Jordan Peterson Emotional Interview with Patrick Bet-David

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  2. @colombianspanish Avatar

    I teach Spanish πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ˜ŽπŸ‡¨πŸ‡΄

  3. @uplbdevcom Avatar

    Boring – this is not an interview, rather Peterson preaching the public as though he was their pastor in church

  4. @protonjones54 Avatar

    Girl on left: "omg I am totally on this guy's wavelength!"
    Guy on right: "o shi- I left stove on"

  5. @MrVBolton Avatar

    I have seen may of Jordan Peterson’s presentations for years. I have benefited greatly from his insights .
    This one is way up there.
    Mr Ben-David is somewhat new but my in tuition kept me seeking his presence.
    This one is with the two of them is powerful.
    I could babble on but will stop now.
    The idea that struck me tonight was how there is a key in riding the oscillation that is critical is the reality of how timid plays such a subtle but very important role as we live, on that snake that changes us over time and how that realization can comfort us in our journey. β™ˆοΈπŸŒž

  6. @tobyjacob8701 Avatar

    This is a powerful interview PDB, I both cried and laughed. So much truth! I'm going to be watching this a few times more. I'm subscribing! Happy New Year from Papua New Guinea!

  7. @IstariAzul777 Avatar

    Wow my opinion of Jordan has gone up knowing his advice re cats u encounter

  8. @samiya096 Avatar

    Peterson acting like he care about people who died 100 years ago when he encouraged a genocide.

  9. @alexisgonzalez9954 Avatar

    Who would like to go see Patrick at one of his events ? If anyone would like to lmk I have tickets available.

  10. @ZECH1189 Avatar

    I scored 97% in conscientiousness, never went to college, and have a great job. You don't need college, you just need a brain, heart, and soul…and some ambition.

  11. @GranolaBear13 Avatar

    God almighty, I love Jordan Peterson, but I strongly disagree with him on some things. In my opinion, we have been in the best times, currently we are as far into the weak times as we can get. If we don’t straighten the course, the tough times phase is just around the corner.

  12. @tammyhagger1460 Avatar

    2 men with integrity and honesty that live what they believe, clear examples of great work ethics. Good fathers and husbands and role models for a lost society. The world needs more men like this in places of influence. Truth ❀

  13. @bonitamartin4954 Avatar

    Definately be careful who you share good news with! At work, I try to make myself indispensable. It relieves boredom. One year, coworkers were furious because "no one" was getting a raise. I got a $1/hr raise. I said nothing.

  14. @Emanuel-Sampaio Avatar

    🎯 Key Takeaways for quick navigation:

