Republicans Now Fear THEY Will Be The Ones Trump Targets With His Revenge Agenda

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Donald Trump isn’t hiding the fact that a second term in office will be all about revenge and retribution, and now Republicans are …

49 responses to “Republicans Now Fear THEY Will Be The Ones Trump Targets With His Revenge Agenda”

  1. @jasonbrown3925 Avatar

    It'll be The Night of the Long Knives Part 2!

  2. @KidCharlemagne. Avatar

    Dems should push back on EVs because elon is a republican plant

  3. @Ms.2730 Avatar

    It is very obvious that EVERYONE who associates with the Orange Idiot gets thrown under the bus. I could care less about the GOP.

  4. @carmensaavedra1096 Avatar

    What about doing for the people.

  5. @ash8207 Avatar

    LOL, if you're not a hardcore supporter of the cult, then you're out. And anybody who is outside the cult is an enemy of their dear leader.
    You would think everybody would understand this by now but I guess not.
    I have zero sympathy for any Republican that complains about or criticizes Trump but is still planning to vote for him.

  6. @dx1450 Avatar

    They should fear if they end up making Trump a dictator. Trump demands loyalty from all while showing loyalty to no one. It would be like North Korea, the closer you get to Kim Jong Un, the more in danger you are.

  7. @ConsciencepartyUSA Avatar

    From the words of Forrest Gump stupid is as stupid does. 🙄🤦‍♀️

  8. @JesseGutierrez-wf9qt Avatar

    The American people, both Republicans and Democrats already knew that would happen. Just Don't Vote for senior citizens Trump! LMFAO 😎

  9. @StephenGrover-zc4hp Avatar

    I'm not freaking out.Trump is winning every state! You can't
    stop the Trump train with your
    Leftist diatribe!🤢🥳🤯😣🤡😭😫😩👽

  10. @LOdom-ws8xv Avatar

    Republicans have adopted a mafia/nazi mentality.

  11. @mikeellis7286 Avatar

    Don't worry about him making you reservations at a Restaurant for you. Just remember we get money from them. 😊

  12. @sandracroule9917 Avatar

    If he’s been banned from elections. How can he punish

  13. @paperthyme Avatar

    The image that comes to mind is that of a snake eating its own tail.

  14. @janicepalesch9221 Avatar

    Gee, you mean to say that encouraging a mob boss in your own neighborhood might not have exactly been a good idea?

  15. @firestarter8202 Avatar

    Right! All of us Republicans are afraid of Donald Trump. We’ll see you on election day.😂

  16. @JimiHendrix-hm8ft Avatar

    “Now it’s a monster and will not obey”—Steppenwolf

  17. @alankelsey949 Avatar

    The Adolf list ( BBC dads army) so funny , lost Ian last week sadly RIP

  18. @DougThomas-ty5ff Avatar

    Fear not, moronic libs is pretty much a endless line.

  19. @dpaulwilliams309 Avatar

    LOOSER trump prison for life.

  20. @josephhawthorne5097 Avatar

    Big correction Farron. You said these Republicans are having second thoughts, but that would require any of these morons to have had a first thought on the subject. They've just brainlessly plodded along drooling and groveling as Trump desires with no attempt to consider what they're doing. Thinking would take up valuable Koolaid drinking and boot licking time.

  21. @susanhudson4190 Avatar

    VOTE 💙🇺🇲💙🇺🇲💙

  22. @trumpsAnti-Christs Avatar

    the answer is judge and j. thomas are helped form the "diaper shit master" exclusive (so sorry magas) club (let us know if the have a club or initiation requiring fisting, hence the explosive shit storm these people/pervs produce, and now a major contribution to Global Warming which all wanna-be members have to deny), you can't get into mar-a lago/moco de culo junto al mar without the proper creds, don't forget trump luv's you, the tard cult!

