Patrick Bet-David Reveals Why You Should Leave California

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26 responses to “Patrick Bet-David Reveals Why You Should Leave California”

  1. @foxhound5043 Avatar

    There is a lot of poor uneducated sheltered people in SoCal.

  2. @sagedorantes2766 Avatar

    guy on the left sitting a little zesty

  3. @mal1465 Avatar

    B & R in California, left at 60 y/o. Use to be proud to say “I’m FROM California “, now I’m proud to say “I WAS from California!”

  4. @antonioalvarez6852 Avatar

    Please keep leaving California. Trust me those that stay will benefit from it

  5. @jeremymireles8862 Avatar

    California people need to stay if they have that California thinking,if you watch what going on in Las Vegas same thing no tax but high cost of living democrats run state

  6. @tone616183 Avatar

    California is at a 49 Billion surplus

  7. @alexbar1111 Avatar

    As an adult i was able to tolerate a lot of the b.s, politics and culture changes. Now that i have a young family my choice to leave couldn't be more clear. Now our challenge is to keep them occupied and away from as much social media as possible.

  8. @poodlescone9700 Avatar

    There is a reason California says it has a Mediterranean climate and NOT a California climate. There are other parts of the world with equally nice weather.

  9. @cesarsanchez-ki1fb Avatar

    Califonia Traffic is the worst I don't miss it at all!!!

  10. @tapantera Avatar

    It was reported that former CA Sen. Leland Yee implicated Gavin Newsom (and Willie Brown) in the gun running scheme which he was convicted for. I would say that is the LEAST offensive claim against those two. CA is run by racketeers. It's a new kind of Mob.

  11. @jimcagney6696 Avatar

    The best thing Californians can do is to get rid of Pelosi's numbskull nephew Gavin Gruesome . His leadership skills are on par with Biden. I just read today that Californians were told not to charge their electric cars to take the load off their power grid days after Gov numbskull declared California will ban the sale of gasoline powered vehicles .

  12. @bobremus1767 Avatar

    stay there or leave the country. you created it you live with it.

  13. @JohnDoe-fu4qd Avatar

    damn givin it straight on California and you are not alone in how you feel about this cancel culture fascist state.

  14. @kennethw6962 Avatar

    They created this wonderful thing a long time ago. It was so innovative that it's tragic we don't see it in this video. It's called a lapel microphone.

  15. @hawaiiantimes7702 Avatar

    This guy sounds like he left California for Nevada and now he’s low key mad that a lot of people in California are leaving too. Probably moved close to him as well lol.

  16. @davidbremson6856 Avatar

    Please do not encourage Californians to move out of the environment that they created. They are moving to states and bringing their horrible ability to make good decisions with them. Above all, Arizona is full. We are no longer taking new residents.

  17. @jasonwilson9406 Avatar

    I took a lesser paying job and left CA for a no-income-tax state. Despite taking a 9k GROSS pay cut, my annual NET income went up $3300 a year. I also left behind a 700 sq foot house that I was renting for $2895 per month and purchased a 2100 sq foot place, on 5 acres, with a mortgage payment of $2100 per month. So the combined benefit of cheaper housing and escaping crazy state taxes benefitted me almost 13k per year in real money in my pocket….despite earning 9k less! California is just an imperfect brand at this point and plenty of people are happy to pay for it.

  18. @micktheman6 Avatar

    I left and came back Miami, Austin , and Vegas sucked to me. But yeah Cali politics suck ass.

  19. @Jupiterxice Avatar

    California is a lost cause

  20. @kasparovthegodofwar7752 Avatar

    Yeah well guess what

    It's easy for you YouTubers to move out and continue to make all the money you currently make while slaves have to continue slaving no matter where they are 😂

  21. @bmjv77 Avatar

    I was stationed in California in the late 90s. Met my future wife who grew up there. She was like most Californians, believed that her state was heaven on earth. I saw the writing on the wall back then and thankfully got out of there. Now my wife thanks me, she's heartbroken at what's become of her home.

  22. @sergiomazariegos7198 Avatar

    And he didn’t bring up homelessness epidemic and the radical ideologues

  23. @raymondadorno2158 Avatar


  24. @cestall1 Avatar

    I think California's problems are because they have a super majority in state governance. No one is stopping them from implementing their nonsense. Also, Silicon Valley and Hollywood are totally insulated from the issues they claim to support. They're not sending their kids to public schools for example, they can afford outrageous taxation because they'll just make more money next year. California is going to have to hit rock bottom before anything changes. Meanwhile, if you're coming to Texas that's fine. But you'd better leave that liberal garbage at the border.

  25. @desimo147 Avatar

    I've been hearing my entire life (over 50 years) that California is done for. Their high taxes and liberal policies have been driving companies and people out for many years now. But the numbers tell us a somewhat different story. If California were a country it would be the world's 5th largest economy all by itself. Their tax surplus this year is projected to be nearly 100 billion dollars. Of the fortune 1000 companies, over 100 of them are in California. And, no, they aren't going to become Detroit. Detroit is cold and miserable for half the year. Much of California is nice all year long. Now, does California have problems? You bet. Taxes are high, housing is higher and they have lost population (slightly) during the past two years. And we all know about the homeless situation there. They will have to adjust over time, that is for sure. But, I believe that their climate and beauty of their state will always make California an extremely popular place to live.

  26. @nickwilsonxc Avatar

    I disagree with Patrick completely. Who is he to tell me to leave California when I’ve never even lived in California?

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