Doofus Dome Dude Duds all a Twitter: Matt Taibbi joins Dan Bongino

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31 responses to “Doofus Dome Dude Duds all a Twitter: Matt Taibbi joins Dan Bongino”

  1. @sublationmedia Avatar

    Why are you carrying water for the Department of Homeland Security?

  2. @aldoabruzzi6417 Avatar

    The fact that you start off with ad hominem attacks on Taibbi's APPEARANCE shows how pathetically desperate you are. It goes downhill from there…..

  3. @tripliptical1125 Avatar

    8.5% as of 11:31pm Costa Rican time.

  4. @skyviewchronicles3002 Avatar

    Taibbi's article on Michele Bachmann was stellar, not sure how he has fallen this far

  5. @err3164 Avatar

    Tiaibbi has that early Keanue Reeves, "Whoa….", only with a "uhh, I just did something wrong.." smirk and a sawed off Andrew Tate scumbag look and a whole lot more "duuuuuuuuuhhh uuuuuumb". But he seems genuine….

  6. @chestypants78 Avatar

    Love the Taibbi impersonation. 'ENCORE!!'

  7. @kjs1968 Avatar

    Matt looks a little tired, drunk, coming down off of some uppers or something.

  8. @robertblokdijk901 Avatar

    Melon mush ..the man from south Robotnica.
    To ritch to care.

  9. @leeaposmall8829 Avatar

    Why so harsh on his dome, bro?

  10. @turnersawman Avatar

    Butthead mouth is perfect.pause him 20 times and every pause he has it.

  11. @einsteinsherlockmulder4815 Avatar

    why does matt always sound like he just got done "ugly crying"??

  12. @dontbugme7362 Avatar

    Your critique is his looks? HAHA

  13. @je8784 Avatar

    Those who push conspiracy theories should be fined if there's no proof. If I owned Twitter, would have told Republicans to fu.. themselves.

  14. @Nunyabz62 Avatar

    Like everyone on the left you attack him and saying nothing about what has actually happened. How can you people be so obtuse?

  15. @michaelsalehi2702 Avatar

    I’m guessing the downvotes are much higher than the likes.

  16. @fdoe9184 Avatar

    While not really social media, love that President Snowflake went to DOJ & DHS to go after SNL & late night talk show hosts.

  17. @nealwilliams7743 Avatar

    Truth matters, Hal !! TYfor all that you do to keep us informed.

  18. @jocksharerock7318 Avatar

    Damn! When we supported the “Patriot Act” we didn’t realize they’d ever go after our “patriots.”🤔

  19. @jocksharerock7318 Avatar

    Of course no one needs to read Taibbi’s Substack articles. As Taibbi equated Maddow to Hannity, how would anyone with any sense waste their time with someone so blatantly cynical?

  20. @jodylowe8476 Avatar

    Taibbi has fallen so far to end up on Dan Bongino. My god. He was never a liberal though. Just a libertarian and here we are.

  21. @DougDepker Avatar

    Matt, news alert, not all journalists are good at being journalists and being a journalist doesn't imbue one with altruistic neutrality immune from deep crIticism.

  22. @otisgeorge4558 Avatar

    Who has more hair? Dan or Matt?

  23. @DougDepker Avatar

    Haha Taibbi and any conservative leaning "news" orgs are the butt of their own outrage. They are like a self fulfilling prophecy on a death spiral.

  24. @jimdolen225 Avatar

    is it just me or does everybody hear his voice and want to deck this douche?

  25. @27TacitusKilgore Avatar

    Taibbi used to be credible.

  26. @TraceyKing58 Avatar

    Hello(name tag) I can't get girlfriends. Donate now and win valuable prizes. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  27. @maggiecraigie8114 Avatar

    This dude got eaten up and spat out by the Democrats which made him look really stupid and now he's crying about it hahaha. He and Elon look like such desperato's cry babies. Go Hal love what you do fact check em up the wazu every time.

  28. @papablue3015 Avatar

    These two monkeys couldn't figure out how to share a banana!

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