Patrick Bet-David DESTROYS Woke Culture On Piers Morgan Uncensored With Straight FACTS!

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37 responses to “Patrick Bet-David DESTROYS Woke Culture On Piers Morgan Uncensored With Straight FACTS!”

  1. @JDhillon_ Avatar

    After hearing PBD talk it makes realise you’ve gotta up your game 🤣

  2. @awakened3651 Avatar

    His name is Patrick Bet-David, not 'B.' David. It's not a middle name. His name is Assyrian, bet means house, so "House of David".

  3. @desireoxurus4208 Avatar

    Are you down subscribers? Or am I confusing you with someone else?

  4. @nemosays6337 Avatar

    If he thinks Piers is unbiased and not bought & paid for maybe he's not quite as canny as he thinks after all! js

  5. @Nautinthislifetime Avatar

    I work in a university and fascism is the subject of the day. They hate men, whites, straights and if you say anything, you are ostracised or fired. Geography is now colonialism and history is only black and native American….nothing else. I'm an LGB woman and I refuse to celebrate pride, wear pins…all that nonsense. It doesn't make up my personality. Woke folk, that is all they have

  6. @alexisbeach5452 Avatar

    JD I just noticed you have like 60,000 followers now! I feel like you just had 2000 lol well done! So happy to see how much you’ve grown so quickly!

  7. @manmoth8833 Avatar

    Only cult members believe in absolution.

  8. @graemedoubell2077 Avatar

    Do you really think it's going to better in a decade from now.. there are more woke liberal worms crawling out the woodwork daily
    It's all Rolling towards to the completion of the prophesy
    Have fun

  9. @beansandmacaroni8758 Avatar

    love that man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. @Raevon22 Avatar

    Patrick did the same thing to Bill Maher on Gavin Newsom, it was great! Yes do more on him. I love critical thinking!

  11. @jojowynne233 Avatar

    JD, hats off to your mum and yourself because you’ve turned out a very decent, polite, kind and definitely masculine young man.

    That was a great clip from Piers Morgan and very telling. I had two videos to watch yours or Piers and I chose you first because I always make sure to try and watch you every day. You always have important topics and we have to collectively put our world back on its correct axis.

    Keep up the awesome work and awareness! ❤

  12. @AmericanClass1776 Avatar

    The face Piers made when Pat complimented him was so cringy!

  13. @gavrilopricip11 Avatar

    73% fatherless black children

  14. @GingerGrutzius Avatar

    This strategy is practiced in overpriced elite schools and all of our public schools. What is the difference anymore other than paying for what used to be a privileged education? There isn't any difference now other than the name. Absurd and shameful indoctrination in the USA. Good on Hungry, Sweden, and France for returning to good common sense and protecting their youth! GG Texas.

  15. @EvoDevo2004 Avatar

    I cannot believe people actually think screwing around with hormones doesn't cause permanent changes. They interviewees show appear to be college students. They need to retake human biology or maybe a course in endocrinology. Remember the hoopla a decade or so ago about phthalates in baby products causing feminization of baby boys? Those were microdoses of endocrine disrupting chemicals. Puberty blockers are macrodoses. Huge does given to override the child's natural hormones.

  16. @user-zf4qi8ch2n Avatar

    Harvard is filled with Dementiacrats.

  17. @stevensalty853 Avatar

    PBD is a legend 👊🏻

  18. @ronycampbell251 Avatar

    The statistics are terrifying.

    I had who always had time to answer my questions. To tell me stories and who taught me that even as a woman I could do anything I wanted to. So I had huge confidence in myself.

    A single mother (unfortunately I ended up as one) doesn't have the time to devote all their time to making their children confident for the future. It's desperately sad.

  19. @tonypate9174 Avatar

    Get a grip dude Pat the Wimp uncle uncle dad eyes FanBoy to Top Pudd Andy Pudd Pudd Puddy Puddingtons and the other one Under Puddy Pudd ….Blow smoke in my face on live PBD cast yes what role model…now buy the mug

  20. @CLEzzell Avatar

    The way society has tried to discredit the importance of a father in the home shows how degenerate society has become. There are no boundries. No standards. Anything and everyrhing should be okay. Make believe is reality, good is bad & bad is good. No thanks. I like boundries and standards.

    My dad is my hero and even though i lost him to cancer a year ago, he always will be.

