Joe Rogan's DMT Experiences

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Joe Rogan, Owen Benjamin, and Kurt Metzger on DMT.

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  1. @michaelrollo4147 Avatar

    The movie is called”From beyond “. I love that movie. I’ve seen it tons of times

  2. @RuffMcPuff98 Avatar

    Does the guy in black even know what he was talking about?? lol

  3. @hedoroti Avatar

    DO NOT TRUT ANYBODY IN THE COMMENT SECTION. DMT IS NOT GOOD. AS A NEUROLOGIST I REPEAT, DO NOT USE DMT. Dimethyltryptamine is a dangerous hallucinogenic trypamine drug. People claim to talk to a different dimensional being while in a dmt trip, this easily mean that your brain is basically being cooked and basically not working properly in the time of the trip. A guy literally shot his genitals believing it would save the world after a dmt trip. See how ridiculous that is? Some chopped their dick off. Some cant even recover from the trip. Some dies. Dont ever listen to these crackheads on the comment section. If you guys ever wonder why so many people says positive things about it, its because crackhead simply wont admit the health risk.

  4. @johnbarry8586 Avatar

    Joe can you plz send me an address in the Rep of Ireland ,or closest area .
    Thanx .
    Jonboy .

  5. @connerstevens9545 Avatar

    This dude needs to take some mushrooms and chill tf out stop doing nose candy its gross and your annoying as hell my guy

  6. @Jkfrasier1980 Avatar

    That movie limitless was so crazy too

  7. @khamzatchimaev3505 Avatar

    I love the dmt stories but physically know I could never try it I'd be nervous as a m*therf*cker

  8. @asmithdev2162 Avatar

    As someone who is a DMT breakthrough experience, i rate this advice a 10 out of ten

  9. @brentnichols8567 Avatar

    Dude in black is a tweeker

  10. @slumpjuice3423 Avatar
  11. @JosiahTreIawny Avatar

    I’m on dmt right now watching and it’s like the words he’s saying are going back even tho I ain’t even rewinding for shit 😭😭😭

  12. @Mih0 Avatar

    My last trip was 4h and it felt like 10min

  13. @takearushfan Avatar

    "From Beyond" Jeffrey Combs

  14. @dentistry42 Avatar

    If our bodies produce DMT why can't we see the other realm, even a little bit?

  15. @cooperradford6396 Avatar

    Bro in black looks like hes on crack

  16. @ckrazy813 Avatar

    Mr Bean the crack version

  17. @The00Dude Avatar

    Jos Rogan is a clown

  18. @edwinfromtv Avatar

    I did DMT & seen nothing but static

  19. @NOORKHAN0o Avatar

    My body also produces shit and piss doesn’t mean I should make it a drug

  20. @KerryWaldrip Avatar

    Genesis 11:1-9 talks about the division of languages. Just sayin'. Glory, honor, peace. Go read. It'd be really cool if Joe had Jeff Allen on the show.

  21. @slappinpumpkins Avatar

    Where do you even get DMT? I need to know this when I hit 50 years old

  22. @karlkrause2265 Avatar

    Stupid pot smokers they got to be the stupidest people on this planet.

  23. @shanefalgoust7838 Avatar
  24. @user-jv5lx8cy2w Avatar

    Jeez, I left youtube on 1.25 play rate and thought these guys were tripping their asses off. They are just talking about it. Duh.

  25. @72shahi Avatar

    Who is this guy who keeps interrupting Joe. Super irritating! Great video though!

  26. @misssarason Avatar

    Kurt Metzger can’t string one coherent sentence together…..ever.

  27. @FlokiPoki-we9gm Avatar

    Owen Benjamin ! Love that guy.

  28. @skeetlejuice522 Avatar

    Really bad idea when everyone on one podcast takes Adderall

  29. @mitakachuy.8883 Avatar

    Oh man Joe Rogan is such a magician.. he draws back the experience of the jokers giving him the finger, presenting it to his guest just to subconsciously tell him to calm the fck down xD so ahead of time.. sadly not many observers notice those objective gems.. we just hold up to what provokes us the most..

  30. @user-td4pf6rr2t Avatar

    9:13 i sort of agree with this if the stuff is naturally produced in our body.

  31. @MalleusDei275 Avatar

    The patterns you see with your eyes closed under a strobe light….are very similar.

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