FACTS Extended Version: Ben Shapiro's Missing Rap Verses

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By now the whole internet has heard Ben Shapiro rapping, but did you know that there are actually two more verses they cut out of …

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  1. @TomMacDonaldOfficial Avatar

    Welp…this is the best thing I’ve seen. Proud to have inspired it.

  2. @codelessunlimited7701 Avatar

    It's kinda true that adult Asians are intolerant to lactose but not Yakult though.

  3. @dannybooyaka Avatar

    Now we need a verse with Jordan Peterson 😅

  4. @Itsmerveille125 Avatar

    So 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. @stevenwolfe591 Avatar

    We need a JBP breakdown of this extended version.

  6. @RachelMiller-kl6oj Avatar

    Dude is spitting verses, really should consider playing around with it more dude!

  7. @elizabethobrien8814 Avatar

    @Ben Shapiro, please react to this!

  8. @adamadeyinka5753 Avatar

    Went from rap is crap to making a rap song
    Shapiro will do anything but talk about the Jew tunnels

  9. @Eli-gg9zd Avatar

    If the BabBeezers weren’t so cool I’d be complaining about how bad their rap style is. LOL.

  10. @reverendhacker Avatar
  11. @based1669 Avatar


  12. @leddygee1896 Avatar

    But what about the
    Black National Anthem!!
    They sang it before the
    What about the Chinese
    Anthem, or the Iranian
    Anthem, or the Italian
    See where I’m going
    With this?

  13. @NikhileshSurve Avatar

    Extended version should be in the official version 😂 & all the hand waving during the rap is what I thought Ben Shapiro was missing from his performance.

  14. @Sarah-fj7je Avatar

    More Brandon Toy please

  15. @joshyabraham54 Avatar

    Supporting Hamas? Undubscribed. F** U

  16. @TrueBagPipeRock Avatar

    Asians could dominate rap if they cared about it.

  17. @Waywind420 Avatar

    Just goes to show how low-skill rapping is , truly a minimal effort music genre with big payouts that is now flooded with wanabees.

    The bee was able to churn this out in a couple days with no prior rap production experience…its basically a form of ritualistic chanting.

  18. @AskAgainL8ter Avatar

    Gotta love YouTube’s ad AI. I got a free pride flag ad on this video. Pretty sure it looked at the video and saw him dancing around rainbows.

  19. @TheHouseOfWaffles Avatar

    "What is it they do?" Every. Leftist. Activist.

  20. @reneewilson4920 Avatar

    @tom needs to do a remix with this

  21. @kittydevine2914 Avatar

    token wont legitmize them.

  22. @Heinstein69 Avatar

    Tom & Ben nailed it! The Rainbow alphabet soup folk don’t have objective facts to rap back, only irrelevant feelings based on subjective randomness. [Mic drop]

  23. @justindavis1546 Avatar

    That was unexpected, and great.

  24. @bigdoubleu117 Avatar

    I think this should become a trend!

    All the more conservative channels who can also sing should make a verse to add to the song.

  25. @heathclark318 Avatar

    I'm still waiting on someone to find the Shapiro/Pac mix tape with the remix to California Love

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