Putin gives first western interview with Tucker Carlson

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President Putin of Russia has given his first interview to a western journalist since the start of the war in Ukraine and used it to …

37 responses to “Putin gives first western interview with Tucker Carlson”

  1. @allenvenegas1958 Avatar

    He is not the evil, warmongering tyrant our corrupt and tyrannical DC elite have lied to us for years about.

  2. @samappleby1297 Avatar

    Where did this interview take place?

  3. @rondianderson4402 Avatar

    Did some a special affects on Putin’s face! Let’s not make this click bait.

  4. @m.j.5333 Avatar

    What a gentleman Mr Putin….western media fake propaganda doesnt allow his speech…Usa is corrupted constantly obstacling peace proposals in order to keep on money laundering with US army industry…Usa is the world evil responsible for wars worldwide

  5. @alanhaynes9672 Avatar

    Makes me laugh. He stated on live television in Russia multiple times that he would launch nukes if threatened, then states that it’s all propaganda from our governments! 😂

  6. @the.shotgun.approach Avatar

    Dang, humiliated on your own show!

  7. @CrystalDawnGypsy Avatar

    I listened to the full interview last night. Not only did i enjoy the history of Russia but found everything Putin said to be very fair. Love from Virginia USA 🙏💜

  8. @cisopacheco4975 Avatar

    Tucker needs to interview Biden and trudumb in Canada next. 😅😅

  9. @GoodDeedsBowieTX Avatar

    Tucker Carson should’ve asked Putin for the return of the Super Bowl ring he stole from a guy while on vacation

  10. @kennethtaylor841 Avatar

    Put an you are a lier!!!

  11. @user-hp2lh6gq5y Avatar


  12. @GoodDeedsBowieTX Avatar

    Tucker Carson will be a president for the United States❤

  13. @usgj7tdvj Avatar

    What is this bullshit? He was speaking with modern Nazi, with moder Hitler, looked him in the eye. This is unbelievable. Such a shame.

  14. @CriptonBathSpa-uf7ht Avatar

    Putin is protecting Russian borders. Trump didn't help things when he said Ukraine is a big wall.

  15. @sureyyaekinci4630 Avatar

    I love how Tucker never interrupts his guests . He is classy and polite

  16. @aliocal6613 Avatar

    Putin Başkanım yorumum kendini dünya'ya Cumhurbaşkanı yım diye yutturan recep tayyip erdoğan tarafından sildirildi, Dünya + bütün gezegenler satranç şampiyonu

  17. @RedRightHand-Blades-ho7zz Avatar

    As we all know, Putin never lies. We should obviously trust him.

  18. @xxdustinadamsxx Avatar

    Ok.. joke for you… You have 2 clowns in a room…

  19. @nataliaakulenko2865 Avatar

    putin hired Carlson because he is in a big hole

  20. @penguin8711 Avatar

    Putin doesn't have to poison people… he bores them to death.

    Tucker asked good question… you were President for 24 years, if Ukraine is fake country and this so urgent, why did you wait all that time?

    Putin could not answer… because it shows what a liar and a fraud he is.

  21. @macr0z_ Avatar

    "interview" lmaoooo

  22. @Big.Bad.Wolfie Avatar

    Ce superficialitate! Daca occidentalii nu erau idioti, astazi, ambele gunoaie erau la groapa de gunoi.

  23. @michaelwagner2047 Avatar

    Putin gave sleepy Joe , some good advice . Take care of your own country’s problems.

  24. @leroyjful Avatar

    No.. Putin just told every lie he could think of and Tucker Carlson ate it up, how sad!!!!!

  25. @LowCMusiq Avatar

    Putin the wiseman lol

  26. @willledger6047 Avatar

    It's good too see the difference between meda and the real guy

  27. @smarroman5010 Avatar
  28. @fredsanchez5470 Avatar

    He has been known to lie

  29. @zenithproject817 Avatar

    This is insane putin trying to justify killing of 100s of thousands this is including both sides is because of other countries…

  30. @elkinvalencia4512 Avatar

    He should move there if he loves Russia so much

  31. @johnwayne3331 Avatar

    America are to blame for this war like all the war they cause around the world with there skullduggery divide and conquer

  32. @odessamama6442 Avatar

    Now everything is possible, Hitler was simply unlucky with time.

    Now I would give an interview, Tucker Carlson would go to him…

    And US presidential candidate Donald Trump would tell us which Hitler and Mussolini are great guys and his friends.

    Hitler was unlucky over time.

    And Putin was lucky.

    ___from Sergey Mazhnikov

  33. @johnwayne3331 Avatar

    Tucker great interview why are they tryin to do a whitch hunt on tucker for doin his job freedom and speech and all 😂😂😂he just done his job and the leftists wanna burn him at the stake

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