Donald Trump BLOWS UP his own legal argument during DISASTROUS Tucker Carlson interview

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31 responses to “Donald Trump BLOWS UP his own legal argument during DISASTROUS Tucker Carlson interview”

  1. @AS-rp6rk Avatar

    Dude, you need a Reality check. Go cry in your closet.

  2. @jonathonbang3186 Avatar

    Yall lefties are brain dead

  3. @Comingback2hauntU Avatar

    So tired of hearing the name trump, remember when this guy didn’t exist, except for in a stupid, reality show, pretending to be a businessman.

  4. @landon_8888 Avatar

    You say it wasn’t true but show no evidence it’s not true? What a dumb fucking reel.

  5. @bobbybenn8275 Avatar

    How many lies have you told? If you said none, you just told your first. He's that without sin, let him cast stone. Newsflash, there's no one perfect in this world.

  6. @annemoncrieff3875 Avatar

    He lives in a dream world.

  7. @markward8975 Avatar

    Crying tears of joy because he was arrested and will face multiple charges! This freaking lunitic and his fu#ked up family all need to be locked up!

  8. @stifflerantique9005 Avatar

    Tr8tor Turnip, 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. @stifflerantique9005 Avatar

    Just like me, they were laughing-crying.

  10. @user-bm8wc4ti7w Avatar

    They should have locked you up there and then Trumi is Insane!

  11. @petemiles522 Avatar

    Your diaper was leaking🤮

  12. @mrlimpett1837 Avatar

    You don't know what prison is Don. YET!

  13. @wishananda Avatar

    Whenever he cries about fairness he is manipulating people to feel sorry for him. Crocodile tears. He is a malignant narcissist

  14. @WinstonMcGaver Avatar
  15. @rosetaylor7970 Avatar
  16. @kawkawliang9959 Avatar

    The greatest apprentice you are fired

  17. @Kno_Buddy Avatar

    Let’s be honest here, the most unbelievable part of Eric Trump’s story is that he was on a commercial flight and the whole story hinges on that. Let’s be honest, he thinks he’s too high above the rest of us to ever fly commercial, he has a private jet on standby.

  18. @tedwarden1608 Avatar

    You would have to be very strange indeed to want to hug Eric.
    Every time I see his face dueling banjos starts playing in my head. I can’t think why.

  19. @lalainekern2470 Avatar

    Trump he can't do he's a pathological liar and his son doing the same because of course he dont know other thing but lie

  20. @petesmith9472 Avatar

    Trump’s inability to tell even the simplest truth now has become amusing. For the first time ever I burst out laughing at his behavior

  21. @croftykx5794 Avatar

    lol, this ain’t North Korea although it could be if you are stupid enough to vote for him, or perhaps they were just tears of joy!

  22. @danpatrick5414 Avatar

    Actually, they were people who worked there, and they did show emotion over what's being done to there president.

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