Is Charlie Kirk RACIST?

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In a recent viral clip, Charlie Kirk claimed that when he sees a black pilot, he hopes they’re qualified. Obviously, the Left loved that …

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  1. @nadianurun6259 Avatar

    Charlie Kirk isn’t but the guy saying the square jaw is

  2. @grav9992 Avatar

    Seen allot of pilots crashing planes and dying lately, and neither you or your racist friend have said anything about it. Why???? Because they were white male pilots.

  3. @neiljuedes1661 Avatar

    You are so correct Candace. How can this help anyone’s self esteem ? It is doing more harm then good that like everyone the position needs to be earned.

  4. @clmhK5 Avatar

    I would say if we should question whether a black person is qualified because of things like Affirmative Action, we should also question qualifications of white people who were hired on a job, admitted to college, or voted into office, before 1980-ish. – Because whites received preferential treatment.

  5. @IansDrumsandBass Avatar

    I remember you saying that. 👍🏻🙏🏻
    I had a black guy come and buy something from me, you know what he said?
    He said, " I don't want to sound racist, but if you were non white I wouldn't have bought this from you."
    I was quite shocked, but I understood, and didn't knock him at all about his personal views and feelings.

    Whenever there's a quota system in place, many eyebrows will be raised, and there will naturally be concern for one's safety – especially with airplanes.

    If people start losing their lives do to quotas – the airline will be sued out of existance.

  6. @adaeptzulander2928 Avatar

    Black people didn't need the white man to come "down" and "help" us be pilots. Bessie Coleman proved that. The Tuskegee Airmen proved that. Numerous Black people are pilots and did it on their own.

  7. @conqueringlion3734 Avatar

    There are entire African , Asian , Arab airlines lmao wtf are these dumbasses talking about

  8. @yelandajones Avatar

    Only hire blacks as blue collar workers is the new narrative

  9. @yelandajones Avatar

    What idiot would hire an unqualified pilot to fly and risk liability. Klandace is the worst instrument of white supremacy.

  10. @yelandajones Avatar

    This evil beach is crazy.

  11. @yelandajones Avatar

    Are their any plane crashes to justify this?

  12. @yelandajones Avatar

    No one had a problem when DEI stood for Discrimination, Exclusion, and Inequity.

  13. @T.Denise Avatar

    Charlie Kirk is definitely racist. And there’s nothing wrong with admitting that, it’s doesn’t make you not republican to admit that. He has overlay focused on black lives people in only has negative things to say about them. He has also pushed the false narrative that every black person in a position is there because DEI and fails to mention the fact they worked hard to get where they are, got the necessary degrees, certifications, licenses, and experience…. That’s some bigot stuff

  14. @Brandy-yn5vt Avatar

    As a woman it makes me sick to think that I have or may have employment opportunities in my life only bc of my gender, bc I am some token hire to fill a quota vs my skills. How demoralizing is that? How can you gain respect of your coworkers when they know you are a token hire. Race and gender should not be a factor in hiring, in fact I would prefer a more blind submissions when hiring. The early round not include names on resumes for examples.

  15. @alexisstanich8152 Avatar

    It used to be that people of color had to work 10x harder to gain the opportunities that white people are privileged to have from birth and now they have to work less for those same opportunities because companies are being slapped with the race card if they hire a white person over a POC even if the white person is more qualified. Ridiculous

  16. @lamont-nz5qp Avatar

    Republicans act as if they're plucking random black people off the street to be pilots, but the aviation path involves earning a Private Pilot License (PPL), then progressing to a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) and finally an Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) – a process demanding time, skill, experience, effort, and specific flight time requirements (250 hours of total flight time, 100 hours of flight time in powered aircraft, 50 hours of flight time in an airplane). DEI frameworks aim to address disparities, not just fulfill quotas. They focus on societal imbalances, allocating resources and decision-making authority to historically disadvantaged or overlooked groups, considering a person’s unique circumstances for equal opportunities. Accusing DEI of hiring inexperienced individuals is idiotic. It's about hiring skilled and experienced individuals while simultaneously acknowledging and rectifying systemic inequities. Suspicion towards black pilots based on this skewed information is wrong. Resistance to equity just perpetuates racism.

  17. @xanander4693 Avatar

    I agree that race base hiring is dehumanizing and I see your concerns with qualifications. But I don’t think it’s happening in the pilot industry. Charlie said there was a 19% increase of black and women pilots, but I don’t recall ever hearing about an increase of plane crashes. I think you’re fear mongering. You’re missing the key component to your claim and that’s the proof that the pilots aren’t qualified!

  18. @JaYDeeAnchor Avatar

    I'm a Charlie supporter and I honestly don't see the issue with racism! I mean they earn what they get. Anyway thanks for being one of the good ones!

  19. @b1gS0Wh4t Avatar

    So right! This channel would be much better with a more qualified white man. 🙄😂😂

  20. @ninaappelt9001 Avatar

    With all the DEI coming to the airlines. I won't be flying again.

  21. @JCouv52 Avatar

    DEI = "Tokens". Say no more. There will be a major accident for sure…..

  22. @Mr.Brightside83 Avatar


  23. @NB-rv2yz Avatar

    There's 1000s of black, Latino, and Asian pilots in Africa, Asia, Latin America, or the middle east.

    However we automatically assume that all white men are qualified, but everyone else has to prove their themselves.

    The planes that have crashed in the U.S. have been with white pilots. Where they unqualified because they were white?

    They shoukd imposs one standard for all and remove race from applications and test.

    A person should be given only a number to apply for a job and take a test. The scores will determine whis hired. Let a computer select only by scores and experience.

  24. @larrymyers5989 Avatar

    White man questioning black ppls intelligence….shocker

  25. @NomadA1 Avatar

    How as a conservative can you not see your platform is polluted with nothing but hatred and covert racism? Black people have nothing to do with this plane door and yet they use anything they can to attack us. In 2024 we’re still dealing with this!! I work twice as hard to be accepted around people who don’t look like me and probably will never see me as equal. It’s crazy

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