Joe Rogan: Comedy, Controversy, Aliens, UFOs, Putin, CIA, and Freedom | Lex Fridman Podcast #300

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Joe Rogan is a comedian, UFC commentator, and host of the Joe Rogan Experience. Please support this podcast by checking out …

31 responses to “Joe Rogan: Comedy, Controversy, Aliens, UFOs, Putin, CIA, and Freedom | Lex Fridman Podcast #300”

  1. @lexfridman Avatar

    Here are the timestamps. Please check out our sponsors to support this podcast.
    0:00 – Introduction & sponsor mentions:
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    1:02 – Discipline
    5:05 – Controversy
    25:22 – UFOs and aliens
    35:33 – Intelligence agencies
    40:57 – Trust
    46:20 – Greatest comedians
    1:04:15 – Childhood
    1:11:45 – Advice for young people
    1:22:21 – Relationships
    1:26:59 – Putin, Ukraine, and Russia

  2. @user-hl8hg5kk8e Avatar

    멀리할수 있는 문제면
    신경을 안쓰면 되겠지요.
    뉴럴링크는 신경을 자극하는 존재.
    악당이 하는 짓인지
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    나도 쌍방관찰솔루션을 벌여야 되는 상황인거죠.
    상대는 징계프로그램까지 사용하고 있어서
    온통 열열히 에너지를 집중해야 하는 존재지요.
    그러함에도 인간의 언어로 대응할수 있는 정도라는건 서로 고마운 일일텐데요.
    영향력은 누가 행세 하는지 알고 계시면 힌트라도 주세요.
    세계 평화를 위해서~~~^^

  3. @scottb7347 Avatar

    Joe has no interest in helping Trump and he knows his platform would help Trump

  4. @nigelralphmurphy2852 Avatar

    Rogan's worldview is just his yet he talk as if if his worldview is the only one and everyone should follow it. Bollocks to that.

  5. @nigelralphmurphy2852 Avatar

    You don't love me. You've never met me.

  6. @rebeccaboth6351 Avatar

    UFOs are real there are healers that are connected to beings that are in from other galaxies etc. and they help people you just have to do a lot of research you have to really really spend days and nights doing research!❤

  7. @dwightfreeman9912 Avatar

    Love your podcast Lex, keep up the awsome work! Thank you!

  8. @alexae1367 Avatar

    1:22:37 (many other things of course, but😂)

  9. @kevink2020 Avatar

    Alex Jones is an evil guy.

  10. @corptruenorth Avatar

    Lex fridman stop interrupting the speaker, i wanna listen to Joe not you!!!

  11. @johnramirez5032 Avatar

    I think that being in a very public possition its very inportant to be responsible. That is not spreading harmful rhetoric and just generally harmful b.s.

  12. @christinelafromboise6731 Avatar

    Jo Rogan, why do you support Donald Trump? That is why I don’t watch your show anymore. 👎🏻

  13. @fj949 Avatar

    100% disagree with lex on his Putin analysis. My wife is from Novosibirsk and grew up under the Soviet Union, and then right after the collapse. If Putin meant well for the Russian people, he wouldn’t have garnished peoples wages and made withdrawing from banks impossible leading up to the Sochi Olympics in order to fund the project. This is but one example of many with Putin. Middle Class Russians inside Russia would be flourishing if Putin really cared about the Russian people.

  14. @rosersoler5460 Avatar

    The best comedian of my youth in Barcelona was a friend of my father who talked to him about his depresion. What stopped him from commiting suiside was his Catholic faith.

  15. @vershimahwande7531 Avatar

    I was listening at first and wasn't aware of side videos. Those videos of the stuff they're discussing makes it more interesting.

  16. @PryZmFiXion Avatar

    "Nothing reveals a spirit of a people like war-this is who we are"

  17. @PryZmFiXion Avatar

    I love how joe is actually liaening and not waiting to talk. He genuinely listens. Sometimes you are just pulled. No explanation. Agreed.❤ and you have to go and follow that intuition. That is amazing

  18. @sharonwickens6921 Avatar

    Thanks both for the second time, it's past tense so I already know you got back safely, its a yerning I think when you have too don't just want to understand it's a necessity know it or not sxx bravo Juliett

  19. @waaravarley3717 Avatar

    Much respect … Joe talked so beautifully about his wife…inspiring.

  20. @brettjohnston7303 Avatar

    Check out the coke on Joe's phone lol love joe rogan

  21. @PryZmFiXion Avatar

    I am conquering my “inner bitch” lol. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  22. @ImperfectlyPerfect33 Avatar

    As soon as Rogan started defending Alex Jones I stopped watching this. I know about mental illness and with that being said don’t use it as an excuse for someone that is truly evil.

  23. @christopherlay3297 Avatar

    If joe comes to ur podcast you doing it right.

  24. @georgejamespetsanidis7242 Avatar

    What if these vehicles aren’t from another planet but lost technology from our past that we found but the old humans were the ones that built them. We are just back engineering our own tech from technology we are rediscovering.. The stories of floods and earthquakes volcanoes meteor ☄️ strikes did wipe a lot of the human race out. I think we are the aliens who came to this planet a long long time ago.

  25. @helenburke4722 Avatar

    I love joe. He is not going down trauma route. He is his own person. And doesnt blame game. Thats why i love Joe.

  26. @codyringer1857 Avatar

    Bob Lazar has been debunked quite thoroughly.

  27. @eiurgretarsson9884 Avatar

    Joe Rogan interviewing , bernie sanders , Bob lazar But wont interview Trump … Ait dude 😅

  28. @tonyhill2318 Avatar

    Maaan…Joe Rogan always surprises me. This time it was his self-reflection and vulnerability. I often want to not like him, and just end up really liking him and being glad I listened. Right on about comedians.

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