Joe Rogan Talks About the Aztecs with Josh Homme

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Taken from JRE #1387 w/Josh Homme:

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  1. @larryanderson7282 Avatar

    Cortez brought disease and the what killed the people

  2. @shihualeyva6793 Avatar

    Teotihuacan was not built Aztecs. The name was given by them, but not lived there.
    Chichén Itzá was a ceremonial site, not home for the people.

  3. @D4u2s0t Avatar

    Nobody noticed the dad joke at 3:45 "that would be wheely hard"

  4. @heath_deadgerpvp1161 Avatar

    Nephilim architecture. Check out LA Marzulli.

  5. @dzonnyblue3065 Avatar

    Thank you Spain for deleting Aztecs once and for all !

  6. @bomh399 Avatar

    Aztecs were the new kids on the block setting up shop all the other indigenous tribes were there already

  7. @bomh399 Avatar

    Are y’all dumb ass shit or what Aztecs came from up north Aztlan in the Great Lakes area the pyramids they build are still there and when they got to Mexico City there was already hundreds of other native tribes already in Mexico Aztecs are just one part of Mexican history most famous

  8. @aardvark99rex14 Avatar

    I wonder if this dopey hippie feels the same way about the Nazis when visiting Auschwitz?

  9. @kpwillson Avatar

    Check out the book "Fifth Sun" by townsend if you are interested in the topic

  10. @adamcuneo7189 Avatar

    Well, let's not pretend the Native peoples didn't take each other's lands too, conquest was still going on prior to the Conquistadors' arrival, plus I read that the Mayans and the Aztecs would fight wars for no other reason than to simply spill blood.

  11. @Daniel-zm6nh Avatar

    Ya, the Aztecs murderd for their gods. Luckily, they were all killed by Conquistadors and their women raped and they've become mexicans who only murder for drug lords.

  12. @shawnmccombs7305 Avatar

    More evidence of a long lost civilization that was more advanced than us.If you look amd use humility and there are examples on every continent.We are not the pinnacle.

  13. @javablanca547 Avatar

    Cortez aligned with natives that gave up cannibalism against the tribes that refused. The records are clear.

  14. @javablanca547 Avatar

    Look at this wretched puke trying to justify his fanboying for a death cult society thats blood soaked in cannibalism and human aacrifice.

  15. @chicagovillage2375 Avatar

    😂😂 blue shirt got go already I bet he wore that shirt over their 😂at the pyramids

  16. @felipefonseca1212 Avatar

    Joe freaking out over people in Latin America speaking Spanish makes me think he believes all Latin Americans are descendants of the natives, but in most Latin American countries people descended from the Spanish and other European migrants. It’s like being amazed people in the US and Canada speak English and French

  17. @thebandit1677 Avatar

    As a mexican who has roots with the aztecs. It like makes my blood spike with energy knowing how smart my people are. Not were because we mestizos are what they were.

  18. @patrickk___ Avatar

    The Aztecs, Mayans, Incas, Toltecs, were all very interesting. But we need to know more about the Olmecs. I believe the Olmecs came before them all and actually had impact on cultures around the world possibly, as they may have traveled around the world.

  19. @thekeepers15 Avatar

    It took them all of 5 minutes to forget about the 80000 people ritualistically murdered when discussing which civilization is better, its like "1st world living is the best", then rogan comes along " but how could you say that, knowing the level of sophisticated acoustics they had and they're understanding of stars" …🤨…. Joe have you ever heard of microphones and telescopes , we dont need that shit anymore because men have figured out better ways of accomplishing the same goal.

  20. @BLKBRDD Avatar

    People forget that a lot of these ancient civilisations had thousands of years to work this stuff out. Civilisation currently as we know it has started from a low bar around 400yrs ago.

  21. @user-ni9zw9uc3m Avatar

    Why is his t-shirt so torn?😂

  22. @ninjanik2095 Avatar

    everybody knows why mexico speaks spanish. Just because youre a neanderthal doesnt mean everyone else

  23. @luedog8385 Avatar

    you people are so stupid. leaen some actually history you morons. the book the fifth Sun is a good start its on Audible as well

  24. @luedog8385 Avatar

    🤦‍♂️ the head binding was Mayan

  25. @GHOSTsq Avatar

    We have always used. We're gonna save you because you're humanity is lost. That's what we always use.
    That's what the.
    Dehumanization is all about

  26. @titob81 Avatar

    Pretty sure people understand why Mexicans speak Spanish Joe, lol. Wait til he finds out why he is speaking English. Its going to blow his mind

  27. @ericvargas6912 Avatar

    Baffled how this Joe Rogan spreads ignorance. Aztecs didn’t even built Teotihuacan. 😅😅, not to mention about the wheel comment? . Cant possible get worse than that.

  28. @limewoman1 Avatar

    The Aztecs didn't build the teotihuacan

  29. @carlosdeal2861 Avatar

    Navajos Diné held more land and ruled America. South, USA, Canada, Alaska. Far more dominant than all tribes. Navajo colonized America before conquistadors and Christians. Larger and more powerful than Aztec.

  30. @EricRosenwaldPhotography Avatar

    One of my big takeaways is that Josh was full of shit when he sang, “if I told you that I knew about the sun and the moon, I’d be untrue”

    Bullshit! ❤

  31. @morganweller1491 Avatar

    Yeah you could say that about the Portuguese the French and especially the English I think they just saw them as very primitive and were like ok we can take it all let's go

  32. @luci1474 Avatar

    What do they mean, Aztecs didn’t have wheels?

  33. @gerardosoto3282 Avatar

    Cortez also made it illegal to speak Nahuatl and they would kill you publically if you were caught speaking it.

  34. @HaleStorm49 Avatar

    Egyptians had reflecting pools by their Temples/pyramids…as does the LDS faith. It was about more than stars.

  35. @christysmith697 Avatar

    I couldn't even make it 5 minutes and to listen to these two guys talk brutal

  36. @trey2687 Avatar

    Pooping while watching

  37. @midwestrebel2 Avatar

    Europeans tryna tell everyone else story while they don't even know their own fully ..

  38. @Craig-fl8jj Avatar

    The spaniards didnt conquer anyone without the help of the oppressed smaller groups of indians who were the ones with real grudges against the Aztec.

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