Kobe Bryant’s Last Great Interview

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In this Kobe Bryant Interview, Patrick Bet-David asks about Laker days, mindset, Shaq, business and the untold stories. FaceTime …

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  1. @pilarpicota2891 Avatar

    Wow! What a great person/athlete he was. A wonderful life cut way too short. Feel horrible for his wife.

  2. @chrischammas1 Avatar

    I really believe one of the big what ifs we’ll have looking back is what Kobe might have accomplished as a storyteller in Hollywood. His mind was so unique i truly think he would have produced some very unique and groundbreaking content

  3. @DrewNotLegit Avatar
  4. @jaydshawn Avatar

    Watching this in 2024 we miss U Mamba 😭

  5. @pacificcab Avatar

    I watched this shortly after Kobe passed. Cried. Incredible and motivating. Watch again 2-8-24 cried again. Thank you for this. Huge respect

  6. @fakelove9317 Avatar

    Hey guys!! Kobe’s last great interview actually was on the @allthesmoke podcast and was amazing I consider checking it out if you haven’t seen it!

  7. @Heavy_M3 Avatar

    I got the chills watching the introduction and the crowd chanting Kobe 😢 man I miss him

  8. @k.murraygme Avatar

    So glad that my company had the last impactful interview with the GOAT

  9. @wilderson_footballfan Avatar

    Rip Kobe Bryant And Gianna Bryant

  10. @user-uv1nq7wi4u Avatar

    Excellent Interview. Thank you for this interview.

  11. @bw7754 Avatar

    This is the difference between Kobe and Lebron. Kobe was and is loved by EVERYONE. Crazy it’s been 4 years.

  12. @AlonzoCalPolyPomona Avatar

    YouTube AD revenue is awesome. Thanks for the interview

  13. @genduroPH Avatar

    i heard kobe the first time I watched this great interview, but damn I should've LISTENED!

  14. @saeedahmad4803 Avatar

    Still coming back to this years later to hear the greatest speak 🙏🏽🔥

  15. @gabrielfrancisco6687 Avatar

    The whole world miss kobe bryant

  16. @brandonboucher7090 Avatar

    This interview is different.

  17. @jonhopp Avatar

    Myles Garrett is pretty cool too.

  18. @darkotodorov469 Avatar


  19. @kingstonzhang4067 Avatar

    Two alpha man communicating to give people strength. Incredible

  20. @yvanumali573 Avatar

    Best interview. Its like a very good book and Kobe is reading it for you

  21. @KarlaElaine100 Avatar

    Kobe said in a different interview that he would not vote for Trump. I guess that’s one place where he and PBD differed.

  22. @FACTSinatingsatisFACTion Avatar

    It was an absolute blessing to be there

  23. @user-dx7ox3uo4d Avatar

    'analysis on HOW TO IMPROVE: 28:0629:21'
    'family sacrifice/in-house role:31:54-34:10'
    'The attention on importance: '46:1947:39'
    'Alter-Ego:How to face the FEAR: 51:0652:18'
    'Holding the OBSESSIVENESS for GREAT: 57:0558:10'
    'The stages to achieve something: 58:1559:05"

  24. @j.e.8442 Avatar

    Rest in Peace, Kobe…You're the best

  25. @Tonezic Avatar

    As someone who was never really interrested into any sports as a kid just because i was always the smallest kid in the class/team. My dad was an alcoholic & we never really had those bonding moments like watching the game together. I feel like i missed out on so much and not just because of the fact that i wasn't into sports but because even if i wanted to get into it i always had that bitch mentality like "i can't do it" because nobody, not even my dad taught me the important lessons in life, the ones Patrick and so many other great human men teach other men today. I was forced to learn a lot of things on my own and through that journey i got to discover the teachings of Patrick & others. I learnt that no matter what your circumstances may be, the possibility of the things you can do in life just by switching the switch in your mind are ENDLESS. Even though i never played or watched much sport ofcourse i heard for the great name that it's Kobe Bryant & even though watching this podcast only shows a tiny fraction of how powerfull his mind was it's enough to teach any other ordinary man how great a man can actually become onlynif he puts his mind into it without any distractions. There is no mistake about it Kobe was a living legend & we rarely get those. It's sad how short his life was, especially his daughter. His spirit will live on forever and it will continue to inspire and make other men like myself to become the greatest versions of ourself by working hard enough and never get into older age and say to ourselves "i could've done more" Thank you Patrick from the bottom of my heart for everything. You've done greater things for this generation that someone can't even imagine & you continue to do it every day. May God bless you and your family. & Thank you Kobe for showing us the potential of the human mind, after studying your life for a while, all i can say is that you vere truly one of the greatest human beings alive. Rest in Peace Legend. May you and your daughter find peace in heaven. May your name never be forgotten.

  26. @di3r3ck Avatar
  27. @darkfield2125 Avatar

    rip kobe u will live on in us im going to never stop

  28. @ankit9531 Avatar

    I don't know shit about basketball but this interview kept me hooked up for an hour this shows how great the interview was.

  29. @JerryWatson7 Avatar

    Kobe would be 2024 president if he were alive! The lord took this man way way too soon

  30. @aishagreen5638 Avatar

    One of the greatest basketball players of all time and my favorite! RIP Kobe!

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