Joe Rogan Experience #1353 – Rob Zombie

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Rob Zombie is a musician and filmmaker. His new film “3 From Hell” is available in select theaters this week and everywhere in …

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  1. @kennethmalcom9884 Avatar

    Seeing this and stuff that happened ie: guys face getting bashed in. Now I know a little more of why, I dig his stuff

  2. @spideymcgee4718 Avatar

    This guy…. I’m so confused 😅

  3. @technoretarded8029 Avatar

    I definately wouldnt go into a traveling carnival tent for gambling and drop any money.

  4. @richardj163 Avatar

    One of the great legends of cool people.

  5. @MattChewycat33 Avatar

    In my opinion, one of Joe's old school great episodes. 😎 I go back and watch every now and then. Joe really shines in his ability to be a great interviewer in this one just so laid back and organic. I think Joe and Rob really hit it off. Thanks for reading 😁

  6. @dr32803 Avatar

    Saw White Zombie and Pantera on my 21st birthday. I’m 52 now. I remember everything about that show.

  7. @BrianRising-hp8vp Avatar

    My father always insisted on trying to be the best but be humble and don’t stick out and that didn’t compute as a 8 or 9 year old,when I was at a birthday party and I was winning all the games and competitions when he got embarrassed about it and told me to play but let someone else win that was bad advice I never got over that

  8. @BrianRising-hp8vp Avatar

    He’s right I just saw some guy seriously talking about how Dirty Harry was such a bad cop how times have changed but I think and hope we’re coming back around to where people can take fictional entertainment as entertainment

  9. @BrianRising-hp8vp Avatar

    In 1980 I was 17 on my way to army bootcamp had never heard of Rob Zombie but after seeing his first film fan all the way who played the hot blonde chick 😜

  10. @mikenormandy9250 Avatar

    Say what you want about Mr. Robert Zombie, he’s a creative genius and House Of 1000 Corpses is one of the greatest horror movies, let alone movie, of all time. It is literally so vile and disturbing!- I love a lot of WhieZombie, but did NOT enjoy his solo stuff (eventho it’s still
    Played everywhere on every rock radio station) and I don’t love a lot of his films (except the House Trilogy: Ho1000C, TDR, and now 3fH – they are the best) and let’s not mention his Wife, although cool to go with his creative genius, is NOT the greatest Actress – But I still Love Bobert Z.!!!

  11. @jimmyelsen4787 Avatar

    Demented tough guy kayak podcast with like Marco, Mathias or on of the legendary sob’s

  12. @bryanthalley1131 Avatar

    I never would have thought that Rob zombie and Joe rogan were the exact same people. Very cool.

  13. @PulpFiction8686 Avatar

    Funny story about House of 1000 Corpses, as a Rob and White Zombie fan, I followed the news, and the film just wasn't being released. Even saw videos of him talking on stage about the release of the film at the time. Finally found a $1 theater showing it, called my buddy, and we drove an hour to see the film. Both of us loved it. I know Rob won't ever read this but it's a tribute to how much his fans love and respect what he does.

  14. @nunontherunnumberone Avatar

    15:17 we always had something to look forward to.

  15. @nunontherunnumberone Avatar

    I love Rob Zombie, it's just I could never really imagine slamming in the back of his Dragula.

  16. @kentneumann5209 Avatar

    I'd like to see a rap session between Rob Zombie and Quentin Tarantino.

  17. @kentneumann5209 Avatar

    "The Evil Dead". The original or first one.I watched it 34 times before i stopped counting. I loved getting my friends high and making them watch my favorite movies with me. Thats how many friends for that movie.

  18. @kentneumann5209 Avatar

    Nosferatu is the scariest vampire of all time.

  19. @kristinam.7176 Avatar

    He doesn't play guitar, Joe! 😂😂😂😂😂

  20. @richardnichols1213 Avatar

    Tell Rob anything he does I will support😊

  21. @THE.N1KO Avatar

    What an inspiration Rob is. Thank you for uploading it.

