Joe Rogan – Nazi Colonies in South America?

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Tim Kennedy further discusses the history of Nazi’s who escaped to South America.

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  1. @bobsmith9571 Avatar

    @0:33 lol… this didn't age well = the zionists (isreal) are f'n nazis.. ask a Palestinian

  2. @thomasfx3190 Avatar

    Thousands of well to do SS and Wermach officers with blood on their hands escaped to Argentina to be helped by Juan Peron. They lived with impunity, many living under their own names. Some workers in VW and Mercedes plants in San Paolo. When Peron died in 1974 his political enemies ratted you a bunch of these guys and many of them were extradicted back to West Germany.

  3. @ezequielperez9303 Avatar

    (…) "Combatiendo el capital" (…). ✌🏻

  4. @francksasser1780 Avatar
  5. @bittegibeinennamenein4503 Avatar

    Joe your guest should get his facts straight. This crap about those german towns is mostly bullshit.
    The majority of this Emigration happened at the start of the nineteenth century, back when the years startet with 18xx and modern Germany wasn‘t even a country.
    Those people in the south of brazil he talked about are descendants of the Hunsrick people from germany. Back then several hundred thousand of them immigrated and their descendants allmost number 3 million people.
    Hardly any crazy nazi-rat line conspiracy going on with most of them.

  6. @mattsanderson1432 Avatar

    Such a fuck-wit and self pimper, he has gotten worse as time goes on.

  7. @dariusrichardson3812 Avatar

    Say the ppl that colonized Egypt can we stop putting these acts on Africans

  8. @mikylaiyn4341 Avatar

    There’s zero photo graph of hurlers body no autopsy. He was the main reason to the world war but then again if he did escape would you think the world would play it was he died not consider the possibility of him coming out in a public manner? Fuck the government

  9. @MountainViews90 Avatar

    Japan also has South America ties. Very interesting.

  10. @Ivan-ly7zd Avatar

    Mercedes Benz vs BMW, who takes the cake for German engineering?

  11. @julieenglish5859 Avatar

    My older brothers worked at In N Out with Tim Kennedy in Atascadero when they were teens and I can remember being 9 years old very aware and intrigued with the amount of energy he had back then. It’s a cool memory to have now

  12. @walrustargaryen7794 Avatar

    Tim Kennedy is an idiot. Oktoberfest in Argentina is a festivity that is celebrated in a little Town called Villa General Belgrano and was stablished in 1932. In 1940 the goverment took the survivors of Graf Spee and took them there. Those were the only 'nazis' that were there and they were only soldiers. No generals, no high ranked nazis. No one speaks German there, and like every other community in Argentina ir Brazil or Chile, they have German, swiss, danish, balcanic or polish descendant. Like Chicago, like New York, like Boston. But the german descendant in Argentina is like 4% at best. The big waves of inmigration in Argentina happened in the end of XIX century and after WWI, because war and fever. My GF comes from Yugoslavia (wasn't called like that) in 1922. The nazis that came here were few and with the exception of Menguele (who lived some time here, some time in Paraguay, some time in Brazil under a fake name) and Adolf Eichmann (who, again, escapes american imprison, lived in Baviera until 1950 and escapes to Argentina all under a fake name and worked blue collar in a car factory until Mossad caught him), and maybe Priebke, same thing. Fake name, some folks suspect he was nazi. Chile had similar stories. They went everywhere. Wasnt a Operation, like Paperclip…

  13. @stuartpinder3807 Avatar

    America give a good home to a few to not just south America

  14. @arnigudbjornsson5059 Avatar

    He's stupid and delusional 😂😂

  15. @NorthernPanzer666 Avatar

    Porche made the engines in the 'Tiger' tanks. The most superior tanks in WWII. But was outnumbered & had no fuel in the end of the war.
    I hate war that means all parts. Theres no hero's

  16. @aerlial360 Avatar

    BTW, Skorzeny knew he was working for Mossad as a mercenary. He lured a German scientist (working on the Egyptian missile program) into the woods for Mossad and shot him in the back and they buried him right there in the woods, he and one or two Mossad agents. One of the Mossad agents actually attended Skorzeny's funeral alongside old SS men.

  17. @Casey_and_Cars Avatar

    Tell us that you know nothing about 80s American cars, without telling us. GN's, Turbo Trans Am's, GLHS's,and turbo Corvettes strongly disagree and ran the streets 😂 Not some goofy ass VW.

  18. @c.l.7525 Avatar

    I hate Illinois Nazis.

  19. @rickholland4578 Avatar

    Moral of the story: Never EVER trust a German! NEVER!!!

  20. @WeKillUsHoldings Avatar

    The Germans did not invent eugenics. It goes way back. Planned Parenthood in the USA was founded to promote and execute it. Henry Ford was also a proponent.

  21. @Nttmf Avatar

    With all this information, why are countries investigating these nazis and bring them to justice?

  22. @aliimanpour8038 Avatar


  23. @vinzanity68 Avatar

    US knew Nazis escaped to South America and other countries. But USSR was a bigger problem right after WW2.

  24. @lucifer73 Avatar

    Nazis and Wehrmacht were different.

  25. @ianhale4466 Avatar

    This guy walks around looking at things like a skateboarder does, but instead of imaging sick skatespots, he is imaging brutal explosive ordinance

  26. @user-xs8lc3ci3i Avatar

    Joe does this man you are interviewing have a channel or a way to see more of him?


    The fact that they have their own country effectively and keep up with the old ways just say how much influence they have on their own kid's

  28. @dylangarsed7254 Avatar

    The systematic destruction of the german people over the last century is disgraceful. This guy is a violent basket case. Needs to raise his vibration and accept peace. Love is definitely the only way forward for everybody.

  29. @JS-jh4cy Avatar

    Mengale in Chile, shit

  30. @andrewk4021 Avatar

    And here we are in 2023 with the jews and muslims mutilating babies and killing each other over religion. Stand up people. If only the war went on a few more years.

  31. @User1989-st6ne Avatar

    So much knowledge I learn from Joe Rogan Podcast!

  32. @mattd6200 Avatar

    TM admits to vengeful murder. That's a sticky situation to be a part of. No rule of law, just a roided up ex-UFC fighter with a bone to pick. I hope he tagged the guy guys.

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