    00:00 🌍 Introduction and Rule Selection
    – Overview of Jordan Peterson's 12 rules for life.
    – Peterson's explanation of the selection process for his rules, including rules that didn't make the cut.
    03:16 πŸ€” Choosing Coherent Rules
    – Peterson discusses the need for coherence in selecting rules for his book.
    – Examples of rules that didn't make the original cut, like "Be careful who you share good news with."
    08:21 🌐 Assessment of Current Times
    – Analysis of the historical context, indicating that we are currently in relatively good times.
    – Positive global trends, technological advancements, and improvements in the standard of living.
    09:15 πŸ”„ Luxury and Motivation
    – Discussion on the potential downside of luxury, leading to a decline in motivation.
    – Observations on how privilege and prosperity may affect future generations' drive.
    11:48 🌱 Impact of Birth Control Pill
    – Reflection on the profound societal impact of the birth control pill.
    – Link between birth control, education, economic growth, and declining birth rates.
    15:49 πŸ’Ό Overprotection and Privation
    – Examination of the challenges in balancing parental protection and allowing children to face privation.
    – Insights into the potential negative consequences of overprotecting children.
    17:01 🍼 Family Planning and Joy
    – Peterson's personal perspective on family planning and the importance of children.
    – Emphasis on the unique joy and love children bring, contributing significantly to life.
    20:23 🏑 Family Importance Over Time
    – Reflection on the increasing importance of family as individuals age.
    – Advice against prioritizing career over family without neglecting the other aspects of life.
    23:40 πŸŽ“ Role of Elite Schools
    – Critique of the perceived value of elite schools, emphasizing the role of intelligence and selective admission.
    – Insight into how selective schools act as a screening mechanism for employers.
    24:35 🧠 Meritocracy and Cognitive Abilities
    – Meritocracy is based on hiring individuals with high intrinsic intelligence and conscientiousness.
    – Cognitive abilities, such as intelligence and conscientiousness, are strong predictors of long-term success in a meritocratic society.
    – Acknowledgment of the inherent unfairness in a meritocratic system, where factors like innate cognitive abilities play a crucial role.
    27:15 🍽️ Impact of Nutrition on Intelligence
    – Early childhood nutrition significantly affects intelligence.
    – Deprivation of nutrition during childhood can lead to permanent impairment of cognitive abilities.
    – Investing in early childhood nutrition is highlighted as a crucial factor in improving overall intelligence and societal well-being.
    28:41 πŸ“Ί Media's Influence on Intelligence
    – Media's impact on intelligence varies among individuals.
    – The quality of media consumption, such as educational content versus mindless entertainment, plays a role.
    – Overall, the dispersion of media technology contributes to increased intelligence, with considerations for individual differences.
    30:58 πŸ’» Computers and Intelligence
    – Computers contribute to intelligence not only through content but also by necessitating organizational and problem-solving skills.
    – Proficiency in using computers enhances cognitive capabilities significantly.
    – Emphasis on the importance of computer literacy in the current and future technological landscape.
    33:40 🀳 Social Media and Mental Health
    – Twitter and similar social media platforms present challenges in communication.
    – Lack of context in online interactions can lead to misinterpretations and misunderstandings.
    – Concerns about the negative impact of social media on mental health, especially for young people.
    37:38 πŸ€– Technological Transformation and Wisdom
    – Rapid advancements in technology, especially in machine intelligence, pose potential dangers.
    – The need for wisdom at an individual level to navigate and make decisions in the face of technological transformations.
    – Acknowledgment of the unpredictable consequences of evolving communication technologies.
    41:20 🧬 Genetic Basis of Political Beliefs
    – Personality studies indicate a genetic basis for political beliefs.
    – Traits such as openness and conscientiousness contribute to liberal and conservative tendencies.
    – The importance of political dialogue arises from the complementary roles of liberals and conservatives in different societal contexts.
    47:22 πŸš€ Entrepreneurial Traits
    – Entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley are often liberal due to high openness and low conscientiousness.
    – Rule-breaking is essential for new ventures; for example, Uber bending rules to succeed.
    – Balance is needed; once established, conservative individuals excel in running operations algorithmically.
    49:01 πŸ—£οΈ Importance of Political Discussions
    – Engaging with people of differing political opinions is valuable for understanding diverse perspectives.
    – Free speech is akin to riding a giant snake, requiring constant discussion to stay centered.
    – Both conservative and liberal viewpoints are necessary for a balanced discourse.
    51:25 🌐 Seeking Objective Truth
    – Objective truths in politics are challenging to establish, but some can be found, such as through economic analyses.
    – Pragmatic truth is determined by the success of implemented plans in the real world.
    – Negotiation and compromise are often essential in the absence of clear-cut, objective truths.
    53:50 πŸ”„ Political Darwinism
    – Political truth often emerges through a Darwinian process of trying multiple solutions.
    – The U.S. system's advantage lies in its multitude of states acting as experiments.
    – Political truths can be derived from observing the efficiency and effectiveness of various solutions.
    57:09 🎯 Personal Development and Persistence
    – Entrepreneurs face a default position of failure; persistence is crucial to running numerous experiments.
    – Persistence allows for continuous improvement and learning from failures.
    – The baseline is often failure, but it is through persistence that success is eventually achieved.
    58:17 πŸ’­ Managing Comparisons and Self-Improvement
    – Comparing oneself to others can be misleading; external success may conceal personal challenges.
    – Focus on incremental self-improvement by comparing to one's past self.
    – Leading a virtuous life and maintaining honesty are significant factors in long-term success.

