Patrick Bet-David on Marriage, Getting a Prenup & Strict Parenting

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45 responses to “Patrick Bet-David on Marriage, Getting a Prenup & Strict Parenting”

  1. @Strikeitbig Avatar

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  2. @niloebrahimi3527 Avatar

    Mr Bet, it is amazing to watch your videos. I am a widowed single mother. As parent I'm feeling myself under so much pressure. Wish I could communicate with you Persian .
    I'm from Iran too .
    من واقعا به پند شما احتياج دارم 🙏🏻

  3. @lenderzconstable Avatar

    That gaze PBD does first two seconds of the podcast is awesome!

  4. @BigD9Username Avatar

    Pbd has really become great storyteller

  5. @pneron2032 Avatar

    What kind of stupid editing is this. We want to hear from PBD, not your sob stories. And we want to hear it from start to finish. Stop trying to be everything.

  6. @kumarrajesh4746 Avatar

    Our first interview that watch the ending

  7. @user-mf7pl7jr5q Avatar

    Can someone explain why it’s bad to buy a house when you first get married 38:35 , why is it a financially poor decision when you’re first married. Renting out an apartment will be more expensive than having a mortgage on an apartment. My POV is she won’t be getting a nice house until we’re 5 years into the marriage. Someone give me some insight please. Thanks

  8. @supra95ful Avatar

    Fellas, If a huge man-gina like PBD can make it than we all can make it

  9. @jeffreycfmok Avatar

    Amazing interview but I think he is missing one crucial detail for marriage. What he says about marriage and partnership makes a lot of sense but we are forgetting that he was born into a different generation. How on God's green earth will you find a woman today from any English speaking country who is willing to ride through the low with you? Ain't no woman today who has the attention span to build with you until you become successful. Almost all of them want the winner TODAY and they are willing to be some throw-away object for the top tier guys rather than putting in the work with a guy who is starting out.
    The only way a regular guy can pull that off with a woman is if the woman is a 3.

  10. @shameemahjahed3701 Avatar

    All men should be listening to this. Great conversation.

  11. @candyluna2929 Avatar

    All this time I was thinking Patrick was raised with two parents in the house.

  12. @joseesparza9415 Avatar

    Great question guys I've always been very interested about the family dynamic around pat. He's always seemed inspiring as a father figure and yall just did awesome with the questions.

  13. @alvarorivera7050 Avatar

    To many stupid advertising interruptions!!

  14. @Liveyourflame Avatar

    Great podcast. Great questions. And love the plug & sponsor for ground news

  15. @martindavid9761 Avatar

    Dear Mr. Patrick Bet_David. Shlama Ashouraya. Like you, I'm a proud American Citizen and a U.S. veteran. Our story is similar to thousands more of the Assyrians' stories worldwide.

    I bring my story to your attention, and hopefully, one day, you can do a special show about the Assyrian legacy for the past 2650 years.

    My father and his sibling, along with thousands more of the Assyrian and the Armenian people, left Iran on foot to cross the rough mountains and the cold of the desert, hungry, wounded, shattered, and confused to go and live in Iraq, depending on a promise by the British Government to give our homeland back to us. The Assyrians and Armenians left Iran after the MASSACRES of 1915 by the Turks and the Kurds against the Christians, Assyrians, Armenians, and Greeks.

    Eight of my siblings and I were born in Habbaniyah, /Iraq. Each of us has a story about our life while running away from country to country to find a peaceful life. Initially, my father's great-grandparents ran away from Northern Iraq about 300 years ago to live in the mountains of Iran, escaping the attack of some Kurdish gangs in Northern Iraq. My mother's family came from somewhere in Turkey. While living in Iraq, the Iraqi government refused to give many Assyrians Iraqi citizenship on the basis that our parents came from Iran, yet we were born in Iraq, and many Assyrians and Armenians served in the Iraqi Army or Air Force, yet the Iraqi government refused to issue them the Iraqi citizenship.

    Note: Keep in mind that before 612 BC, all the land of Iraq, part of Iran, Turkey, and all of today's Middle East was part of the Assyrian Empire land. When Islam came to power, they called our land the Arabian land of the Muslim nation. In the 19th century, many of today's Middle Eastern countries were divided by the British and French governments, and each was labeled with a name, like Iraq, which was established by the British in 1933. The same goes with Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan. Between the years 1400 and 1900, these countries were controlled by the Ottoman Empire; they were ruled under the pretense that an Islamic Ottoman Empire was protecting the Muslim nation. My brother was serving in the Iraqi army in a very sensitive position at the Ministry of Defence, yet he was not an Iraqi citizen, and they refused him citizenship because our parents came from Iran.

    We had to bribe some officials to gain his Iraqi citizenship. I was a student when I left Iraq in early 1968 to Iran, then to America. I bribed some government officials to issue me Iraqi citizenship, and ultimately, my passport was issued.

    In early 1970, I was drafted into the American armed forces; at that time, I was just an immigrant with a green card, and while in the army, I applied for my American citizenship before completing the normal time of five years to earn American citizenship. When I was receiving my American citizenship that day, I hated and resented the Iraqi government and devoted my life to protecting America. I have a story to tell about the day I received my Iraqi citizenship, what kind of names I was called before they issued me the Iraqi citizenship, and what my feelings were when I received my American citizenship, I felt that I was honored and I felt with a sense of dignity as a man.

    May God bless America and the American people, it has been the mother of every orphan in the world, and I'm one of them.

    Now that I'm living in America, my children are born in America. We have families worldwide, including Canada, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Holland, England, France, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and South American countries. In this century, our Assyrian nation is living in the four corners of the earth, all seeking a peaceful life. In this 23rd century, we are still running away to escape the injustice of Islam and to find a place to live in peace.

