Joe Rogan Made A Huge Mistake

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This is the greatest confusing boxing match of All Time Merch I stream every day …

36 responses to “Joe Rogan Made A Huge Mistake”

  1. @ECCvideo78 Avatar

    Joe has the best solar watch ever on his chest basically 🤔

  2. @Johncenaloveschina Avatar

    I guess a non story does get Joe Rogans name in the title at least.

  3. @casualchris7443 Avatar

    This is such a little deal lmao kinda disappointed u even covered this joe is an old guy lmao like u expect ur dad to get every online thing? Huge nothingburger

  4. @shahabdeiri7629 Avatar

    Tbh joe just made a simple mistake, which everyone could also make it!
    And joe was pure angel to talk about how evil this situation (false) was

  5. @channelname5345 Avatar

    I think Joe was spontaneously reacting to what he thought was a sad situation

  6. @Spectrum0122 Avatar

    The music took me out hahha Joe was so concerned loll

  7. @TheReaper6996 Avatar

    to be fair hes always blasted on weed and shrooms looking at bears

  8. @ryanburt9108 Avatar

    Wait till he sees Star Wars

  9. @ConfusedKittens-wz9gr Avatar
  10. @Leoniscordis Avatar

    Dad is everyone's father

  11. @ryanflynn6819 Avatar

    Joe didn’t think ab it, he was def high and j brought up what he saw. I doubt he planned on bringing it up

  12. @ryanflynn6819 Avatar
  13. @ericMT Avatar

    Weird that Joe has never heard of Nathan Barnatt. He’s been around a long time.

  14. @tails324 Avatar

    Charlie Clickbaited me the exact same way Joe got Clickbaited 😂

  15. @17spliffs Avatar

    why r u talking abt this who tf cares? no way a human being made a mistake 🤯

  16. @MadDunhill Avatar

    Joe can admit a mistake when it’s silly stuff like this but when it comes to the mountains of actually harmful misinformation he spreads and believes without questioning he just doesn’t give a shit, even when guests call him out on it.

  17. @maximepelchat9019 Avatar

    Woah I love nathan and especially his character Keith Apicary, the guy's a genius he fooled joe rogan XD

  18. @FMM9009 Avatar

    How am I just now learning about Joe Rogans weird ass nipples lmaoo

  19. @centerfield6339 Avatar

    This is about a millionth the importance I thought it was when I read the title.

  20. @jacksonhodge4638 Avatar

    Consistently the least evil comment section.

  21. @CasualDandyAkaSqwrty Avatar

    When the space suit is on, Rogan has left orbit. At least, that's the pattern I've seen from watching him. He was feeling that good ol' compassion for his fellow man when he thought of the clickbait vid thanks to some chanterelles, possibly.

  22. @iflut- Avatar

    What do you mean a full team?? Its just Jamie lmao

  23. @thelightwielder Avatar

    "Hey Joe, what time is it?"
    Joe: Checks Nipples "About 12:35"

  24. @oscarcorrea4018 Avatar

    To be fair, Joe's also an old ass man. While hes on social media, i doubt he's very social media savy himself.

    @10:35 who ever commented that has thought his long nips with no areolaes was normal up until this moment lol

  25. @1997bronco Avatar

    I have been deprived of this Joe Rogan information for years.

  26. @jeffreyedwards767 Avatar

    [ you ] left your wallet here [ men only leather & cream car wash bar ] come pick it up Charlie ♡

  27. @hyghacinth1632 Avatar

    Bro Joe just lost all credibility in my eyes just now

    Damn shame this was a year ago

  28. @djukafox Avatar

    I mean, as an ex pro fighter, how couldn't he tell that these dudes are literally like having fun, that older dude doesn't even look like his hitting him seriously.

  29. @cyrus832 Avatar

    no rlly can we talk abt the nipples pls😧

  30. @jacobcarpenter4155 Avatar

    For a guy who’s a commentator for the ufc…this is super weird…even if that was his dad…everyone is someone’s son

  31. @jimmyjam6483 Avatar

    I %100 think he watches conspiracy bullshit and believes it. I have always got that vibe from him.

  32. @willrandleman3184 Avatar

    there is no point behind this video

  33. @aarongarcia2911 Avatar

    Joe is notorious for just watching IG clips and taking it for facts

  34. @robinbloopi830 Avatar

    i love dadbot's celebration when he knocks Matt out and hoe Joe Rogan actually thinks its an actual father and soon lmfao

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