Matt & Shane Talk About Having "Accidents"

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Taken from JRE #2098 w/Matt & Shane:

43 responses to “Matt & Shane Talk About Having "Accidents"”

  1. @AdamGee8 Avatar

    I don’t usually find shit humor amusing but this made me laugh my ass off 😂

  2. @ikedewinter1213 Avatar

    This was hilarious focusing the beam had me dead

  3. @bencruz563 Avatar

    A shart is the end of my day.

  4. @SiccSide831 Avatar

    I pooped in a bush… I own it.

  5. @darceybrowne3216 Avatar

    Joe get Shane and Matt on regularly, great pod everyone very comfortable

  6. @komaaaa Avatar

    i dont know why i stoned as hell watching this. pretty informative though

  7. @orlayo Avatar

    I love it when Shane brings matt

  8. @alwilsonwastheman Avatar

    The best excuse ever if you get pulled over for speeding..have your licence and registration ready then promptly tell the officer you apologize but you have the squirts and was trying to get to nearest restroom.

  9. @alexstewart4004 Avatar

    Matt is perfect for the JRE

  10. @obsidiansiriusblackheart Avatar

    We need a JRE Animated Shorts of Joe shitting his Lexus

  11. @ZiggerRats Avatar

    who let the dawgs out?

  12. @gossamerglenn6714 Avatar

    Shit my pants my first kids Halloween. I ran off to my girls car rating every dark side yard for shittavbility or if I asked someone for their bathroom among the trick or treaters but lost my load got to the car went home to shower missed most the trick or treating and picked up the fam in a closed Chinese restaurants parking lot

  13. @sebastianwhalin743 Avatar

    Guys they are going to release full episodes on youtube again!!!!! Im so excited!

  14. @blainelikesitrough8667 Avatar

    I took a shit while I watched this clip. Luckily I was in the right spot.

  15. @YahYou813 Avatar

    One time in middle school, we were playing football. I was playing WR, started running my route, and shit my pants mid way through. Luckily i lived 5 minutes from my house, so i continued running straight home to take a shower lmaoo

  16. @homeownerwithacombover Avatar

    This one was good. It's going on the Funny playlist 😎

  17. @AustrianCitizen Avatar

    Why did I chose this exact video while eating….

  18. @janpaul1171 Avatar

    I'm in my 30th now and shit myself on a regular basis. So for personal reasons that jre clip made me laugh as hard as none of the thousands I've seen before so far! Cheers guys for being so real

  19. @GrimeyyBandit Avatar

    Watching this while holding a shit hits different

  20. @stephenmcfarlane4247 Avatar

    I went to shool with a guy that dumped in the art corridor in high school true story

  21. @stephenmcfarlane4247 Avatar

    S#it myself listening too this ffs 😅

  22. @Dr.MorsIcatis Avatar

    One summer day I was drunk swimming in a river and had to shit. Figured that if I shit down river I should be fine, so I angled up and relaxed.. The horror I felt, when the shit, just one big log literally rolled up my back up to my shoulders, it only started to float downstream after it had popped up to the surface to say hello to it's creator.

  23. @nothanks9503 Avatar

    Joe could learn so much from Matt Mcuskee

  24. Avatar

    This was a shitty conversation.

  25. @Zac-ls6hn Avatar

    Joe needs to stop crapping his pants and put Brendon and Shane on the same podcast.

  26. @randythomas90 Avatar

    Should not have smoked before i watched this 😂😂😂

  27. @jackcutts8392 Avatar

    All I can think about is how they need the “SECRET PODCAST EXPERIENCE” set of episodes like protect our parks etc. these dudes funny as fuuuck – long time finatic x

  28. @dilloncrain9111 Avatar

    Something about the way Joe said rinse em off in the sink killed me 🤣💀

  29. @johnbiery3418 Avatar

    I feel redeemed, I can hold my head high again

  30. @gregthornton5694 Avatar

    Happens to the best of us!

  31. @spencersullivan461 Avatar

    When you get rammed on a regular basis you lose control of your sphincter

  32. @CatDogWalk Avatar

    This should be titled, Joe talks about having accidents.

  33. @auzzieredneck1850 Avatar

    Smearing it everywhere 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 wtf are you doing to make it soooo messy 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 so funny

  34. @Trohawkk Avatar

    Me battlin': "BREATHE, BREATHE" 😫
    Me losing the battle: 😲

  35. @VestedReefer Avatar

    Joes living the dream. Getting paid 250 mil to talk about shitting himself

  36. @Pisgahmts Avatar

    Seashells. Demolition Man!

  37. @Rehd66 Avatar

    If you never want to have sh*t on your ass, use the stool thingy to put your feet up. Never will it happen again

  38. @Rehd66 Avatar

    That’s some of the best jokes I’ve heard Rogan come off the cuff with.
    It helps being around actually funny people

  39. @neilprichard Avatar

    As someone with ulcerative colitis, this is rather cathartic to hear!

  40. @6MILLZ9 Avatar

    [ 6:36 ] “What am I doing here…”

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