Joe Rogan Experience #1488 – Andrew Schulz

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Andrew Schulz is a stand up comedian, actor, and host. Check out his podcasts “Flagrant 2” & “The Brilliant Idiots” co-hosted with …

25 responses to “Joe Rogan Experience #1488 – Andrew Schulz”

  1. @vaxan5126 Avatar

    China has mass surveillance on their people

    Joe have you heard of the NSA?

  2. @vaxan5126 Avatar

    Bro the most important and significant discovery of the world war was done by the Americans what is joe on about 😂

  3. @vaxan5126 Avatar

    It's hilarious how joe watches ISIS videos without flinching but couldn't go through the documentary lmao

  4. @GB-pm2gz Avatar

    Nice pyjama Joe 😁👍🫡

  5. @christopherbutler6415 Avatar

    Joe rogan you need to interview roger Reaves he got barry srsl in the dope smuggling

  6. @FaisalAddow Avatar

    Significant other is not happy about Adriana lima.

  7. @alekyndall4279 Avatar

    I wish he would let Joe finish his responses or statements when he attempts to make them 😒

  8. @jonifredricksonebright Avatar

    I really think that what's wrong with Catholics is there the only religion that doesn't let there preachers or fathers get married they turn young men into abstaining from a normal human traght. So they all get perverted. All other religions let there pastures marry.😊 Hu
    😮 BB

  9. @kateturner1849 Avatar

    Family of four. Mom 61, two sons, one daughter. All got it (two smokers, two asthmatics), refused the poison – still here in 2024. It SCREAMED control from day one. We dont follow stupid people just because they're "government".

  10. @woozie3997 Avatar
  11. @keshavgupta2647 Avatar

    idk why but its my fav pod episode.

  12. @jokabg12 Avatar

    1:21:23 schultz not being comfortable to trash a certain country, continues to trash every country he tours 🤣

  13. @jokabg12 Avatar
  14. @bigolboomerbelly4348 Avatar

    🌈Andrew Schulz🌈 pride. Thanks for reppin the communidy.

  15. @passion6293 Avatar

    Some of these pods don't age well. Love em' though since it's all about growth and learning! You can change your opinion 🤷🏽‍♂️😅

  16. @J77sashii Avatar

    12:00 this man Joe rogan predicted Only fans boom with out even knowing it !

  17. @MonsPubis7 Avatar

    Afghanistan found a way to date around and get off, but they dont use women or men- they use animals. Its wack.

  18. @lancedeming5604 Avatar

    what’s even weirder is the old pinocchio movie has a scene in a pub that essentially talks about epstein island

  19. @jsandytoes4642 Avatar

    I think i got dumber from listening to this guy.. really wanted to give this episode a chance.. thanks for being rational Joe when needed.. i know he’s joking.. i just dont find ignorance funny (my perspective 👍)

  20. @SkinwalkrRx Avatar

    i wouldn't take shultz serious when it comes to anything like this

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