How To Effectively Troll Right-Wing Losers Like Charlie Kirk

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An attendee at a TPUSA event in Chicago thanks Charlie Kirk for speaking out against fraud in the 2020 Election and suggests …

35 responses to “How To Effectively Troll Right-Wing Losers Like Charlie Kirk”

  1. @gregbayne6229 Avatar

    We know it was rigged in 2016&2020 wake up America 🇺🇸

  2. @voyagersmarch8776 Avatar

    It's very easy just tell them lies

  3. @lancet6943 Avatar

    These people are so desperate to convince the masses. Its sad. "Reality shoots to chit democrats every political argument, opinion, narrative and belief" wow this is absolutely ridiculous. These people are tools. A kid makes an fool of themselves yet democrats back the fool

  4. @havu2236 Avatar

    It's funny guys like Seder who is worth less than Charlie calling him a loser. This chump literally try to step on Charlies shoulder to make a buck from his shit podcast.

  5. @cecilseatertan9540 Avatar

    Gonna be honest Charlie still had a point.

  6. @Dodgers-sw2uk Avatar

    It’s really not that complicated. Most people that say the election was stolen aren’t suggesting that people were rigging the machines. What they are saying is the process itself was where the rigging happened. When you have social media companies banning the spread of TRUE stories that would hurt the Dems because the intelligence agencies told them to. When you have ballot harvesting on a massive scale in Democrat areas and absolutely none in other areas.. When you have every search on social media show negative news about a man and only positive about the other (at the request of the intelligence agencies). If you are rigging the information available for people to make their decisions then you are rigging the elections.

  7. @alwaysdrunk5461 Avatar

    I landed in the left brainrot YT cesspool

  8. @TransformersTalkRAW Avatar

    6.1k donkeys actually liked this nothing video?

  9. @davidmcdougall1513 Avatar

    I’m gonna vote. Trump 2024, most democrats I know in my area are also voting Trump!!

  10. @CakesWarden Avatar

    I love how he unironically got cheers from the crowd when he said “we need to stop participating”.

  11. @Dr.Right-sn2zv Avatar

    It’s funny that liberals can intellectually debate instead of shouting and trying to scream. You children act like trolling is a good thing, if you want to solve issues then have an intelligent argument not trying to just make someone get frustrated. In the end it shows your own ignorance not Charlie’s because you can’t just sway an argument in your favor, you have to shout and cry.
    You will all be crying in November when we fire Old Joe and re elect President Trump.
    There is a product called Butt Hurt cream you kids should get because your bursa will take a pounding next election.

  12. @Seticzech Avatar

    Please don't be woke, it's better to be blind, ignorant, and stupid.

  13. @loogoo8772 Avatar

    You guys suck Charlie is a good guy

  14. @GrimmZarr-ly2bu Avatar

    The only way the vote can be boycotted is if 100% of the population participates.

  15. @johnathanabrams8434 Avatar

    These people look like those who would use whips to control human labor

  16. @Kartracer95 Avatar

    Right wing losers? You mean, people who actually think and speak with logic and common sense? Liberals hate that. Oh, and if Y'all remember, Hillary Clinton said the 2016 election was stolen from her. Y'all ignore it when democrats say it but hammer down on Republicans. Y'all also assume or take the black vote for granted because you think you own them. Fucking hypocrites

  17. @raycrawfordlp Avatar

    Leftists are so sad. The unfunny party of “boo hoo”

  18. @lahaza6515 Avatar

    And we complained of stolen elections throughout time & surely when Trump won, so come on.
    I loathe this channel even though I'm not a republican, but important to look, I suppose…

  19. @AGoodBuzz Avatar

    We just need the right to see the left all giddy and excited anticipating some fool-proof election rigging scheme the left accidently leaked.

  20. @madsoundcaddiehat Avatar

    What the hell is this video title about. Absolute clickbait BS.

  21. @Chrissownu Avatar

    These host say a lot and nothing at the same time. Shallow low resolution thinking like good leftist sheeps they are. You can hear the resentfullness on their voice. They cannot win the argument on the battle of ideas thats why they are shallow on their words. You are the reason society dont move forward. Quite pathetic.

  22. @danbailey2964 Avatar

    Not sure which guy is the bigger poser…

  23. @ChefClary60 Avatar

    “Right wing losers”? Ad hominem isn’t an effective trolling technique

  24. @reff336 Avatar

    Now find the quote that Kirk said not to vote lol. This "gotcha" is stupid and shows the dumbness of the left. Keep up your echo chamber.

  25. @justintime1234 Avatar

    The 2016 election was rigged. That's how DT won. Russian intervention… ring a bell?
    Said the leftist

  26. @gregorynorrid8244 Avatar

    So you “troll” instead of debate or argue your position? Isn’t that a sign that you’re probably wrong so you just act up. It’s like a kid throwing a tantrum because they don’t get their way.

  27. @moptopbaku6022 Avatar

    The guy in the audience wasn't a plant but Sam(?) is a complete tosser.

  28. @MandiLoo Avatar

    So, you cut the ONE useless commenter of the speech. How democratic of you.

  29. @StevenWolfe-lx8js Avatar

    It pisses me off i have to ever see this dushe. Because he pays for adds . Very organic..

  30. @tonychains1262 Avatar

    Awesome! Troll a guy because you can't actually debate with him. Then you can cream your pants as though you won something, when, in reality, you are doing nothing more than applauding the mockery of debate. The lefties are so brilliant.

  31. @user-eb6we3gk3j Avatar

    Wow Biden is doing such a good job! It’s amazing that people who actually work for a living love trump who has done more for blacks than any president in us history supported jess

  32. @Shelltoekicks Avatar

    Funny how one man make you all feel so small LMAO, Charlie must be your better in all facets in life to hold such hate hahahaha

  33. @lenforstell1139 Avatar

    When someone trolls you, it’s like a gigantic white flag

  34. @buildingbuildercip8292 Avatar

    The can troll him, but they can’t debate him. 😂😂😂

  35. @tonyberriozabal3387 Avatar

    Do people not know that there is context to the answers that Charlie has?

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