  21. @StrongDamon Avatar

    At my workplace this past June when Gay Pride month began, a Human Resources representative was standing inside the front door as we entered, handing little rainbow flags to every employee as we entered. Everyone was sheepishly taking a flag, and when she tried to pass one to me, I told her, "No, thanks" and kept walking. She yelled out, "But you have to take one. It's mandatory as an employee." I just kept walking. People need to get a backbone and not be forced into the agenda crap.

  22. @aim2soar516 Avatar

    Fathers are as important as Mothers in nurturing & disciplining children, no question. It's easier to share the parental load with the feminine & masculine imput. I know a number of single mums & dads who have done phenomenal jobs in raising their kids, but it's hard work!

  23. @noelward8047 Avatar

    Anyone that thinks the effects caused by puberty blockers is reversible is a fool and guilty of child abuse.

  24. @mammapie22 Avatar

    Men Listen up…they want to emasculate you make you weak, they want to feminize you so you can’t and won’t fight back against the system! wake up!!! Lean into your masculine nature it’s not toxic to be a man it’s a privilege to born the sexed we are born as!! i’m proud of how masculine my husband and sons are i encourage it, you can be masculine and fierce as a protector as well as have empathy for other people, it’s not one way or the other!!!!!! be proud to be a man embrace it and society will right itself, with weak men there’s no resistance against our enemies foreign and domestic!!! Don’t fall into the bull crap they are spitting at you, be the leader not the follower even if you stand alone at first because i guarantee you won’t be standing alone for long other men will follow your lead.

  25. @octaviahh8774 Avatar

    China is a communist country, young men are not to getting married and becoming fathers in protest. Its actually a big problem for china right now and India still do arranged marriages with a social stigma around divorce, pretty much stay with your husband or be disowned. I dont think those countries are great examples of fathers in the home if your country values freedoms..

  26. @ann.cb22 Avatar

    A strong fatherly presence is needed for girls, too!
    I'm blessed that my father decided to be in my life, but he was never as involved as I felt he should've been. And it's hard to describe, but I've always felt this… "emptiness" because of that.

    While I agree that men need to start stepping up, I also think women should be taking responsibility and stop having children out of wedlock with these weak men.

  27. @aneshiadixon8762 Avatar

    This is why I'm studying regenerative medicine. The kids that have been forced into transitioning are going to need help. I want to help them.

  28. @donaljamescaddye3805 Avatar

    I had a really strong father – his values and principles are still with me – I don't take bull if I belive it to be wrong but I will listen to others point of view then make my own mind up -Family was his #1 priority I used to think he was a strict grumpy narky old man but now looking back he was 100% right – I raise our kids the right way – They are well able to stand up and say no – truth to them is absolute

    Yes I was lucky to have a dad like I did

  29. @whois3581 Avatar

    People, especially kids, need that disciplinary figure of a good father. So many of these people have been coddled like little infants and never grew up. You need the harsh realities of the world to wake you up. Fathers help prepare you for that so you can handle it better when it comes, because one way or another, they will come. These kids now crumble and cry when they hear words they don't like. Bunch of weak little children dictating the world. Men need to stand up and put these kids in the corner.

  30. @ambrosejoseph4843 Avatar

    Oh boy…….TRUMP '24. asap

  31. @rachaelholzer966 Avatar

    You can thank Obama Care and that Omnibus Bill they pushed through without reading…you know how many transitioning centers in the US there were before Obama Care…ZERO…after Obama Care over 100 in the United States and growing!! Another woke Progressive Left Agenda to destroy the family!!

  32. @heapbig5352 Avatar

    When I worked in Education, we never even approached any discussion about our personal politics in the classroom, that was a topic left to the parents. We refrained from talking personal politics while at work, it was a personal choice that had no effect on our work or performance.

  33. @TanyaRando Avatar

    Do they still have debate teams in a university? Because I’m sure that people would be given a subject, where they had to have opposing sides, where they had to argue their point after researching it. Whether it was what they truly believed or not. This lot are going to have a real issue as adults, where’s their vulnerability, tactfulness, integrity and care for others? It’s all me, me, me, me. And they know bugger all about history and social issues, let alone half the B.S they spout for their woke agenda!

  34. @YehochananSoferMizrachi Avatar

    Iranian-American dads are no-nonsense when it comes to this woke stuff, because they have seen it all before, but under a different name. 🇮🇷🇺🇸

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