Fox News host goes OFF SCRIPT and reports DEVASTATING POLL for Trump

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Fox seemed pained to announce a very bad new poll for Donald Trump. Francis Maxwell reports. Visit for …

37 responses to “Fox News host goes OFF SCRIPT and reports DEVASTATING POLL for Trump”

  1. @JohnnyRayThompson Avatar

    Can't believe anyone would vote for 4 more years of this train wreck we currently have, guess some people have more money then brains.

  2. @jgermanii9490 Avatar

    Trump is going to win and the dems are going to eat shit again. They deserve it. Our foreign policy is a fucking nightmare. Trump isn't even president and he has insane power over this party despite saying whatever nonsense he wants. No one seems to care. The dems are scared shitless and this video is part of the machine that's trying to say, 'no way he wins'. Well, way!

  3. @timingram8953 Avatar

    BREAKING NEWS: Trump asked the question: Where is Nikki Haley's husband? Investigators found he was with Melania Trump. This answers the question, where has Melania been.

  4. @anthonywoodfine837 Avatar

    Wow it shows that the US is in trouble when 44% still votes for a criminal and fraudster

  5. @LesHaskell Avatar

    Thoughts and prayers.

  6. @vincentvega3747 Avatar

    I didn't know a sample size of 1,650 ppl had so much weight😂. Biden has the lowest approval rating of ANY President in U.S history. He is NOT going to get re elected no matter Trump.

  7. @user-xu8qs2sq1h Avatar

    These so called "unbiased" reporting on "Biden vs. Trump"! As if the voting public is as "stupid" as these loosers perceives.

  8. @user-xu8qs2sq1h Avatar

    The Republicans are such liars that this survey points out.

  9. @dougsmith6220 Avatar

    Unbelievable, the law and order party support a convicted rapist,convicted, how can any female support him?

  10. @ibakan Avatar

    Trump has totally devastated the republican party thank God

  11. @Milo-wl2if Avatar

    Biden should step aside for Gavin Newsome.

  12. @4katman Avatar

    Bunch of douche works at Fox News!

  13. @Damaged66671 Avatar

    Fox News is so toxic…. After that lawsuit you think they would be more truthful and Move on from that rotten ex horrible president…. Perfect example of a spineless bunch….

  14. @malcolmhayward4431 Avatar

    Rubbish Trumps going to win and I doubt Joe will even make to the election

  15. @patriciarork3788 Avatar

    Yes Biden is going to win again. Hope djt is in jail by then.

  16. @roldanelvis2449 Avatar

    Family Doocy please 🥺 come to the justice ⚖️ side: Haley, Kennedy and Biden

  17. @roldanelvis2449 Avatar

    I like you sport 🤩 even fox and friends and Dad and son are opening their mind and prefer Kennedy, Haley and Biden.

  18. @begood492 Avatar


  19. @bnotsonicebb6116 Avatar

    Dooky is a shit stain!!!

  20. @noeliosis3775 Avatar

    If GOP put someone like Haley as the candidate that's the ONLY way they'd win the presidency. Swing voters are done with geriatric men in office.

  21. @garrybrowne9724 Avatar

    Trump WILL NOT win, plain and simple. Nothing more to say!

  22. @ferdburful6352 Avatar

    Biden economy is roaring!

  23. @ferdburful6352 Avatar

    I’ll be voting against Trump

  24. @ferdburful6352 Avatar

    Trump gave us Covid and debt.
    Funny even the Fox “ economic guru” had to backtrack

  25. @user-ie3zj6kt1w Avatar

    Trump loves Putin I have no respect for Trump he is selfish arrogant human being I am a christian I don't lie steal he has no integrity compassion what is wrong Republicans he is s a horrible human being

  26. @victorm7274 Avatar


  27. @clintonlance9799 Avatar

    Another 4 years of biden would be the worst thing ever for America!

  28. @mikecarrico1859 Avatar

    Back2Basic remember like Tea Party Patriots rising up to put Obama in ✔️ in 2010, to be TARGETED by Obama with FALSE LABELS AND NARRATIVE OF extreme Fringe White nationalists just for passing out pocket Constitution at rallies!! Same FALSE LABELS AND NARRATIVE OF extreme Fringe White nationalists against Mega Maga Patriots rising up again to put democRATS tyrannical government overreach in ✔️ in 2025!! If 2010 proves that Red Wave let US We The People UNITED show that Red tsunami with fewest Rinos And democRATS return to office in 2025!! End ALWAYS DONE THIS WAY with clean slate of representation!! Only vote FOR Mega Maga Patriots So fewest incumbents return to office in 2025! And remove all immunity from prosecutions would level playing Field for We The People to equal enforcement of existing laws presented to Grand Juries of we the people to stop political parties immunity corrupting justice and US!!😊

  29. @user-id8du7ww4z Avatar

    Just because Dems and swing voters don't worship Biden…or ANY politician… like brainwashed MAGA cult members do, doesn't mean they won't vote for him in a heartbeat, if it's between Biden and Trump. This is something Republicans never seem to wrap their heads around, and why they're continually shocked when they lose elections…and they'll lose this election too. I look forward to seeing MAGATS bawling their eyes out all over social media after the election…just like they did last time!! This party never learns from their mistakes…which is GREAT.

  30. @stahljari Avatar

    Regardless of where you stand on politics, I hope you don't vote orange.

  31. @uncleben4560 Avatar

    Haley with the smokers bad skin!!😂😂]😂

  32. @rschloch Avatar

    Kamala said „in this year of our lord“ 😂😂😂
    I’d still vote for her over trump, easily…and her charisma suck id almost on par with the meatball

  33. @rchatte100 Avatar

    Is this poll from Biden's memory!

  34. @peterk6460 Avatar

    Chicago African American community loves President Trump

  35. @crabbyresister9194 Avatar

    Anyone blatantly voting for Project 25 is an idiot.

    Plase take away my rights, and my goverenment. 😅

    Let Putin run the USA, no problem.

    As long as I am promised a position in your SS maga Regime. 😅😅😅

    No thanks, suckers! 😅😅😅

    To save America

    Making America into Russia is tRumps "GrandPlan"

    The GOP became the tGP
    #Swiftie 😂
    #LincolnProject 😊

  36. @athletixbc Avatar

    I just remember on election night in 2016, before votes started to be counted, analysts said that based on all the polls they could find they had calculated that Hillary was 89% chance to win, and Trump was 11% chance. Well, we all know what happened. So, I don't put a lot of faith in national polls. It comes down to winning the right states. What did 2016 teach us? Winning by a landslide in some of the most populated states doesn't mean much if you're losing by even a razor thin margin in half a dozen mid-sized states. We need to know what the margins are on a state by state basis. Something Democrats should have learned from 2000 in Florida but didn't…just because an election looks on its face to be a shoe-in, get out and vote! Don't ever get complacent because it can cost you the whole election. I hope 2016 was enough to have them never forget that lesson.

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