First Debate Cold Open – SNL

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Chris Wallace (Beck Bennett) moderates the first presidential debate between Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) and Joe Biden (Jim …

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  1. @user-mo8sc9lk7n Avatar

    3-6-9 G vortex N.Tesla and the end might tried to be true .. they also inventing leptogenesis now..

  2. @user-md2rt1xv2b Avatar

    It would be funny if it wasn't sad. One is 77 years old, and the senile Bidan is 81. The people of the USA, why do you need these mummies?

  3. @josephnavarro914 Avatar

    4:58 Jim Carrey making that same loss of control face Hank tryna come out and Give Trump Hell And Back

  4. @josephnavarro914 Avatar

    6:49 Country's counting on ya just stand here and look lucid

  5. @StephenElliker Avatar

    Can’t you just mute the candidate who isn’t speaking?

  6. @Real_Sweet-Tooth Avatar

    Imagine Jim Carrey as the new Joker in Batman.

  7. @iowadarkride Avatar

    I think Baldwin’s feelings toward Trump ruin his impression of him.

  8. @GeorgeFranquiz Avatar

    This aint comedy it is prejudice disguised to kill Trump character, it is comunism gaining ground without americans suspecting it

  9. @WithTheDawn Avatar

    Geez, this portrayal of Kamala has aged horribly, haha.

  10. @Tonystarkes888 Avatar

    Joe Biden doesn’t string so many words in a row

  11. @user-gn1ew2zw4c Avatar

    Gun control = Alex Baldwin dropped the bullet

  12. @WATTYouTubeChannel Avatar

    Quite funny actors, but a lame way to do the skit. Why wasn’t Joe the bumbling fool he is in real life, that would get more gags.

  13. @markeyfarrell Avatar

    gee, this did not age well.
    neither did bidet

  14. @Tvstreamingon Avatar

    Caraca Alec Baldwin,e Jim Carrey são hilários 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  15. @billcarson482 Avatar

    Alec before shooting his camera person dead.

  16. @Altimittkun Avatar

    Jim Carrey makes a very convincing Joe Biden. LMFAO.

  17. @ohmanthatguy2443 Avatar

    Alec came out blasting on this one.

  18. @blackicee8836 Avatar

    ''Law and Order'' in terms of 'Wall and Border''??? 😂Sorry it trigger my silly mood a little bit!

  19. @user-sd8er5xn6q Avatar

    USA citizen sleeping on the floor probably it got disconnected automatically Walgreens now Kelly s feed the hunger right

  20. @Keoni_e Avatar

    Jim Carrey is a national treasure. 🐐

  21. @davenelson916 Avatar

    Doing Biden as Fire Marshall Bill!😂

  22. @michalkos9627 Avatar

    if Jim played in Transformers , then he would be all of them !

  23. @llahboard Avatar

    5:40 didnt age well for Alec

  24. @llahboard Avatar

    This fake trump is an actual murderer

  25. @llahboard Avatar

    Look man, heres the deal

  26. @thuclelsauget7745 Avatar

    Oh ! My God, they're so funny! They're the great acteurs 😂🤣👍👍👏👏

  27. @blaneharrison6341 Avatar

    Prime time viewing

    New Zealand

  28. @crystalchili3823 Avatar

    Joe was portrayed as too coherent. He should have gone off talking about nonsense.

  29. @user-ev7rs4vh6e Avatar

    Biden is a disgrace and the worst US president ever

  30. @TheGrasspond Avatar

    Biden proudly signed orders to reverse trumps protection against illegal immigration on his first day in office. Biden created this invasion.

  31. @Evocati-Augusti Avatar

    Alec Baldwin just got hit with involuntary manslaughter charges on Friday…2/2/2024

  32. @FigHead5 Avatar

    Jim makes every character he does his Bish..😂

  33. @glenchristenson6308 Avatar


  34. @fredcheek33 Avatar

    Looking now wow fake trump was more right than Jim/joe

  35. @alvaroestrada3996 Avatar

    This is the deal 😂😂

  36. @TheCoolbreeze3206 Avatar
  37. @Justanotherpokespepfp Avatar

    This was more civil than the debate.

  38. @Justanotherpokespepfp Avatar

    I remember watching this when it came out. Time flies, it's almost time for them to make this again.

  39. @anomonyous Avatar

    As a Euro, yes. It is very entertaining to watch, every time. Even though it affects us too, maybe even more in some ways.

  40. @user-hn3qp4kz8t Avatar


  41. @juliejohnson7390 Avatar

    Alec is the best trump.. Jim Carrey nails it

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