @lancewilliams8001 Avatar

    You can feel empathy while giving someone the kick up the ass they need what a stupid video

  43. @resorband Avatar

    I have a feeling that some day Russell brand will die, not by natural causes. But by someone who doesnt want him to enlighten the public on the flaws of the american system

  44. @44SuperShredder Avatar

    lol holy shit y'all are truly section 8 in this thread

  45. @jillianhammond3393 Avatar

    Russel Brand is not that bright. He talks nonsense and believes he a genius. He has always been out there. He is the hippie Jordan Peterson talking new age nonsense he doesn't understand to hide an agenda. Another grifter. A.A. screwed up his brain.

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