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44 responses to “PATRICK BET-DAVID STRUGGLES TO EXPLAIN WHY A 4 DAY WORK WEEK IS BAD | #valuetainment #pbdpodcast”

  1. @XIStEw13IX Avatar

    I worked for a company based in the Netherlands, I had 30 days paid vacation per year that never expired but I definitely worked much more than 29 hours a week.

  2. @mad-official Avatar

    I don't think most of his audience is even mature. Dude's a cornball himself

  3. @shakester2010 Avatar

    Patrick Bet-David is a professional grifter.
    He just spews shit, always controls the conversation and diverts from the main point/topic.

  4. @soundguydon Avatar

    Sounds like he just wants people to slave away so he can receieve an unearned amount of pay and accolades. People like him are a huge reason I have zero trust or faith in anything 'corporate.' I'm sure he, and people like him, take many more expensive vacations that his workers could never afford. I"m sure on his days off he's not worrying about paying bills. I'm sure people like him are just in it for the money and his family and "friends" are just distractions from his $$.

  5. @Es-yb3db Avatar

    Something about Patrick's voice makes me think he reeks of cigarettes and coffee breath

  6. @DuplicitousDark Avatar

    Valuetainment is abt content, not facts.

  7. @moviesynopsis001 Avatar

    Lol could you imagine working for an idiot like pat

  8. @sanctifymymusic Avatar

    The only logical fallacy left is, “you know who else wanted a 4 day work week? The Nazis…”

  9. @sanctifymymusic Avatar

    The port of Rotterdam is in the Netherlands and is one of the largest ports. Needless to say it ships all over the world. I’m sure Patty Bet-Cakes is only familiar with the East Asian ports that ship his valuetainment swag though.

  10. @judeniranjan23 Avatar

    I choose Patrick Bet David's drive over fluff that passes for science. I choose the outcome of his way of life. Show me more examples of millionaires who didn't grind through. I like Pat and his drive.

  11. @JayTheArtfulDodger Avatar

    The arguments against the four day work week are the same ones that were made a hundred years ago when there was a push for a five day work week, "the devil will make work for idle hands" was the mantra of the workhouse bosses then as it is now apparently.

  12. @ubahfly5409 Avatar

    Sorry but, never trust an Iranian with a Cuban accent, an Irish first name, & a Jewish last name.

  13. @ThomasDohn Avatar

    What an insult to Europeans. Full time in Denmark is 37 hours, and we make enough money so that one parent can do part time and have financial security, bringing the average down I suppose. He didn’t mention Novo Nordisk that has now made pills that overweight Americans use to battle obesity (talk about innovation!), and all the diabetes medicine they produce. Nor did he mention Mærsk, which is one of the biggest shipping companies in the world. America is not some benevolent nation that work to make the world go around.

  14. @mariembuenaventura1278 Avatar

    Philippines 103Million population , 50+ hours work week and for the innovation not that many. We just can't add more work hours = innovation.

  15. @muaddib7685 Avatar

    4 day workweek is ridiculous

  16. @Memento_Mori_Music Avatar

    If this guy had the final say, we'd probably all be working 7/7. Fucking psycho.

  17. @Awakening_Siddhartha Avatar

    It's interesting, how this due got rich making MLM scheme.

  18. @xeroxyde3397 Avatar

    The only reason why the USA has innovations and the biggest companies is thanks to foreigners (mostly). But certainly not because they work more hours.

    I’m witnessing this first hand since 2014, a lot of the people with talent immigrate to the USA because we are paid like shit and taxed to oblivion here (I’m from France btw). Docker for example is a French innovation initially. I went to the same school than the founder. But since investors are afraid to put a penny on anything with no immediate returns in this damn country, he went to the USA for funding (unfortunately).

    You cut USA immigration and watch how quickly the fairy dust dream of PBD goes away.

    Another thing I forgot, you wouldn’t believe the amount of innovation and scientific discoveries coming from French research labs (who work on a shoestring budget while being publicly funded) that are basically taken, packaged and sold by American companies. The problem with us, Frenchies, is that we have a lot of ideas, but can’t sale them for shit. PBD is high on his own farts if he thinks that Europe depends on the USA for anything.

  19. @fact6504 Avatar

    Wtf is pat the police on people free time who tf cares bottom line

  20. @khr217 Avatar

    4 days week? It is an outrage! Medieval peasants worked 3 days a week for their masters.

  21. @LancerR890 Avatar

    Man I can't listen to Patrick. He is so ADD in his thinking. Tieing un related topics as if he cracked some riddle

  22. @yourtallness Avatar

    I always innovate between the 33rd and 40th hour of the work week

  23. @thedeadsexyedge Avatar

    I like Pat quite a bit but this was a huge from him. The question isnt whether a 4 day work week is bad for success, its whether employees feel like their time is wasted and want some of their time back.

  24. @notyou2353 Avatar

    He picks Austria and Pez Candy? What about Glock!? It was founded in 1982, which is… ooooh, that's 40 years ago, roughly, at time of this video. Ah shucks, poor Austria, doesn't output anything of value, the tiny little Glock company that brings in half a billion dollars or more every year just flat don't count. Well Austria, guess you shouldn't experiment with a 4-day workweek!

