He Won't Even Say The Name of the Country – Joe Rogan

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From JRE #1668 with Krystal Ball and Sagaar Enjeti.

50 responses to “He Won't Even Say The Name of the Country – Joe Rogan”

  1. @RoganRecut Avatar

    (John Cena apologizing for calling Taiwan a country.)


  2. @Mythendor Avatar

    kudos to that journalist who pressed the issue with that piece of corrupt crap!

  3. @joecoollp Avatar

    W.h.o are criminals

  4. @Hayley871 Avatar

    Get rid of these groups. They are financial draining, don't do their job and are definitely biased.

  5. @bobwoods1302 Avatar

    The WHO is not a political organization.

  6. @bobwoods1302 Avatar

    OMG her voice would make a man celibate.

  7. @Ryan-vl2nn Avatar

    Next pharmaceutical companies, China is one of the largest donors to the WHO. And we all know their opinion on Taiwan.

  8. @ChristianC-gy1ym Avatar

    Damn people, now do you see the power of China? Bow to your future masters 😂

  9. @gerhardtmuller7439 Avatar

    America selling out again?

  10. @ThisHandleWasTheOnly1Available Avatar

    US doesn't officially consider Taiwan a country.

  11. @naberu Avatar

    W.H.O was previously 'paid' and 'bought' by China, so this does not come as a surprise for me.

  12. @Ricksjustice Avatar

    Yet USA gives the WHO 20x the $ that China does

  13. @provvide75 Avatar

    That's funny the Joe Rogan is scared….cause now he is so scared he won't have @abbymartin on a real expert on Gaza since war began.

  14. @dianecarrion6724 Avatar

    Well, you know, everybody knows what Taiwan has it has that chip. It's developed this major fast chip, and that's what he wants he doesn't want the land he wants to control that system, so does everybody else we're so dumb. We shouldn't Taiwan part of our country like we did Puerto Rico. There you go. That would have been rich.

  15. @j4rey989 Avatar

    Taiwan is not a country.

  16. @UNKNOWN-rv7st Avatar

    The world health organization is the one encouraging teaching masturbation to children. And encourages transitioning of children. That is why trump pulled us out of it. You cannot trust the world health organization.

  17. @weekendwarriorprospecting817 Avatar

    It doesn't end there!
    I'm sick of seeing videos where they talk about crime but beep out the words like CHILD ABUSE & RAPE. but they make an entire video about it!!
    I'm 40 fucking years old. Stop treating me like a fucking child!!!

  18. @aresmaximus1 Avatar

    So the world is not that free as you expected? Hahahahahha Americans, just waking up😂😂😂😂😂😂

  19. @whatwedo4087 Avatar

    Fuck China and Taiwan

  20. @Lumiere_ Avatar

    So glad I didn’t take the vaccine, only God knows what these liars put in your bodies

  21. @cuibonocuibono Avatar

    Taiwan's official name is the "Republic of China". In fact it claimed to represent the whole of mainland China.

    After it's defeat in the civil war, the KMT fled to the island with the illegal assistance of the USA. The US intervention prevented the total defeat of the utterly corrupt KMT regime.

    Imagine if the CSA had fled to and occupied Cuba to this day with the connivance of Britain and France. Would you then call CSA-occupied Cuba an independent country? Ha, I bet!

  22. @Jeremiah17910 Avatar

    China is rising, soon invasion of Taiwan, Xi Jinping ancestor was Genghis Khan the Emperor of Mongol Empire. Check the resemblance.

  23. @TheKing-hp7mh Avatar

    Taiwan isn't a country its a province that usa wants to control so they can have a hold on China by having missiles in their backyard and also lead in chips making

  24. @simongaucher1 Avatar

    China control the who

  25. @averageguy2525 Avatar
  26. @hardmcshaft7931 Avatar

    It reminds me of the movie the dictator when he being asked about nuclear weapons

  27. @kevotldyaso5202 Avatar

    Take people seriously when they talk!
    He said he doesn't want to offend them respect it and get serious!

  28. @DC-kj3in Avatar

    John Cena anyone? How people in the U.S. can have any respect for Cena and the rest of the Hollywood shills is baffling.

  29. @sharonreed6068 Avatar

    Wake up Joe, this is the agenda of all globalists

  30. @ravenmiller4577 Avatar

    Which jre episode is this?

  31. @ChiRusNk Avatar

    Do you know how many times the American people said “I’m not gonna comment on that”?

  32. @flouserschird Avatar

    The plan of the next few decades is to collapse the United States and the European Union, while Chinese culture infiltrates the rest of the world as the new normal.

  33. @REYisKING Avatar
  34. @EQ541 Avatar

    Fuck the W.H.O. Globalist Nazis

  35. @russellpatey374 Avatar

    Obviously Taiwan is gonna play a big part in what starts WW3 or starts drastic change around the world! For all we know Taiwan is being ran by alien's

  36. @javiersds8081 Avatar

    Bruce Aylward is his name. Let's not forget that.

  37. @TheSilverPhoenix100 Avatar

    It honestly makes me wonder how long the WHO knew about COVID spreading in China but to appease the CCP said nothing. If countries had been informed and taken steps to isolate and sterilize Chinese goods and cease travel to and from China we could literally have saved millions.

  38. @Lud-369 Avatar

    Power of Money 🤑 and greed!

  39. @adet5458 Avatar

    All western nations has signed a deal.

    If there is another pandemic,who has control over said governments that signed up.

  40. @arieltraasdahl-xh6ri Avatar

    Let's address the fact that Xi Xinping is Jackie Chan.
    And Barack Obama is Chris Tucker.
    And they both starred in Rush Hour 1-3.
    Chinese influence-peddling right there, kids.

  41. @happykidsandbabies8668 Avatar

    @JoeRogan: Grow a pair dude. LOL!!!

  42. @justinsgay Avatar

    The guys a Canadian

  43. @lynnjames6361 Avatar

    Cowards Devil Doers .God Bless Their Soul

  44. @MrSmith-vc8xd Avatar

    He should expire in prison.

  45. @LaughingblueSu Avatar

    W.H.O. exposed the ROUNDUP/CANCER connection!!!
    trump wants us out of W.H.O!!!
    🇺🇸ROUNDUP is NOT what America needs🇺🇸

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