Joe Rogan & Sonny: NIGHTMARE Traveling In Egypt!?!

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Joe Rogan and Sonny from Best Food Ever Review Show discuss Sonny’s experience with the Egyptian authorities and how they …

27 responses to “Joe Rogan & Sonny: NIGHTMARE Traveling In Egypt!?!”

  1. @saigoneze4465 Avatar

    In case you forgot ,dozens of westerners get killed or , kidnapped every year when visiting the pyramids. The country is a shi#hole run by dictatorship of extremists. Iran is a better option at this point

  2. @vit220 Avatar

    Egypt is a shit hole …

  3. @user-yl5rl7tg2j Avatar

    it sounds like you should have brought a stack of cash to grease the wheels
    everyone stopped him looking for their cut, and he didnt catch on I guess.
    arent you guys supposed to have good fixer who know these things, can get u through customs and deal with the police 30x… hire better fixers

  4. @tomdyer8518 Avatar

    I can’t wait to go to Egypt! said absolutely no one, ever…

  5. @kashnyf4794 Avatar

    فشلتونا يالمصارية

  6. @InsiderBoy Avatar

    Avoid all those moose-lamb countries all together.

  7. @Prezedito Avatar

    I’ve been to Egypt. It is smelly and dirty. However I would encourage everyone to go at least once. The pyramids are a once in a lifetime experience that should be seen by everyone.

  8. @analoguejerry9066 Avatar

    In related news: there are over 100 million Egyptians, overwhelming majority of them dirt poor.

  9. @gerritbollin6129 Avatar

    It’s really not a bad place! walking around Cairo backstreets is great if ur not dealing with the bureaucracy // filming a show

  10. @Der_Gewagte Avatar

    Never go to Africa and never go to south-america and never go to India.

  11. @lightningonoceans Avatar

    You realize your Egyptian fixer was in on all of this right? You just didn't pay enough corruption money. If you bribed all the people you talk about you would have kept every piece of equipment except the drone. And every photo or video too. That plain clothed cop showing up was brought in by the Egyptian fixer. He had your schedule and a general idea about your wealth and a decent understanding of how best to extort you.

  12. @Seanpfree Avatar

    All the university and coastal leftists that despise America should spend a week in countries like these leaving their vast amounts of cash behind so they can't privelege their way out of these kinds of experiences

  13. @fredflintstone6729 Avatar

    People think Pyramids and the Sphinx and forget border with Gaza..

  14. @lcs-salam Avatar

    I've been to Egypt a few times. I had no problems. It's true that the government is on edge but there shouldn't be any huge problems if you're going there without a camera crew.

  15. @ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh123 Avatar

    I was just in Egypt and it's still a complete mess. On arrival they wldn't accept my evisa, so I had to pay for a new one. No reason given, just officials didn't feel like accepting it. Every place I went ppl do nothing but scam you. Non stop all day. Then on departure some young security dik didn't want to let me get to the check in area, claiming my flight already left. It was delayed so it wldnt leave for 2.5h but he didnt care. I had to yell just to be able to check in. Place is a mess, avoid Eygpt

  16. @scogginsscoggins Avatar

    I have been frequently to nice hotels in Cairo and I have never had such experiences.

  17. @shaneclark5022 Avatar

    Yea if you watch the video he was making dick jokes and shaking with his left hand. I wouldnt want this guy in my county either

  18. @mukkaar Avatar

    Honestly I feel like they are trying to extract bribes, it's usually why people in corrupt and ubstable countries make timhings more difficult.

  19. @matt-sm8ur Avatar

    Egypt doesn’t treat anyone right especially their views on women.
    Think about that next time you want to visit.

  20. @MM-bt8ke Avatar

    As a middle eastern guy I have been to most middle eastern countries, I have to say its true, the west always glorifies Egypt but It's not a safe place at all; and very annoying, you will be harrast at every point of your trip. Better go to Dubai, Saudia, Israel (maybe not now until things come down), Jordan is boring but safe, Lebanon is nice but their government is fully corrupted, and the people really suffer due to Iranian/Hezballah intervention. Syria, I wouldn't even consider, Iraq is mostly not safe, Iran is awesome if you can get in and keep a low profile. the government there is truly the worst.

  21. @robertsomebody8643 Avatar

    I had the opposite problem in Georgia. Government was ok, officials were OK, but the people were trash.

  22. @wiisdomseeker Avatar

    Dude all the officials were asking bribe. How could you not get it?:)))

  23. @DigitalNomadOnFIRE Avatar

    You had a plan and permits, and didn't know walkie talkies were illegal 🤡

  24. @DigitalNomadOnFIRE Avatar

    This is why you need a local fixer.

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