Gina Carano | The Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special Ep. 111

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Gina Carano is the face of women’s MMA paving the way for Ronda Rousey and Amanda Nunes, which launched her into a …

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  1. @xuenkitze1317 Avatar

    If shes rebellion that is treason and is punishable by death. Why say things to be cute?

  2. @xuenkitze1317 Avatar

    By law of nations you are all expats on tribal territories and wanted for war crimes for what the republics and churchs did during the great purge in the americas. #sovereigntyonlymatters

  3. @advocate_of_HAKAI Avatar

    MOMMY CARANO🗿💪🏻🔥👑❤️

  4. @MrWhiskers65 Avatar

    What a sweetheart! ❤ She’s so shy and a bit awkward, she’s definitely not the average Hollywood star… literally the girl next door who can kick your butt, but I think most of us would enjoy being beaten up by such a nice lady!❤

  5. @me-yy9zz Avatar

    Great show with Gina, thanks

  6. @yellowjacket588 Avatar

    Gina you work for Disney you are not a person you are a product so you don’t have independent thoughts just Disney agendas or you will be dragged out of the magical kingdom in disgrace.

  7. @newsoulhk Avatar

    1:02:58 "Don't try to ruin my life with lies…."

  8. @My2A Avatar

    Huge fan of both of you. Fired Disney for life. Love Terror on the Prarie.

  9. @OHBOYKID316 Avatar

    Lol, I watched this video go down in views 3 times… #Disney RISE UP!

  10. @rob8392 Avatar

    I use to watch the mandelorian till it became woke and plain boring.

  11. @rob8392 Avatar

    all these companies employ these deplorables, I love it when any disney movie fails, and the DC universe, all of them are the same Netflix is the also a horrible platform for the woke, everything has to be about trans, and the lgtbqkdiei agenda, why can't you just make a good movie.

  12. @rob8392 Avatar

    I am so glad she stood up for herself and against the wokeness of hollywood and the trans community. THANK YOU.

  13. @marcusvalera5406 Avatar

    Disney and lucas film or whomever are involved or talking part of these 🎪 ridiculous agendas……can go @#$%&%$#@#$%&%$#@#$%&!!!!!!

  14. @jim72068 Avatar

    So what are the plans for another Gina Carano action movie? Anything in the works? Honestly the main reason I subscribed is to support her and see more GC movies and / or shows.

  15. @denisgabriel4645 Avatar

    I have officially become a Gina Carano's fan.

  16. @Larrylar1 Avatar

    Just so happy for I love her and demeanor a compassion! She's right where she belongs and I'm non-political and I just so believe in everything she does and all them stupid tweets that people are talking about if you really look at them she's trying to make points that's all trying to get people together and you people were tearing her apart which I'm just coming aware of this now I'm not really an internet a social media not that I always wondered what happened to her well I'm glad she is where she is and she's happy I feel bad that she still feels upset and shaky well boop bop love it

  17. @antonichirullo1567 Avatar

    Gina Carano: what a beautiful Italian face…

  18. @talltexan4710 Avatar

    I’m in love with her.

  19. @leol8642 Avatar

    Gina for president 🎉🎉🎉

  20. @bernardocisneros4402 Avatar

    What's funny is that Gina would destroy this feeble little man.

  21. @toejahmsammich Avatar

    Gina is the ideal woman jn my opinion. She is strong, grounded and even though she could take me out, she has a soft side to her personality.

  22. @JaydeEmEff2 Avatar

    Anyone here after the Rachel Zegler drama?

  23. @chaberio1335 Avatar

    This is such a wild account of events. Ben you're a Mench for having Gina on and seeing through all the BS. Gina is so transparent and genuine I believe everything she said which is wild. One thing I'd say is although the Holocaust post wasn't at all fireable you should of known better than to post it at all. After everything they put you through what made you think that was a good idea? In this climate?!!!? If you're going to work for Disney you gotta play there game. This means if you're conservative dont talk politics stay quiet and delete social until end of project!

  24. @maunavarro3284 Avatar

    She’s a natural sh*t stirrer. If you work for a company, you follow their rules & politics. If you don’t agree, why sign up with them in the first place? Who’s the hypocrite?

  25. @user-us6mg9fv1m Avatar

    This hasn't made me fancy her any less! Shes quite a woman is gina! Not just a roll model to women all over the world, but a beautiful genuine human being….. That could beat the ssshit out of you at anytime 😍😍😍😍😅 soo sexy!

  26. @natha9412 Avatar

    OMG i didnt know she was in our side!!!!!! GOD bless her and what a wonderful news, from a true star wars fan and member of THIS REBELLION to her, mbr of THE REBELLION, I am pleased and honored to receive her here.

    I have spoken.

  27. @gordenpardy Avatar

    Gina is still by far the most beautiful woman ever in mma ,don't get back into the ring you have nothing to prove. Stay Gorgeous and we look forward to your future movies ❤.

  28. @victoriadaigrepont922 Avatar

    Love you Gina!!!!! Thank you so much for your bravery!!!!

  29. @joemagri7455 Avatar

    Well done to Ben Shapirio and team for Gina's support and exposure of the truth…heard from Australia 🇦🇺:)

  30. @amos660 Avatar

    just canceled my Disney channel sub. thanks Gina!

  31. @bigjun913 Avatar

    I cancelled my subscription to disney and all of disney long ago. we need to cancel disney.

  32. @philbrewington4081 Avatar

    Gina Rocks, maybe make a new Zena!!!😅

  33. @PrototypeFabri Avatar

    The sponsorship kills the mood.

  34. @texknight67 Avatar

    Two years and one failed movie later….Nothing.

  35. @clintonneuhaus1818 Avatar

    As a Jewish person, who also has a gay daughter, I believe Gina deserves an apology. If anything, she's a champion of the underdog who has been habitually misunderstood, and purposely maligned. I'm so sorry for that gross mistreatment. Gina deserves better.

  36. @Ryan-Tech Avatar

    What a gorgeous, intelligent, and genuine lady! Respect, Gina.

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