  23. @monicahill9741 Avatar


  24. @MrMelmott Avatar

    He’s making a list he’s checking it twice ..he’s gonna find out whose naughty or nice .. Donald Trump I’d coming to town

  25. @MrMelmott Avatar

    Trump says he “will go after “ (if elected. ) the following They include Taylor Swift , MSNBC , CNN . Meidas touch , Morning Joe, “Deranged” Jack Smith , Fanni Willis , Judge Ingoran , judge Kaplan , Letitia James, Nancy Pelosi and her cat , Liz Chaney , Cassidy Hutchins , Joe and Hunter Biden ,
    He sounds like Mafia godfather rather than a President of the United States of America.

  26. @sandrachank6982 Avatar

    Not retribution….JUSTICE. GO FOR IT President Trump. Democrats taught us how……
    Now lets perfect it….

  27. @kathyallison9057 Avatar

    They need to this will be Hitler in America

  28. @angelagendreau3586 Avatar

    DeSantis won't be the nominee in 2028. There won't be an election in 2028 if Trump wins. It'll turn into a hereditary dictatorship.

  29. @JamesBach-hz1pc Avatar

    This is the problem with Autocracy
    One day you’re fine…
    The next day you are in the sights😃😃😃

  30. @kunedoman Avatar

    Imagine how much Trump resents the Republican's that cooperated with the 1/6 Commission? They must be awfully conflicted about now!

  31. @jamesreyer1174 Avatar

    This man should be band from Presidentence. He is no good for America, are government. Lock him up .quite getting from fox's news. 😢😢😢😢😢

  32. @alextafoya3053 Avatar

    Similar approach to that of Joseph Stalin & We know how that turned out. Millions of lives lost or ruined in time The Lies & Crimes of Donald J. Trump will be a Long Documentary Series. Filled with shameful details

  33. @fredworthmn Avatar

    I call the MAGA RINOs the Brown Shirt party because, like his mentor Hitler, dt will turn on them if elected and doesn’t need them. He wants to be king but who wants a bunch of dolts at his golf courses!? He needs respectable people around him because he knows that sycophants are not satisfying in the long run. But they needn’t worry. Dt will not be elected. They can live on to pick another monster to worship.

  34. @pamelaiken Avatar

    I can't believe that the maga's WILL vote for him after he called veterans suckers, and losers; and listening to some of these Maga Republicans, they are not the brightest lights on Broadway, which is OK, but they really need to start paying a little bit better attention before they cast their ballot for A villain that will turn his back on them as he's already done so by not accepting the proof that he lost the election for spreading false information purposely to confuse his duped worshipers.

  35. @pamelaiken Avatar

    Don't vote for him.

  36. @MrRacing44 Avatar

    The Orange Jesus sure is a Godly HATER ! So those following him are plain ass HATERS .

  37. @renecastaing7672 Avatar

    It doesn’t matter what gonna happen to these Trumpers they still will love him. Trump is their cult leader for life.

  38. @steveellis9004 Avatar

    Homespun, pot – belly stove philosophy. If Trump was in charge of my bank account, I would be fixin to switch banks. Er, can I get a yee haw…

  39. @juliawolson6122 Avatar

    Congrats on the 1M subscribers.

  40. @longnlean34 Avatar

    How does retribution benefit anyone but tRump? His supporters need to ask themselves that question.

  41. @danieledugre-martin1837 Avatar

    What a toddler. Someone needs to remind this useless person that being president isn’t about revenge. Didn’t it used to be about, you know, bettering the country and helping the people? Or was that just a suggestion?

  42. @mala27369 Avatar

    LOL Read, we are talking MAGA

  43. @stanleybruce4742 Avatar

    Trump told everyone he would destroy the Republican Party a year ago, or more

  44. @thomascaldwell3275 Avatar

    Toxic Trump is the criminal that Republicans want. Not because of votes but because of money… the god they worship!

  45. @jamesfrank3213 Avatar

    GOP: remember…you wanted this. You had 2 chances to send Trump away during his impeachments. You also could have denied him being in your party any more, forcing him to be an independent.

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