Patrick Bet-David Explains Why The U.S. Shouldn't Intervene In Iran

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Patrick Bet-David Podcast Episode 122 In this short clip, former Navy Seal Mike Ritland and Adam Sosnick discuss whether or not …

26 responses to “Patrick Bet-David Explains Why The U.S. Shouldn't Intervene In Iran”

  1. @ciaronsmith4995 Avatar

    Iran is a great country frankly.

  2. @jattjamesbond1122 Avatar

    2:40 here the delusion of idiots start 😂

  3. @jattjamesbond1122 Avatar

    US is not capable to involve with Iran when u don't even know they had nukes r not 😒

  4. @ddtrahan Avatar

    Tighten up fellas, little ignorant don’t ya think Nuclear Weapon’s count per country is accurate based off internet searches??

    US borrows 750 Billion for military not counting the falsified fronts to run taxes thru to enhance budget. We have more nukes than anyone fellas.
    Mike, handful of Nukes doesn’t get respect. Putin lights the pilot light on 1 Nuke – ALL European Countries + US will change aim of their nuclear arsenal aiming at strategic locations in the motherland! This would cause a coup in Russia overthrowing gov., then we turn in into a NATO alliance and fix NATO nuclear arsenal aim to China! China would follow suit collapsing!

  5. @luxinterior2850 Avatar

    Russians have more than 9k

  6. @mr2seven6 Avatar

    Enes freedom is turkish that’s how much of a shtick it is that he’s now a fox guy

  7. @kangtheconqueroriii7724 Avatar

    Finally Finally Finally someone gets it

    I like PatrickBet David because as he does miss some things BUT he hones in on key dynamics within the financial geopolitical landscape that he gets that are essential before you start talking that grown man sh!t= War /Regime changing/moving things left or right!!!

    The b.s. around this whole 'eclipsing' America! America dropped the ball in the past 20 years for some weird reasons and then some obvious ones when if the whole long game is to be THAT WORLD POWER well America didn't go in that direction at all. So hell just in science alone America relied on a guy from another country and possible future timeline for their cars, flamethrowers,state to state or city transportation and now solar power for their homes. Righhhhht!!!!

    Ohhhh an the delusions of believing Russia doesn't have things….go visit Russia you'll see what they have!!!!

  8. @feisalmuhumaddahir100 Avatar

    Iran is more advanced in technology thanks to US and Iran is punishing S.korea Samsung and LG like America did to Huawei

  9. @feisalmuhumaddahir100 Avatar

    Too stupid do you think that Iran can't have it's way and china is biding time by that time to poke US in the foot economically due to consumption dependancy

  10. @safuan2009 Avatar

    Rummor has is iran is sitting on more accessible uranium than Canada 🇨🇦 plus less environmental concern.

  11. @andrewbailey9197 Avatar

    I feel like we are portraying weakness with dementia Joe, after Afghanistan I feel like Russia and China don't fear American intervention when threatening our allies and that is not what we as Americans want

  12. @timrooney5608 Avatar

    What we learned about the USSR after the cold war was only 1/4 of their arms actually worked.

  13. @jhrusa8125 Avatar

    Please get Peter Zeihan on so you can have some facts about geopolitics.

  14. @mjurbina-riedel7753 Avatar

    Isreal has reported that Biden administration lifted sanctions on Irans nuclear weapons, but the news in the US is silent about it.

  15. @JoeMama-nl8xp Avatar

    U mean Obama giving them billions on pallets filled with cash not to make the bomb n they used that money to make the bomb n kicked out the UN inspectors. Sounds like a great deal to get back into.

  16. @blah979 Avatar

    The theocracy in Iran love this sanction stuff, it is keeping them in power. The secular people in Iran were getting more power but every time they do you get the idiots with their sanctions. Then the hardliners say oh look the west hates us. You need us.

  17. @yeahyousaidit Avatar

    It’s crazy how You guys love Putin now. Smfh. Just because you fought in a war doesn’t mean you know what’s best for the country.

  18. @timbassett9766 Avatar

    American public pay the TARRIFS $$$
    America can’t stop buying from China , blows your theory

  19. @youngmystery8417 Avatar

    7:10 Adam talking then pat give him the look like what is this guy talking about

  20. @mustafaadil6080 Avatar

    Sound like dictator 🤨

  21. @americasfavoritebrazilian2399 Avatar

    Do the Iranian people really love to chant Deth to America or is that the Government leading the charge!🤔

  22. @user-fl5cs6nq5l Avatar

    If they can’t beat Afghanistan or Iraq they have no chance in winning Iran

  23. @jamesharris6368 Avatar

    We dont want other countries to be on our level. Of course Iran wants to wants nuclear weapons, it's a deterrent for other countries trying to invade them.

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