  22. @majorhandpump5749 Avatar

    Rob comes across as such a grounded genuine guy.his films and music are both fantastic

  23. @ChristopherSchulte01 Avatar
  24. @ashleylyford2679 Avatar

    2 of the coolest, surprisingly sexiest dudes… One of the best 'casts I've seen/heard…😊 The keeps referencing going to NYC in 1982… the year I was Meow

  25. @StudleyDuderight Avatar

    I was an introvert until my first combat tour. It was weird how that environment turned me into a social butterfly. Whatever triggered the change I am glad for it. I met my wife a month after getting home.

  26. @LaSpookyPR Avatar

    What I loved white zombie I like rob zombie better though

  27. @r-nm Avatar

    His "halloween" is the fkn EPITOME of Horror

  28. @smgs4life2 Avatar

    🔥🔥🔥Rob is so cool…relatable I think sums it up best

  29. @dank00 Avatar

    Happy Birthday Rob!!

  30. @chenchomelo Avatar

    Awesome guest and interview! Rob is on my Top 5 JRE Podcasts along with James Hetfield and Billy Corgan.

  31. @kirstimanning4215 Avatar

    This shit pisses me off, last night i had to almost fight a whole ass man just to get into my own goddamn appointment.

    I wear a 🔫 everyday and sleep with a 🔫….. But the worst thing that could ever happen is somebody being misgendered..

    Also commented lol 😂

  32. @davewright4263 Avatar

    I know this was an old pod cast but enjoyed it

  33. @Squatwithsquall Avatar

    Three of my favourite movies ever those are actual horror, movies where it’s schizophrenic people living out in the country just doing absolutely insane things

  34. @izzydeadyet7336 Avatar

    My ex had a Harley and just ripping over potholes was painful…

  35. @izzydeadyet7336 Avatar

    The first cd i ever owned was white zombie la sexorcisto , and first band t shirt was white zombie la sexorcisto and i still have it ! I mostly got out of the group when he went rob zombie , but the early WZ albums are my tween years in a nutshell .. I was listening to astro creep 2000 last week and it flashed me back to being a kid blasting that album playing sonic the hedgehog in my room .. i was so convinced i was a loser back then now realizing how awesome times were, miss it

  36. @rowdycol Avatar

    Rob's version of Halloween was brilliant,
    cathartic and resonate in the time frame it portrayed.

  37. @michael2305 Avatar

    Astonishing how you think this guy must be one of the weirdest people on this planet.
    Then you see this and you'll be like: MAN i wish this guy was my uncle.

  38. @OOJoe1987 Avatar

    Been gone through these podcast on YouTube and a lot of the ads are the 6,400 settlement and it's annoying. But this time I actually got Donald Trump talking about voting and I watched the whole minute and a half. 🫡

  39. @RawFitChris Avatar

    I saw some RZ movies and there's no doubt they are macabre but well done in terms of movie making skill from writing to casting to scenery to acting. There's a very troubling yarn that runs through the ones I saw, and that is the frighteningly perverse evil stereo-typing of the Cross that represents Jesus Christ and God. Correct me if I'm wrong and, most importantly, please explain in any intelligent, no mumbo-jumbo manner.

  40. @Bhoward249 Avatar

    Seen him several times live, great performer.

  41. @RetroGamerBB Avatar

    Uncle Rico was in a TV show as a tech nerd. The Pretender.

  42. @joedadda3105 Avatar

    3 from hell wasnt that good.

  43. @rabbithomesteading3797 Avatar

    But you are talking about your self and how you don't?

  44. @jeffo8455 Avatar

    Great interview Joe. I laughed right along with you two.

  45. @jeffo8455 Avatar

    I wish he would direct a remake of Salam's Lot, and I could be his production assistant. 🙂 Two other movies he should remake are Death Race and Helter Skelter.

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