Joey Diaz Tells Jail Stories | Joe Rogan

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Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1220:

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  1. @superghettojelo9698 Avatar

    Joey breathing kinda hard

  2. @dominic8520 Avatar

    Bullocks like a prison screw is guna put a finger up ur arse u liar that's rape

  3. @roccop8674 Avatar

    lucky he got his own clothes😅

  4. @WisdomShortsEntertainment Avatar

    They ship them all to Hawaii. I learned it, and see it since I moved here.

  5. @angeldelcourt6882 Avatar

    Jail is jail. There's no rehabilitation. They don't care about you period. If you are looking for sympathy or empathy, you will not find it there. L.A. County is worse than going most places. Just nasty. I remember showers on Wednesday unless you pissed of the deputies. Sponge baths to stay clean.

  6. @donk3ynuts645 Avatar

    Joey Diaz is a national treasure

  7. @elijahreagle2825 Avatar

    Uncle Joey with the 412 gear on. Much love from the Burgh

  8. @highvibeproductions7063 Avatar

    "Boulder County was tremendous" 💀

  9. @DJ_Mayberry Avatar

    people still do dat in all

  10. @adammaznev4069 Avatar

    I guess we all learned a finger up your @ss isn’t ideal

  11. @ErikShen2907 Avatar


  12. @j-s2526 Avatar

    I have a brother-in-law who was and still is addicted to alcohol and drugs. If people today say they don't believe Joey's stories, that's their choice. But if I told you stories about my brother-in-law, you would never believe them. Honestly, I wouldn't believe them myself if I hadn't witnessed them with my own eyes. Just look at Steve-O, for example. You probably wouldn't believe him if he didn't record everything.

  13. @Looneybird-so5bm Avatar

    Why the finger in the butt doesn’t squat and cough 😷 work

  14. @stonerguitarist4690 Avatar

    I did three months seg no problem it was easy before I had a family

  15. @rayquintana6858 Avatar

    "paradise… *inhales… Paradise… *inhales deeper… PARADISE!"

  16. @AHN001 Avatar

    7:13 yo wtf was that 😂😂😂

  17. @zacharytino8599 Avatar

    Joey is fkn crazy…and i like it. Reminds me lot of myself in the sense that he don't give a f*** and doesn't take any shit, rolls with the punches and does his own thing. Respect to the man

  18. @Zach-tx2zh Avatar

    Needs to clear his FUCKING throat

  19. @chadorr10 Avatar

    Was in Boulder County in 2014 I was smoking weed and cigarettes everyday and had a wooden bunk and decent mattress that rembled some shit from summer camp when I was a kid j-link the place to be …but if you got to go… Boulder County is still the best time I've ever had to do in jail pro tip ….if u like to smoke reefer and cigarettes volunteer to do time in thevworker dorm…that's all I have to say about that

  20. @Asignuva Avatar

    Trading milk for kool-aid. 😂so basically like elementary school lunch back in the day

  21. @dbaby4444 Avatar

    Being from Pittsburgh aka the 412 it makes me super happy seeing Joey west that shirt

  22. @mattoone12 Avatar

    S/o to joey for wearing a 412 shirt

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