Donald Trump's Nato remarks cause alarm & controversy

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Speaking at a campaign rally Saturday in Conway, South Carolina former President Donald Trump said if elected again, he’ll let …

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    The GQP alphabet according to trump: LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

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    I believe Trump doesn't desire to be president. He's making millions. If it happens it happens.

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    NATO has several other requirements.. One is the fair treatment of minorities within the country (for example access to healthcare) .. Another being a functioning stable democracy (with no arm twisting to "find" votes, no riots, smooth transition after elections, etc) .. Can Trump prove he is actually committed to fulfilling these basic requirements? Lets remember that the agreement has so far been called on only once, by America in its hour of need after 9/11.

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    Banned Trump to go to Western country.

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    He didn't say anything wrong

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    The emphasis, "You have got to pay!" Pay! to get what you want.

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    And you don't invade 😂😂😂😂

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    sounds fair if i don't pay my electric bill the power would kicked off the next day

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    How is Trump wrong?

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    Trump money is tied to Russia specifically putin as a useful dumpy.
    Through Deutsche bank the 45th president of united states is an American oligarch for putin

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    If they paid their share Trump wouldn't have brought this up…..he was being facetious

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    The "Foundations of Geopolitics" by Aleksandr Dugin (a Russian Intelligence officer) is Putin "textbook" …. At present Dugin's book is being used as a textbook at the General Staff Academy in Moscow. The book Foundation of Geopolitics, has been adopted as a textbook in most Russian educational institutions.

    ….The book advocates a fairly sophisticated program of subversion, destabilization, and disinformation spearheaded by the Russian special services, supported by a tough, hard-headed use of Russia's gas, oil, and natural resource riches to pressure and bully other countries into bending to Russia's will.

    In November 2000, President Putin declared publicly, "Russia has always perceived of itself as a Eurasian country."…. “There will be a Eurasian sovereign state."

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    No more aid for Ukraine and what the reporters don’t tell you is it’s our fault that Russia invaded Ukraine in the first place. I would ask why is Russia invading Ukraine Russia will reply, because when we brought down the Berlin wall that you agreed not to bring NATO into it any Eastern states which we did and they kept pushing and kept pushing and now they’re on border he’s fighting back for his defense of his country, and where the aggressors. You could disagree or agree all you want, but in this circumstance is the bad guys.

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    I support Donald Trump and his statements that NATO needs to pay for their fair share for the same protection. Why are we the ones that defend the world? Where is the world money paying for our 33 trillion in debt help. The way I see it you put up or shut up or pay our debt because most our debt has been accruing over defenses of the world which I don’t think American people no longer need to pay for..

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    NATO chiefs are war mongers biden started along with NATO started the proxy war. in Ukraine and most people now can see this with real news this is why TRUMP now have the majority vote in the U.S.A and this evil in power are trying with lies deceit cohesion to try to stop TRUMP the vote of the people again but when TRUMP gets back the position that in truth is still his he will bring piece to Ukraine by putting an end to this proxy war biden N.A.T.O started and the evil in power do not want this then TRUMP will go after this evil in power and bring them down the evil unelected in the w.e.f w.h.o and those behind fake biden as well as biden accounts to be setteld

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    According to all you liberals, I guess it's OK if I just quit paying my house payment after all, I need a house to live in we can't make such radical decisions to say I'll be evicted from my home if I don't pay I mean that's just crazy isn't it?????????? I will love having a president back that isn't always a nice guy. Sometimes you have to live life a little like John McEnroe, who said show me a good loser and I'll show you a loser.!!!!!!!

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    Biden stopped support for Africa feeding Children Bread because Africa said no to Men sleeping with Men!!!

  21. @user-fb7jt9qq6d Avatar

    Biden is Allowing Us to be Invaded by Migrants from All Over The World The People Of Chicago NY are being Murdered attached by Migrants!!!

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    NATO should pay Their Fair share!!!We are not The World Piggy Bank!!!

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    The USA is 34 TRILLION in the red!!?? Trump is a businessman not a politician!!
    There is no more money!!

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    Grow up NATO. This is not the 50's. It is the 21ist CENTURY!!

  25. @julianlobigas9968 Avatar

    Biden is mentally challenged and Bolton is a NEOCON!!

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    These dead beats have been taking advantage of the American Tax payers including the United Nations

  27. @jamesretta5690 Avatar

    Making peace is not being a dictator. I, like most Americans believe and respect President Putin and the beautiful Russian people. Russia repeatedly tried to establish peace all rejected by ‘the west.’ Americans beg President Putin and Russians to forgive us for defamation and forcing the good Russia into a war.Trump will end the war quickly through negotiation.

  28. @Gram-ue3px Avatar

    Hard to remember when Lawmakers were hinged. That is because unhinged has been normalized .Along with lying, gas lighting ,projection and rigged elections. The Putin propaganda machines shine when there is a gullible terrorized and racist audience to target. A target rich environment indeed.

  29. @charlescarver988 Avatar

    All Americans should be outage over what he said, especially the Republican Party, or is it the 🤡🤡 Party..

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    Trump is a National Security threat!!

  31. @daviddieben Avatar

    Cheques and balances and accountability. Countries need to do what they can to look after themselves and not rely on other countries for most of it if not all.

  32. @ScKSD Avatar

    lol Donald chump don’t even pay his own bills😂😂

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    When Macron said Europe needs to work on becoming more independent (something like that) without USA help, backlash from right, left and center. It was crazy.

  34. @goingfreenow3297 Avatar

    Europe should strengthen their unity. Perhaps look to other allies. It would be better for Europe.

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    He looks German. As he lost some weight and got older he looks like an average German that age. That's probably where his roots originate from 😅

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    Jim Townsend has a tenuous grasp of the English language.

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    Trump said if they don't pay he will definitely help Russia attack those who refuse to pay, starting with Poland 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

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