LOL Joe Rogan in 1990 was SAVAGE 💀 Joe Rogan on Marriage #jre #joerogan #comedy

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This clip shows Joe Rogan performing a scetch in 1992. One of the best nostalgia Joe Rogan Podcast moments.

37 responses to “LOL Joe Rogan in 1990 was SAVAGE 💀 Joe Rogan on Marriage #jre #joerogan #comedy”

  1. @PeakSet Avatar

    Joe Rogan's FREE Kindle Book "How to Win the Game of Life" is actually worth a read. As long as there's no "Comedy" involved😅👇

  2. @goateye6596 Avatar

    That was so unfunny it hurt

  3. @heads_together_crypto2422 Avatar

    I like opening these old clips and seeing I liked them already.

  4. @kylemartin2487 Avatar

    Andrew Dice Clay was also a thing during that time. 90s humour was different…

  5. @carlobergamini4667 Avatar

    His hormone replacement therapy cured his gayness

  6. @canadianbacon3021 Avatar

    How was this in any way funny?

  7. @jaydemartin7295 Avatar
  8. @SuperSnarkyVulgarTroubleMaker Avatar

    Dude, nothin' gay, but Rogan was a fuckin' SMOKE-SHOW back in the day

  9. @togepiss Avatar

    Young Joe Rogan wasn't funny, but he sure was hot

  10. @firuzabduyev510 Avatar

    "Jamie pull up that video of me doing standup to an audience of bears"

  11. @johnmoore2574 Avatar

    Sorry Joey. You are just not funny. You have other strengths, but not stand-up.

  12. @sickbars4lyfe900 Avatar

    Cute little twink Joe rogan

  13. @user-lz3ww9kr9w Avatar

    He was pretty close to transitioning back then

  14. @huntermiller8731 Avatar

    He was really good looking

  15. @thedivinehealingpractice Avatar

    He was so handsome. He had the whole tall dark and handsome thing going on. He’s became a totally different person from then to now.

  16. @ndn2589 Avatar

    Hes accent is totally different

  17. @scottshapiro6721 Avatar

    how is the truth savage?

  18. @NateUttley Avatar

    I love marriage! I love my wife!!

  19. @JohnSmith-ie6gg Avatar

    I thought he said the N word … I was bout freak out !!!

  20. @neil3044 Avatar

    Only thing savage here is the hair

  21. @Clevelandsteamer324 Avatar

    Now he simped and is a step dad

  22. @swaveey888 Avatar

    It does sucks! Haha plus us men lose 50% of our lifelong earnings IF divorced, and according to Western society, divorce rates are up 90%!!! Like foreal, same puss puss wife that that comes with stress and fuss fuss 4 life?!?! I'd rather delete myself with a knife 😅 no way jose but mi casa NOT you casa okaaaay???

  23. @dark13insomniac Avatar

    For this, he will call himself stupid in 2023.

  24. @ScottyCruse Avatar
  25. @reggieroyster6463 Avatar

    This video, you can totally see the fact that he’s Gerard Way’s cousin

  26. @CI-di2hu Avatar

    Where was the punch line ?

  27. @cloudymatch5833 Avatar

    Yup an inspiring comedian, Ain’t polished worth a damn yet.

  28. @artahikhan7e210 Avatar

    If it wasnt for the voice… I wouldnt even recognize it💀

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