Joe Rogan Interviews Trans Woman Blaire White #shorts

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I was the first trans woan guest on The Joe Rogan Experience! Subscribe to my channel @BlaireWhiteX for my takes on trans …

33 responses to “Joe Rogan Interviews Trans Woman Blaire White #shorts”

  1. @thebert5000 Avatar

    I accept that he became trans but this acceptance of calling him a she or her is not

  2. @Gggggghhvvbbb Avatar

    Joe would, hell maybe he did?

  3. @martincruey Avatar

    I can't stand this shit. This Damm transgender stuff is driving me crazy.

  4. @portraittogo1567 Avatar

    I realised it at my first day in kindergarden. I walked in and saw to sides. One side was pink and one blue and I tried to figure out where I belong to and I felt I belong to the children on the blue side. They were like I. But then I was told no, you are a girl, go over there and I asked: how do you know? Because it felt wrong to me. She said, you are a girl, you ave a girl name, haven't you?
    I got really angry at my mum and when she picked me up I blamed her about my name because everybody thought I was a girl know, because of her 😅 I really thought she must hate me. After that I went with a boy name to kindergarden at the blue side and was totaly finde until puberty hits my, that bitch 😅

  5. @josephcremeans Avatar

    It's a man, a MAN I say!!!!

  6. @bluesoul7163 Avatar

    Daaamn… she looks more woman than many actual women 😂.
    Also more feminine…

  7. @leesabubbles6915 Avatar

    Theirs Trans like her then their the fake ones mocking all of us

  8. @AndrewSmith-rh8ho Avatar

    You know if you stop giving these people attention theyll just eventually disappear 😂

  9. @matthewjacobs5010 Avatar

    u guys would hit it. dont lie. i would.

  10. @gabisgospel Avatar

    This is a role model of a trans woman, this is what trans rights is for, people like this.

  11. @robertfelix6945 Avatar

    5 is way too much and i dont believe him or her. If she would have said 11 or 12 then i would say i believe it.

  12. @tonyweiss2492 Avatar

    I like her when she said " I'm not a woman I'm a different kind of man "

  13. @007HPeter Avatar

    How is dressing like the opposite gender a feeling?

  14. @rebekahcurtis1046 Avatar

    I love ❤️ 😢Blair 🎉❤

  15. @juniorquinata1938 Avatar

    I like Blair but hate when people reference memory from their early childhood,I just have one question about those memories what was your teacher name an class room number bet you they don't remember those memories come on stop the fake memories

  16. @BillFieds-tn9yj Avatar

    He totally looks like a man
    Hes not fooling anybody

  17. @MrG-xm1up Avatar

    OH NO. I thought that person was a hot broad. This isn’t good. Should I see a doctor or something? That person should have a disclaimer on all its videos. My whole Super Bowl Weekend is fucked up now

  18. @franciscotolentino243 Avatar

    This dude knew he was a girl at 5 but still believed in Santa Claus stfu

  19. @natemjonesd6264 Avatar

    No kid has that problem at 5
    She is clearly lying for attention

  20. @lonewolfsniper101 Avatar

    Waaaaait! I’ve been following this whole time and didn’t know she was trans!?! 😮😮 I legit through you are a biological woman! 🤯

  21. @krazydoglady8160 Avatar

    I remember things from when i was 2 & younger.

  22. @patrom8164 Avatar

    Blair is definetly The hottest man on search 😅. And also pretty based

  23. @billjones9043 Avatar

    She’s pretty hot ngl

  24. @tracihartley7423 Avatar

    She is amazing….I love her out look and she calls bullshit when it's bullshit!!

  25. @IhneelkLam Avatar

    Blair is great, but HE will never be a woman. Stop the madness. I pray he will be delivered from gender dysphoria.

  26. @scottandersen508 Avatar

    How does she sound like an actual girl?

  27. @OpalMind Avatar

    people in this comment section are talking about how she acts like an actual woman doesn't mock cis women unlike the "others". When like 90% of Trans women are like her. They just want to live their life in peace, they aren't trying to spread "propaganda". They simply want a happy life like everyone else. The additional 10% are just people on social media and stuff. People must stop creating stereotypes based on the loud minority.

  28. @TheeLeodraco8 Avatar

    Just becuase you liked dresses and make up doesnt mean you were suppose to be a girl.

  29. @mamaofchaosx5 Avatar

    Difference between blaire and fakes, shes willing to say, yeah im a dude, technically and youre n9t going to hurt my feeling if you call me one because i know i have a mental disorder.

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