  25. @happycamper5505 Avatar

    Secondly, if all 8 billion people on the planet becomes a C-Suit, CEO or Entrepreneur, there would 'NO' employees…now what?

  26. @happycamper5505 Avatar

    And the question that no one wants to answer how f**king much is ENOUGH!!!

  27. @eddiebernays514 Avatar

    4 day work weeks are bad because then the corporation makes less money!

    I really dislike corporate whores.

  28. @rackynjeff Avatar

    perhaps they retired early BECAUSE they were in poor health and wanted to spend time with family and getting the most out of my opinion it’s pretty rare that your lifespan shortens when you retire early in the way he’s saying…

  29. @ericroden6677 Avatar

    First off, I love your videos! Amanda I'm wondering how many hours this fancy suit Douce in the video actually works himself???

  30. @GaetsKrop Avatar

    Belgian and German engineers are literally the best in the world and we are not "socialist", we just know how to invest in health and well being instead of spending billions on useless wars. And that argument like kids with free time automatically do drugs, what was even that? I like some aspect of PBD but he should sometimes shut his mouth.

  31. @lisayoder5686 Avatar

    It makes me sick that ‘entrepreneurs’ who opened awful businesses that make the world a worse place, would have ANY say in how we would live a life not completely owned by his type! Being an insurance company makes everyone’s life worse. And…SURPRISE to PBD and his ilk, some of us just wanna be worker bees. We want to work to live, NOT live to work! The world cannot survive with ALL chiefs! We can’t (and DON’T want to!) all own our dream job business and everyone be prosperous beyond their wildest dreams just because we did the dumb-ass puritan, work constantly, mentality! We need the worker bees too!

    And how dare he sit up there asking, ‘what’re gonna do with 3 days off?’

    None of his damn business! That’s what we’re gonna do!

    I’ve been saying for years, we need a day to get all the crap done that we can’t do during the week (because of stupid nonsense licensing and requirements dreamed up by people like him to make them ‘legally’ rich from stealing from us for in hypotheticals that COULD happen) during the week because of people like him, a day to get our home back in order from days of dumping and eating badly after working all week! And 😱😱😱, can you EVEN IMAGINE…a day to recuperate from 6 days of constant stress and activity. You know, like GOD EVEN NEEDED?!?! But not ‘hard-workin’ ‘mer-kins …no sir. Unless you give nonstop 110% (no such thing in reality!) all day, every day, you are a lazy sob that deserves NOTHING, because, if you did? It would find you inside of all your ‘hard’ work.

    That only equals 3 days away from your paid slave labor, not ‘woohoo’ 3 days off!!!’ As of that would even matter.

    Stupid-ass, Chicago school of business, poisonous capitalist mentality of a sick and dying society and those who vulture feed off of the scraps left behind a formerly healthy citizenry that wasn’t required to kill themselves 24/7 for PDB to finally have his fathers approval.

  32. @tomsnowden6201 Avatar

    Other countries should get on americas level of innovation, have you seen our smart bombs?

  33. @em34ev3r Avatar

    I can't stand this PBD guy. He's a complete fake a pseudo intellect.

  34. @AlbinosaurusR3X Avatar

    Pat's excuses are weak and reek of a controlling, manipulative narcissist rather than anything properly justifiable or relevant.

  35. @DoomPotato Avatar

    Austria and some obscure company? What about for example Starbag? with $17.6 billions revenue? And let's remember size of Austria – 83 878 km2.

  36. @stevenfernandes27 Avatar

    The 4 day work week might be great AS AN OPTION for some people, but honestly, if companies aren't going to be accommodating for people with children, I do not want any part of it. Like right now, my son starts school at 9am… I currently work 3:30am – 11am with my "lunch" break from 8:30am – 9:30am. But I really do not want to work 3:30am – 2:30pm. That would make me even more stressed. Again, I'm not against it if it's optional and the company is accommodating to your preference.

  37. @75pdubs Avatar

    lol this bet david guy is an idiot

  38. @manoelandreisfernandes8747 Avatar

    I cannot get my head around on how those people (really scumbags and malevolent) can sleep at night.

    Especially when reading about Denmark. We should have a severe punishment for sociopaths like that in power, all they want to do is create slaves for their company and they're brainwashing people with their access to internet. Isn't that clear push for abuse?

  39. @LesCalvin3 Avatar

    Netherlands: Family with kids, adults works about 30 hours each, kids have a good education, bills are paid and vacation EVERY year.

    This ^ asshole: "Ur urh, and all you got to show for it is inventing Bluetooth? And happiness and a high standard of living? Buncha chumps."

    What a olicapitalist shill.

  40. @JohnEnergy2012 Avatar

    Why do you want to make a huge impact… feels like a ton of responsibility… draining.

  41. @JohnEnergy2012 Avatar

    People want to be valued and be important … No that's an education brainwash.
    Having a lot of time on your hands, not producing BS for people to consume, is THE ULTIMATE SIGN of succes. Being BUSY is not a good trade.

  42. @JohnEnergy2012 Avatar

    Patrick is wrong about everything in this one. As somebody from the Netherlands it's loved by most… HOWEVER, these "FLEX" workers are being removed from many rights as well…

  43. @llcoolmartine Avatar

    @7:54 this was the stupidest shit I have ever heard. "Europe is a socialist nation". I can't even begin to break down this moronic quote.

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