I Wanna Be at the RNC

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I wanna be like Dan Bongino Original Tweet:

27 responses to “I Wanna Be at the RNC”

  1. @quinnobropta2539 Avatar

    This will always be terrific

  2. @EmilySimonArt Avatar

    This was stuck in my head when I woke up this morning. Why???

  3. @lactatingalgore6975 Avatar

    Rocking out like Tom Arico. (If TA had a brain.)

  4. @Tyrianl001 Avatar

    Man, that hook got me. Gonna make this my ringtone 😂

  5. @Cravatron Avatar

    Still a masterpiece

  6. @RunningTree Avatar

    Dan Bongino has come to my house and smoked weed with my stepdad, how I wish this song existed that day

  7. @sledgebear9398 Avatar

    im not a republican, but this is absolutely amazing

  8. @MatthiasRegisRict Avatar

    I think this guy has a thing for Dan Bongino

  9. @Bonnatella Avatar

    Still jamming this one Nicky ✨✌️🤘

  10. @xavierhuc2125 Avatar

    It is October 2023 and this song still goes hard

  11. @martycallmer9865 Avatar

    trust me the last thing you want to be is at the RNC. what did they do for Trump nothing. I stopped donating to Trump. at the bottom and little tiny letters said I was giving to the RNC

  12. @lilz6654 Avatar
  13. @briang.2218 Avatar

    I love how he enunciates DAN BON-GI-NO.
    Such zest.

  14. @rosecity_chris Avatar

    Nick Bongino is my favorite artist

  15. @fr00tyl00pz Avatar
  16. @siahtype359 Avatar

    I could raise 1 million in a few days. Only thing is this guy is so full of ish. This really is pathetic

  17. @siahtype359 Avatar

    17 thousand out of 150 on the go fund me. Maybe use your powers to find the money dbag. Wtf is wrong with these grifters.

  18. @siahtype359 Avatar

    This guy is a total joke. I can prove this in one simple point.“The ranch that I’m building” if you had a fraction of the intuition he thinks he had. It would be built and done. This was such a waste of time. Just talking blah blah blah.

  19. @grahamnorris7315 Avatar

    Grandma tried to tell me not to go down there!

  20. @punkyjewster2350 Avatar

    You can use this to explain what it’s like in America

  21. @jackofalltrades123 Avatar

    Im right winged af and hope joe biden loses to a republican but this song is for one so catchy but the constant reference of dan bongino and his stupid head makes me laugh so hard 😂

  22. @marpinteacup6395 Avatar

    This song has helped me better tolerate dealing with random clips of Dan Bongino whenever he happens to show up

  23. @TheTilitus Avatar

    This is the only good thing iv seen with Dan Bongino.

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