HEADS EXPLODE Over Tucker Interviewing Putin!

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Tucker Carlson recently traveled to Russia to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin, and heads in the establishment …

20 responses to “HEADS EXPLODE Over Tucker Interviewing Putin!”

  1. @thejimmydoreshow Avatar

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  2. @kendalllucas7197 Avatar

    Same in Australia no support for Gaza . Except for the Palestinian community… Government totally controlled by the controllers…

  3. @erbyjay7414 Avatar

    Hey jimmy…. don't you think karrine looks like a raggedy Ann doll. Seriously the hair… the weird blinking when she's lying… and the fact that both have straw filling their heads and the same IQ.

  4. @momwomen6402 Avatar

    PUTIN 🙏🏻😎💐

  5. @Krazede Avatar

    YEAH….BUT, BUT, but, but…..TRUMP! 😂😂😂😂😂

  6. @christineroberts9780 Avatar

    Brilliant interview… Putin is a great leader ❤

  7. @luimack6205 Avatar

    I like when Jimmy Dore hosts The Jimmy Dore Show

  8. @_TheMax_ Avatar

    zionjoos are censoring comments.

  9. @jesselund360 Avatar

    Watched the interview live….pretty sure Alex Jones has a crystal ball or the media is just full of shit.

  10. @gabrielalem8161 Avatar

    Tucker is a really patriot American hero.

  11. @markmirche7760 Avatar

    The Ukrainian hit list has killed 500 thousand Ukrainians so far…

  12. @DrPhilby Avatar
  13. @andypenn4711 Avatar

    so like a backet of deplorables resisting against acknowledging they are just a resource

  14. @craigpruess5565 Avatar

    It was a measured, but v informative interview, imho. Western controlled media is being exposed…!! 👍🏼👍🏼

  15. @kendalllucas7197 Avatar
  16. @throwaway6380 Avatar

    Pretty ignorant not knowing what the Ukrainian language even is

  17. @eggsandbakey1 Avatar

    Unfortunately for his comparison, there actually were people acting as foreign agents for the Soviets working in Hollywood and other places…but I do agree with their sentiment here. People deserve all sides of the story.

  18. @wesoly757 Avatar

    One of Polish online news outlets Onet said he didn't ask any hard questions and it was only a publicity stunt for Tucker, and he was surprised he didn't get any praise for Trump from Putin

  19. @langdontomkins001 Avatar

    We recently lost the great Pilger. Having a chat with someone is having a chat. That isn't anything. The people comitting treason are in Washington not Moscow.

  20. @ax3226 Avatar

    Americans are waking up to what we Muslims have been saying all along about these corrupt western leaders!

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