    For the reasons that I mentioned above, and for the sake of our nation's miseries, I hope that you can do a remarkable show of the dilemma that our Assyrian nation has been through for the last 2650 years. Thank you, and God bless you, your family, and our Assyrian nation. Ameen.

  16. @kendramiddletonwilliams Avatar

    Too many people view the potential spouse as someone they can live with for the rest of their lives. The fact is, you should be looking for the person you can’t live without.

    My husband and I have been married for almost 26 years. I gave him 3 children and we have a good life. I have to travel for work but never more than 5-6 days. I took my daughter and niece to Ireland back in October and basically had a nervous breakdown by the 9th day of the trip. My daughter thinks it’s largely because I have not been separated from my husband for that long since ever, and I can’t disagree with her.

    Choose your spouse wisely, but don’t hesitate to ask the hard questions and get a sense of where you both want to go in life.

  17. @kendramiddletonwilliams Avatar

    My son tried to quit Jiu Jitsu at first too, because he was sick of getting his shit rocked.

    I would pick him up and ask how it went – “crappy…”


    “I got my butt kicked and couldn’t get the technique skill tonight.”


    “What? I don’t want to go anymore.”

    “Tough shit, you’re going until you have a replacement sport. You learn the best lessons getting your ass kicked son, not beating incompetent opponents. Get better, or get your ass kicked. It’s pretty simple math.”

    He has a blue belt now and appreciates getting his shit rocked by the upper belts. This shows when his older brother wants to roll and youngest just rinses him all the way out.

  18. @LeonoraSmith1234 Avatar

    I got three kids but with low thyroid I was the toughest thing I ever did

  19. @tinaf600 Avatar

    This is such a great interview with Patrick. I just ordered the hard copy of his book on amazon. I can't wait to read it. Continue having great interviews, you guys.

  20. @wandahost Avatar
  21. @torstimyle1355 Avatar

    The U.K, France and most of western Europe is cuckland where the weak men have made other men vulnerable to women predatory nature through pro-women legislations

  22. @dejnails7259 Avatar

    In America 🇺🇸 Florida and this is a great show so far 4:40 introduction and the cast especially Mr Patrick he is one of my favorites

  23. @amandaecheona1457 Avatar

    I love the idea of picking the right enemy, and so etimes there's an enemy you have that you still have to honor despite the pursuit.

    Ex: Goliath was a quick one time enemy to David, but Saul was long term enemy that King David learned and built character as a result of having this enemy.

  24. @STEVENworldwide Avatar

    Doesnt PATRICK use numerology that does determine someones life outcome. #gg33

  25. @3dgar91 Avatar

    I don’t have his money, but I have a lot of similar thoughts

    It’s good to think that I’m on the right path

  26. @Towanda-xq2xg Avatar

    Patrick we know your word is everything, Integrity, Loyalty, Telling the Truth, Love the movie Meet Joe Black, great interview guys, keep up the amazing work, stay blessed and let's go! 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  27. @wittelsbacher27cameron16 Avatar

    People anyone ever researched on this dude 😂😂he is a financial scammer as the rest like the real estate guy Grant Cardone !

  28. @craiglist483 Avatar

    Very generous sharing of a perspective and path of successful parenting and partnership.
    “Raising kids is a lot of work, being a homemaker is a lot of work, choosing to be a Mommy is a lot of work, a lot of work and it’s not easy and if she does it right take care of it! All day long. -PBD
    I would add that this is a tremendous contribution, steeped in monumental expectations and literally affects all people everywhere everyday. So thanks PBD for recognizing effort, excellence and execution of mothering and making a home.

  29. @JMBBrasil Avatar

    His oldest son must be just as smart as he is. Oldest always have the highest IQ.

  30. @JMBBrasil Avatar

    “ their truth “ is a stupid thing to say. There’s only the truth. And peoples opinions and points of view.

  31. @stevengtv Avatar

    Avoid single moms! Even PBD agrees!

  32. @anthonycullen2543 Avatar

    I Love PBD…. “You have to be mental” Thanks for sharing

  33. @yytyytg Avatar

    Its always 50/50. Yours kids aren't the one that decide how your wealth should be distributed. If one of your kids makes a lot of money then he probably shouls get no money at all.

  34. @noahbelrose3721 Avatar

    Bro with the mustache needs to slow down his talking a bit.

  35. @fhxs Avatar

    10 years probably flew by, because he himself is a great guy that values family & being a father. His mindset is on point!

  36. @MohammedAyaz-mr4yq Avatar
  37. @isamurai939 Avatar

    We would have been working what we love if pbd was our father😅

  38. @CODM-AlphaBravo860 Avatar

    4:04 I should end the podcast right here and not listen anymore. There's is no such thing as their truth. There is only the truth. There is something called your experience and my experience but the truth is unchanged. Positive is positive. Negative is negative. Up is up. Down is down. At least here on Earth and we're all talking from Earth so let's make sense here. This isn't quantum physics. TRUTH IS TRUTH. Let's not use super positioning taking about truth.

  39. @mrporsche4236 Avatar

    If you live in america and you are a man and you want to get married you have to go overseas or suffer the consequences

  40. @uknasa007 Avatar

    wheres mark tilbury?

  41. @mylesmullaly7774 Avatar

    I’d love to hear PBD’s definition of the word “enemy”

  42. @Happy-I-Am- Avatar

    He’s hella controlling father . You would think since he’s an obvious over achiever he would let his kids just live , but nah they are now destined to be like Alex hormozi to constantly trying to prove their worth to a father , wouldn’t wish that on anyone

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