    Made with HARPA AI

  15. @angievii1 Avatar

    I’m latina and I know we’re very passionate people but it becomes so annoying that the crowd can’t stop clapping at him! Lmao . Like just listen and stop interrupting! and I wonder how many of those that clapped actually followed his advices 🀣

  16. @angievii1 Avatar

    I've been following JP for the last 3 years. His videos, books, seminars have changed my life completely. I just discovered PBD so these two minds in the same room is the best thing ever!

  17. @elvisvan Avatar

    46:06 a unifying message towards the "liberals versus conservatives" altitude

  18. @pamela6074 Avatar

    I just watched this again. While I love you both, my hoe quickly the world is trying to devolve.

  19. @matheweckhardt8154 Avatar
  20. @cristianrculetu7371 Avatar

    Jordan touch my heart anytime when he talks about kids.. I lost my younger son last year..😒May God bless you and your family

  21. @densonfletcher8612 Avatar

    An unconditional source of joy and love… I must do better… my folks are gone, that’s the only person left that will love me without an agenda except life. I must

  22. @PULAG Avatar

    His twitter comment statement was hilarious and very true.

  23. @gilbertsanchez4583 Avatar

    The computer are not smarter then us human because we put what we know into them

  24. @carlosderegil8674 Avatar

    All JBP interviews are just great

  25. @alixegabriel972 Avatar

    Two great Men of our Time. Thank you!!!!!!!πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

  26. @tonytey6784 Avatar

    people are dying in ukraine and we are in good times?

  27. @rainabosworthf393 Avatar

    I can't say anything now,my whole family is listening to you, &checking comments. I like you ,just didn't realize how many people like you, especially this country. They love you here.

  28. @sbookeydoll Avatar

    He said that we are in good times, then I went back and saw it was 4 years ago

  29. @juliadixonk Avatar

    I love this so much.

  30. @colnando Avatar

    Jordan is a very smart man. Sure wish I could vote for someone like that instead of idiot A or idiot B.

  31. @itsmeyoufool37 Avatar

    Patrick is not a good interviewer.

  32. @montyhall2805 Avatar

    Staggering difference between JBP and Dr. Phil. Not in the same league. One's a deep and articulate thinker trying to save western civilization. The other parades and exploits people with psychological issues.

  33. @suzannelaw2219 Avatar

    The US family prosperity described is more coastal. Many have been left behind, jobs outsourced, that is the rustbelt. Many are filled with despair. As a few companies have returned, wages are not as they were before the jobs were outsourced. More along the wages paid at walmart. Then add resource extraction jobs. Then those not inclined to depend on the dole (I'm describing Appalachia here).

  34. @survivingthetimes Avatar

    Can't think of a time you would go back to? Are you high? I would rather go back to the 80's than put up with the sheer amount of lunacy coming from everywhere. The box checking diversity hires who are supposed to be running the country are are sinking it faster than the few remaining citizens with common sense can bail the water.

  35. @remipt3527 Avatar

    12 rules of life can really change you to better person .. amazing person we love you 🀍

  36. @alicialyons9901 Avatar

    Pre comments after I'm watch this I'm pretty sure he's going to cut him off the interviewer because he tends to do that in his interviews I really don't like that

  37. @alicialyons9901 Avatar

    As someone is intelligent as Jordan I really do think he likes to hear the sound of his own voice sometimes I don't know if he's aware of that

  38. @alicialyons9901 Avatar

    I do like Jordan but the thing that he said with the lady in the front of the magazine was really uncalled for I don't think she was obese, everyone has a title to their opinion but still I was below the belt just like I don't like skinny jeans and he's getting so he's ugly still like the guy

  39. @bulvye5107 Avatar

    Jordan Peterson is a force for good. We need him now more than ever. Thanks for great interviews PBD

  40. @0SenjuUchiha0 Avatar

    Pats the number one after he gets Donald Trump in a interview, too many interviews show bias and censorship. I haven't seen Patrick be anything but sincere and inquisitive in his approach. Kudo PBD

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