Lucas Botkin Interviewed on Tucker Carlson

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Lucas sat down with Tucker Carlson and discusses the history of T.REX ARMS as well as the firearms community and gun culture.

23 responses to “Lucas Botkin Interviewed on Tucker Carlson”

  1. @elanmumme6894 Avatar

    Glock 19 is NOT full sized…. just saying…

  2. @jose2echo Avatar

    Im starting to think lucas botkins might be a racist. Tucker Carlson certainly is.

  3. @KEV_101 Avatar

    My wife got so mad when I started to carry appendix, she made me switch back to strong side haha

  4. @joshb7415 Avatar

    god tucker is such an idiot, u did well though

  5. @viprcuisine241 Avatar

    I have a Ragnarok with Safariland QLS and absolutely love it!😊

  6. @bigtechnazis3554 Avatar

    I like T-Rex arms, but they do need to quit shaming other companies that aim at customers with lower budgets, it's quite disgraceful actually.

    Yes there's better gear than other's,that doesn't mean the gear doesn't work. I personally use all military or law enforcement tested gear today, but when
    I was just getting started I was a poor man and budget buying was the only way.

    So T-Rex arms, would you rather someone be geared or not geared at all? That's the question…

  7. @123..0. Avatar

    Thank you white man

  8. @elipalacios8426 Avatar

    Bro said what😂 my g26 has every single mag capacity ever made for double stack mags👌🏽

  9. @tom.northshore Avatar

    "They don't hold anything, you can't hit anything with them, and you can't mount a light on them" SIG: hold my beer. Enter the P365

  10. @patrickcallahan4483 Avatar

    Ive shot a lot of different guns. Tons of pistols. I have to agree that less experienced shooters dont enjoy shooting my G43. Hell i dont enjoy it. But i can hide that thing anywhere. Prefer bigger guns gut in certain clothing its my choice.

  11. @jamessnook602 Avatar

    Thats a hilarious name.. t-rex is known for tiny arms.. A company called T-rex Arms doesn't exactly strike fear into someone haha

  12. @goinhot9133 Avatar

    Lucas even speaks in a shooting cadence 😂

  13. @shannonanderson6339 Avatar

    Awesome company! Excellent product

  14. @mattysee24 Avatar

    Was he the first one with an attached mag caddy?

  15. @neji5706 Avatar

    Botkins holsters are overpriced cheap china plastic shit

  16. @zaxherytaylor791 Avatar

    Hell yeah you already know turkey got that Glock 19 under his pillow! Lol

  17. @dailytriggered Avatar

    A Glock 19 it’s not full-size its actually the subcompact version. The 17 is the full-size first Glock version ever produced. RIP Gaston Glock.

  18. @borrago Avatar

    Isaac is the brother who should do interviews.

  19. @shinebox1329 Avatar

    I just wish that kid had a clue before he introduced crap to a bunch of newbies

  20. @user-mx1fb9jt4g Avatar


  21. @milknmydreadzpodcast8622 Avatar

    I carry a full size Glock appendix and it’s def made from a brand that stole his idea 😂…I better go pay homage

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