Leftist Woman Asks Shapiro If He's Transphobic

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Ben Shapiro debates racism and transphobia with a leftist college student at University of Southern California.

29 responses to “Leftist Woman Asks Shapiro If He's Transphobic”

  1. @VelvetRoma Avatar

    Very respectful young lady…. Came to ask her questions and get clarification without anger and prejudice!

  2. @TheAllience Avatar

    He answered the question a hundred times. Stop changing the question over again.

  3. @nippz2831 Avatar

    If u acknowledge someone's beliefs on homosexuality in religion but don't believe in God or that said religion then how can it be homophobic.

  4. @davidschmidt6013 Avatar

    I used to give the alphabet morons a bit of credit, but when they started attaching the suiffix 'phobic' to anything with which one disagreed, they ruined it for themselves and WERE TOO FUCKING STUPID TO SEE IT!! When I see a piece of dogshit on the sidewalk, I am not 'dogshit-phobic', I'm certainly not AFRAID OF IT, (the actual definition of "'phobia") I just don't want to deal with it. Get it, frooty-morons??

  5. @silverletsgo6344 Avatar

    Ben Freaking Shapiro everybody! Welcome to reality

  6. @isha_pedia Avatar

    “Institution of Google” is awesome!

  7. @comitatus111 Avatar

    oh, and she's black as well. Just proves race is the basis of lack of intelliegence.

  8. @comitatus111 Avatar

    Leftist 'woman'? Maybe you mean lefttist 'it'.

  9. @operation1968 Avatar

    Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact she was able to have a mature, civilized and intelligent discussion? Refreshing (for a change)

  10. @user-wq8pm9sr7l Avatar
  11. @alexitselentis7904 Avatar

    That girl had her head screwed on, she can be proud of the way she thinks conducts herself, we can all come understand eachother, being civil is key in any discussion, she was civil and respectful. Thus got Bens respect back.

  12. @hutch3703 Avatar

    Oh, she Googled it. It must be true.

  13. @bellavia5 Avatar

    I think she was coming off as trying to "understand" while at the same time she was covertly trying to push an agenda and also trying to pigeonhole Shapiro into conceding that he has some sort of trans neurosis because he does'nt validate the ongoing push to legitimize gender obfuscation.

  14. @mortykatz2236 Avatar

    How much dumber can she get

  15. @AppleSauce123 Avatar

    I love her. She's intelligent and articulate, allows for the presentation of an opposing position, and retorts with her own. I don't agree with her, but I respect her completely. Awesome girl.

  16. @squirrelofdoom3830 Avatar

    This young woman is smart and respectful, she might be left leaning, but she deffo is not a leftist.

  17. @RyanSmith6644 Avatar

    I have body dysmorphia because of trauma and abuse my mother did to me from day one of my life (called me morbidly obese even when I was 37 lbs underweight from her starving me I was still obese to her) so I can’t look in mirrors now because I can’t see the truth of what I actually look like. I see what she said I was. I can’t even recognize myself in photographs. So yes that is a mental illness because it altered how a normal brain functions. Yes it was done to me by another but I’m still stuck with the consequences forever. The solution isn’t to cut parts off of myself the solution is therapy possible medication. Some pt are born with dysmorphia and yes it alters your brain chemistry thus it is defined as mental illness. Ironically all the trans people freaking out about it being labeled mental illness are often the same trans people claiming to have Tourette’s, DiD, and other actually severe mental illnesses for attention. The hypocrisy is mind blowing to me. The trans people who use to scream about “how dare you label us” are literally now labeling not only themselves but everyone else around them. Literally wtf people make up your minds. It’s almost as if people just want to be angry over everything, pick fights, throw public temper tantrums, and get as much attention as possible. I was never given attention and I wouldn’t ever dream of acting out like this so I think it’s all these new generations who were Molly coddled and ass kissed by their parents that are the issue (most think it’s the people who raised themselves but I am that way and I have zero desire to behave like these bafoons.)

  18. @whitneymurphy307 Avatar

    Ben shapiro is GORGEOUS & BRILLIANT

  19. @chriskelly5099 Avatar

    Big respect for the girl . She asked respectfully and delved for more info . She will do well in her chosen career

  20. @lindafish2789 Avatar
  21. @DavidCruzRodriguez-es9ws Avatar

    People pay attention how screwed up magas are.

  22. @savvystarfire6667 Avatar

    I dont knownwhy but 'its not my definition, i Googled it" sent me 😂

  23. @davidmueller9342 Avatar

    He talks to much. Like fox news.

  24. @retroislandboy9708 Avatar

    Shes too nice and respectful to be a true leftist lol . if they were all like her the world would be a better place. And Ben is awesome.

  25. @user-fl4gz7lc5n Avatar

    God's first covenant was between a man and a woman in marriage Ben , do you believe that – and I love your "ministry"

  26. @Rancid_Sanity Avatar

    This girl has been programed and thinks that everyone as simple as she is and when they hear a speaker talk they will just lose all control and turn violent. It's only Libs that turn to violence when they get upset

  27. @RyanM.99 Avatar

    Thanks for helping me

  28. @RyanM.99 Avatar

    His life is a waste of time. But im a Democrat. Im biased.

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