FLASHBACK: Cenk Uygur Challenges Tucker Carlson on Immigration, Instantly Regrets It

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Corporate media is dead. Join us: Tucker Carlson debates Cenk Uygur on immigration at Politicon 2018.

26 responses to “FLASHBACK: Cenk Uygur Challenges Tucker Carlson on Immigration, Instantly Regrets It”

  1. @rdlynes Avatar

    Sorry I don't support illegal immigration and I also don't support people coming through ports of Entry or crossing illegally and claiming Asylum as political refugees to others and we just don't have the resources to find out whether they're lying or not somebody just let them in by the millions this is a cost at this nation cannot bear it is totally insane. We already allow more people to immigrate immigrate legally into this country every year than any other country on Earth. What has been going on for the past 3 years under the is just wrong we are a nation of laws supposedly and he totally decided to suspend them does our vote matter at all.

  2. @bingobango9932 Avatar

    3:17 that’s not what dude said in the movie sicario. (Which seems like it possibly may be a Disney rated depiction of real life scenarios.) Imagine being the first person to realize that everyone on the bus is pulling up to an obvious no go point of entry. Especially if you thought you for sure bought the non decoy bus ticket and insurance, this time.

  3. @williamsweeney4507 Avatar

    Probibly time to send the statue of liberty BACK TO FRANCE, and see how it works for them

  4. @williamsweeney4507 Avatar

    You want indentured servitude, you are a disgrace

  5. @williamsweeney4507 Avatar


  6. @williamsweeney4507 Avatar

    Make immigration a world wide duty OR NO DUTY AT ALL, PERIOD

  7. @Tbone.357 Avatar

    Tucker, smart as a whip and great debater!

  8. @70stunes71 Avatar

    Cenk = 🐓🍭'er liberal

  9. @conwaystern6137 Avatar

    As a Navy veteran, we shouldn’t let foreign young men in our country.

  10. @terrylovesenegal Avatar

    Unfortunately Tucker, the US has done so much damage and is responsible for much of the sufferance of people around the world, i.e. Iran, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, and many latin American countries, etc. etc. I am absolutely for closing your borders though and for legal immigration. If the US would STOP funding wars, criminal regimes such as Israel, indiscriminate bombings/droning and funding the loosing Ukriaine war, you may have more than enough funds to take care of your own. That is the real debate actually.

  11. @davidmellor3193 Avatar

    Is this cenk on crack has he seen new york texas etc😂

  12. @Cowboy1845 Avatar

    Yes my family immigrated here from Ireland/Scotland in 1795 my family has fought in every war sense then coming here has worked and raised are families and obeyed the law I personally have no problem with immigration but the special privileges that come with being an American citizen should not be free for everyone

  13. @DarkD112 Avatar

    It's true, we had that fancy immigration speech because we needed mindless labor. So we took anyone and everyone. Now we have gotten rid of all our labor jobs through technology. So the benefit is gone.

    Then there's the "amnesty argument". Once again, Tuckers answer makes sense. There are billions of people suffering in the world. It is not within our power to save all of them. I would add onto that, that we need to be intelligent about who we do save and how we save them. Drowning our own infrastructure in charity cases is just going to destroy our own country. If you want to save others, we should be doing it in their country, not ours.

  14. @MrTerrierLove Avatar

    I am a law abiding UK citizen as is my wife. Both successful here in UK. Wanted to emigrate to the USA the LEGAL way, but didn't accrue enough points in the vetting system to be given permission. I wonder if we just went on holiday to Mexico and wandered into the country this Chunk Yogurt guy would ensure we were given a pass. Tucker talks sense. The other guy is just a rolodex of dogma. His face even goes a bit blank when you can see him accessing the correct response from his newspeak databank.

  15. @ndndhhhhk1362 Avatar

    All of us younger than boomers are paying into social security and Medicare and will not see any return.

  16. @ChrisDan94_ Avatar

    So their countries are shit holes and they should abandon them? Why don’t we send the troops in and help them? We send troops into the Middle East but not a country that actually borders America? 🧐🤔

  17. @oldogre5999 Avatar

    Anyone who wants Open borders and to allow ANY AND ALL TO LIVE HERE do not CARE about this country OR ACTUALLY WANT TO SEE THIS COUNTRY FALL TO COMMUNISM/SOCIALISM! If you cannot understand how important closed borders are you cannot possibly understand how countries, laws and rights actually work!

  18. @fredalzner6502 Avatar

    That guy on the left needs to worry about hypertension and diabetes.

  19. @craighall2819 Avatar

    Skank you are useless

  20. @videowatch399 Avatar

    This hasn't aged well 😆

  21. @IAM_WORTH_IT Avatar

    Immigration did not build this countryamericans built this country, immigrants only take from this country and take from americans, this guy said bring back indentured servents (slavery) yet he say he fights for freedom???

  22. @timelessJ Avatar

    cenk u need to leave ur bedroom and stop imagining stuff up

  23. @danashackleton3790 Avatar

    I don't care if people think I'm racist or what. I'm against illegal immigrants. Infact we should only allow a few in every couple years. Whatever that number is idk. But we should be ok first before allowing ANYONE else in. And they should be checked in and out to make sure they ain't a terrorist. It's all wishful thinking.

  24. @JasonFelton-wx2zk Avatar

    Man, I love to argue with this guy. This country was built by immigrants 100 years ago. None of his ancestors had anything to do with that. The Mexicans didn’t have hardly anything to do with that. It was the Chinese, the black, the white and the Italians, that’s who built this country That’s who came over here. Felton conquered the Indians and made this place what it is today so they could come over here as immigrants and slowly take over just off of their numbers and ideas but they can’t claim that they are part of what killed this nation. They have no rights because their ancestors built this nation when their ancestors did not that’s like me moving to Turkey and saying hey my ancestors Albert this country no the fuck they didn’t.

  25. @JasonFelton-wx2zk Avatar

    I really don’t know what this guy is talking about here in my city, which is an immigrant friendly city. We have tons and tons of Russians, turks, and Mexicans more than any others the Russian turks all came here legally, has some kind of refugee thing about 20 years ago, and at this point they own almost every small business in the city they even buy public parks I don’t really understand that one

    Now the Mexicans, the majority of them are illegal and I know some of them and they get food stamps. They get free healthcare Medicaid they get all that stuff so I don’t know what this guy is talking about they pay into it they don’t get back out of it they also run business if there is a nightclub without a liquor license without a business license, there’s hair salons. There’s a whole strip of Mexican businesses in my city that are owned and operated by illegal immigrants and don’t have business license. Everybody in the city knows it nobody does anything about it because we’re immigrant friendly and if you are in a construction trade here in my town, you can’t compete with the roofers the drywaller‘s, there’s really no aspect of construction that they haven’t taken over because they put 40 guys on a job and do it for 1/4 the price as a regular business here in America which to the consumers like why not that sounds great well those guys that we’re charging normal prices we’re paying their taxes we’re paying their business license fees. They were also shopping at your stores buying cars from your car lots whatever it is you do they were supporting that I think most people crying for these people are the Americans that are sitting on your ass collecting welfare anyways it’s not the hard-working Americans because the hard-working Americans see firsthand how this affects us. The one sitting on her ass watching TV getting free food and free rent. They don’t know shit

  26. @pappyrandy870 Avatar

    I have no problem with immigrants in this country, I have a problem with the quantity. The only way we continue as the USA is if the immigrants come in such numbers that they can not be assimilated into our family.

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