Jesse Watters: Antifa make war on Charlie Kirk

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WARNING: Graphic footage—Fox News host Jesse Watters calls out college students for canceling people based on their views …

37 responses to “Jesse Watters: Antifa make war on Charlie Kirk”

  1. @duggyfresh8899 Avatar

    You can tell antifa is a bunch of young people that didn’t fit in. It makes me mad they use that name. There were real anti fascist back in the day that actually fought fascism.

  2. @duggyfresh8899 Avatar

    Charlie Kirk should sue. Is that not slander.

  3. @eleesahull8842 Avatar

    Did this DA just say "women have more rights than us"? Who the hell is us?

  4. @cjennings4936 Avatar

    The news paper should be sued

  5. @gipsiwow6238 Avatar

    Antifa is not a person or group. Antifa is quite literally just short for ANTI – FASCIST yall are just literal idiots

  6. @palmereldritch4166 Avatar

    Waters is an absolutely Terrible individual. Racist. Transphobic. Filled with hate.

  7. @jameshayden3952 Avatar

    Liberals can't debate… they snipe.

  8. @thedude-jb7wx Avatar

    fOX NEW WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO LOSE SMUG DMB MEN LIKE TUCKER CARLSON AND jESSE WATERS. THEY HURT THE COUNTRY AND ARE PRIDEFUL AND SMUG. As a Christian i dont want to see these type of men. Jesus would not approve of sarcasm jokes about trans people and an over cruel attitude. YOU REALLY LOSE PEOPLE AND MANY CHRISTIANS WITH ALL THESE LOUDMOUTHS. Amereica should be hard working and compassionate and we have freewill on this Earth. KNOCK OFF YOUR BS AND GET RID OF CHILDISH MEN AND WOMEN. Really think of the men and women Jesus would want BECAUSE ITS NOT THESE PEOPLE AND THATS WHY YOU ARE FALSE. As a country and on this Earth we are free and we should be speaking truth but with a tone that is of ther LORD. THE GOAL IS NOT MONEY AND VIEWS IT SAVING SOULS AND HAVING COMPASSION FOR ALL PEOPLE AND I SEE THRU YOUR NON SENSE. Stern but weith compassion is fine but thats not what you are. People that choose to not be Christian well thats theyre right in a free society. If we force people to be Christian then they didnt choose it and they would not be saved. Before all this madness the parties worked together but see the fact that childish men rileds up the left as well and now everybody pushes the b all harder out of anger AND YOURE PARTLY TO BLAME.

  9. @keithbonnell4660 Avatar

    I dare one of there snowflakes to come up to me, even a group, cause I bring a 6'4" 300lb male Christian conservative would be at the tar out of them. Cause nobody is going to make a mark upon my flesh. This body belongs to God not me.

  10. @AuthorPaulGDay Avatar

    They knew exactly what they were doing. Their apology and retraction is meaningless.

  11. @cmagee14 Avatar

    Your racism is showing??? Really?!?!?!

    And the statement from "the bee" is useless…people only see the controversy and the accusations, never the retraction🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  12. @jackiedecoma4637 Avatar

    The Sacramento Bee should have to pay for all the damage to the school in addition be fined for lying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. @jackiewhite1574 Avatar

    My dance teacher was at Kent State and barely got inside before they open fired at the students.

  14. @fsm12385 Avatar

    Educated Morons ! America doesn't need your invaluable arguments ! SICK !

  15. @xszdffe Avatar

    Please please the rats from Antifa… please, when they attack with violence people from the right, conservatives, republicans etc (you know NORMAL people) should defend themselves with also violence. They need to see and feel what happens when you attack peaceful people!!!

  16. @Ruby_Villain Avatar


  17. @Ruby_Villain Avatar

    “Mostly peaceful” is just a banner they smash through, along with the glass doors.

  18. @chancevonfreund9145 Avatar

    These kids are brain washed! If this is our future we are in trouble.🇺🇸

  19. @apdiversion834 Avatar

    Why those low IQ fascist ANTIFA creeps always look like serial killers? I bet none of these losers have a job?

  20. @footslave4asian Avatar

    A couple of well-placed claymores during their next demonstration and I would wager that most of these losers would go back to hiding in their basements.

  21. @lenharris6095 Avatar

    These Antifa lot cover their faces because they are pussies, they are no more than mommy boys and girls, they need to be caught and given long jail sentences, that will wake them up when some big black man grabs them in the showers, that will show them how stupid they have been.

  22. @toddmathis7484 Avatar

    Sue the Sacramento Bee for libel.

  23. @gaugesharp6406 Avatar

    The Sacramento Bee needs to pay for all medical bills, loss of work money, and repairs to all the property. Also, pay for the damage to Charlie Kirks's reputation. Defamation of character. Take them to court Kirk. Then go after the university and their disparaging ignorant remarks about Turning Point USA. That educational institution needs to shut down. It is filth and lies. They are not educators. They are communists.

  24. @jimb196233 Avatar

    🤣😂🤣misinformation, thats rich. Masters of misinformation pointing the finger.

  25. @robertcolfack26 Avatar

    No more freedom of speech on college, and university campus's the leftist lunatic weasels run the chicken house……If your a conservative parent send your kids to a Christian college, a Tech. college, a community college, or a trades college their better and are cheaper….

  26. @haroldlee8110 Avatar

    The umbrella corporation was behind this protest. You can tell by their iconic umbrellas. 😳☔

  27. @tnteachertim Avatar

    In fairness, Charlie Kirk is a bit too acerbic for me.

    Think Dave Rubin, rather than Stephen Crowder…..

  28. @loganq Avatar

    @ 00:33 what's with the girl in the yellow dress?

  29. @JohnDoe-hm2zz Avatar

    Sue the lot of them, jail an editor or two for defamation, they are lying leftist idiots!! More of a riot than Jan 6th!!

  30. @rcasciato Avatar

    Nobody at the Sacramento Bee actually thought it necessary to watch the video clip of Charlie Kirk's interview even though it would have taken less than a minute to locate and watch it. That's not just lazy, that's intentional. And the fact that no one thought how bad it would look if they ran with something that defamatory and inflammatory without fact-checking it showed they were 100% confident they wouldn't be caught.

  31. @JSSalpha Avatar

    Get ready it’s getting worse and worse

  32. @michaelorr8190 Avatar

    This was Jesse's best video by far

  33. @EveningDew001 Avatar

    @FoxnewsPrimetime. Charlie Kirk watch professor including Noam Chomoski? Jesse, he gotta be kidding…Turning Point USA needs to clean their act of Verbal Assault by their members on anyone one tried to voice their opinions? Calling them COMMUNIST, RELIGION HATERS, RUSSIAN BOTS.I know exactly now who made this LCC,NYC student a FBI Informant, who had destroyed TeaParty Movement.. Where is Turning Point Freedom Of Speech? Don't you see, those who are fighting for Freedom of Speech they are not AUE's Prince payroll. They are not GOP voter either?

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