Grant Cardone's Most Controversial Interview with Patrick Bet-David

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Grant Cardone’s Most Controversial Interview with Patrick Bet-David While in Miami, Patrick …

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  2. @justinb1606 Avatar

    Everyone needs to watch this at least once a year.

  3. @jeffpestano1296 Avatar

    This is so gross to listen to. Gotta turn it off. Grant does not believe a word he’s saying. He doesn’t even know what he’s saying. Just memorized rhetoric. I wouldn’t care but he’s praying on weak people struggling to figure out who they are and if their life means anything. Scary human being. Texan version of Deepoch Choprah.

  4. @jeffpestano1296 Avatar

    Grant is a blatant conman. If you are charmed by him you are a hazard to your fellow humans. Grants world revolves around winning which means there has to be a loser. His game is with money and his goal is to win so the fact that every time he wins some one else has just lost everything means nothing to him. As good a movie as Wolf of Wallstreet is do you wanna be that guy that fucks any human being over he can to make more money? Straight CONMAN. Anyone that presents themselves in front of Lamborghinis & private jets has a tiny penis and thinks this material makes an empty person feel whole

  5. @mgers75 Avatar

    Dont support Grifter GRantt Cardone. He runs a quasi ponzi scheme that will leave investors holding the bag as soon as the next housing bubble deflates. He's a Scientologist, who funnels your money into a wierd secret Cult that specializes in Human trafficking and money laundering.

  6. @ravensantos4189 Avatar

    Harry Pickens did a lot of Tony Robbins marketing he did not do it all without brilliant marketers.

  7. @GiancarloVespucci Avatar

    California puts more $$$ in the federal coffers than any other state!!!

  8. @GiancarloVespucci Avatar
  9. @vicnkana Avatar

    PBD ended up moving to florida


  10. @RonniChurch Avatar

    I've just recently started watching you Patrick. I have to say this was my least favorite interview I've seen. Glad I got a real feel for Grant Cardone in this. I will no longer be following him. Lost respect for him during this interview. I'm glad you were able to laugh at things he said. I couldn't have done it. Maybe it's because I'm a woman? Or, maybe it's just because my values don't line up with his, which I didn't know until now. Thank you.

  11. @msarros1 Avatar

    Patrick you do a video with a scammer and advertise his book, what does this make you?

  12. @freemind7388 Avatar

    10X SUCK RHINOCEROS Di# lol 😁👎👎

  13. @freemind7388 Avatar

    Cardone is an entertaining clown🤡 likeable guy but is just NUTS🤣👻💩👎👎👊

  14. @jasongreen6842 Avatar

    Fear of being hunted by the people you have screwed 🤣

  15. @Phasefellatv Avatar

    Grant Cardone is a cocky bastard. I don't enjoy his character at all. Pat on there other hand is excellent.

  16. @amirjamili5327 Avatar

    This was definitely one of the most exciting interviews I've ever seen in Youtube, lots of information and guidance freely. Thanks Patrick and Grant for sharing.

  17. @kewalkalambe3743 Avatar

    Man…that is a hell of an interview with grant…really raw

  18. @Will-if7wp Avatar

    I question how well these two got along off camera, because it’s less than an hour and Adam brought him up one time and PBD didn’t seem thrilled about it.

    I personally find grant a hard pill to swallow, but if you dig deep and look past his strong personality, there is value there.

    He just has the I am a billionaire, I can say anything I want syndrome and I like that.

  19. @Paulinekoni Avatar

    HILARIOUS 😂😂😂 lots of gems and was in a great state listening to this.

  20. @Paulinekoni Avatar

    Love this omg uncle G had Gems and Pat was amazing … 😂😂😂 laughing out loud lookin like i am crazy listening to this two.

  21. @digenesakritas8234 Avatar

    So is this the video Adam was talking about…

  22. @KaLiMpOnGWaLa Avatar

    Grand Cordon is one of the straight forward man i saw everything in his life . He did the lots of struggle i earned the fortune

  23. @KaLiMpOnGWaLa Avatar

    I am watching from several years both of you till now and I want to be shadow in your success because your success leads me to get the success in my life

  24. @TyShep06 Avatar

    “Trump ain’t running to be president one day” – Grant Cardone 😅

  25. @centerfield6339 Avatar

    Somehow Grant Cardone, a large, successful man, just looks like a boy looking for a man's approval when talking to P B-D.

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